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 Sovuru's Characters

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PostSubject: Sovuru's Characters   September 21st 2013, 8:50 pm



"Life is a game, and I'm winning!"

Character Relationships:

Koizumi: Droon's meister, frequently argues but still sees her as his best friend, or maybe something more?

Reaver: An old acquaintance, once invited him to a party for old times sake. Realizes that he's going to have to fight him eventually, but he doesn't seem to care to much.

Arisa: Droon's favorite kind of person: wild, and fun. They've gotten into quite a bit of trouble together in the past.

Kitsune: Droon and kitsune are nothing more than friends, but they flirt constantly, usually in the form of raunchy jokes.




"Your blood will look beautiful in this light."

Character Relationships:

Mizuki: Probably the only person as nuts as him, Nebun has a huge crush on Mizuki. They both really like killing people in horrible ways.

Sprocket: Nebun doesn't kill him because reaver said he couldn't. He also gives Nebun cool gadgets and calls him "Nebs" much to Nebun's chagrin.

Reaver: Reaver is Nebun's boss. Nebun just likes him because he tells him where all the best places to kill people are.

Jet: Jet sees Nebun as his Nemesis, Nebun can't even remember Jet's name. It's a fairly one-sided conflict.

Zuiche: Nebun's meister. They are both immensely powerful and they form one of the more deadly teams on the site.

Shinigami:  Nebun knows he lacks the strength to defeat him, but he still views him as one big target. He hopes to eat his soul one day.




"I'm happy to help!"

Character Relationships:

Charim: Charim seems to ignore sprocket a lot of the time. This makes him a wee bit sad

Reaver: Sprocket has a very formal relationship with reaver. He asks him to make things, and Sprocket complies.

Fumetsu: Probably Sprocket's only true friend in the University. This also makes him a wee bit sad.

Lenore: Sprocket loves kids and Lenore is no exception. He builds her little toys and gives her candy.

Saca: Sprocket is aware of him but he has never spoken with or seen Saca. He questions wether working for a kishin is right.

Nebun: Tries to be nice to Nebun, but Nebun just threatens to kill him.




"Life is pain, so don't go trusting people or they'll stab you in the back"

Everyone: Lycaon does not like them. He doesn't like you either.




"I am yours my master"

Mizuki: Sombre sees mizuki as his master and he is always polite and formal when speaking to her. He will do whatever she asks him to do.
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Sovuru's Characters
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