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 jac600's vast charecter log.

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PostSubject: jac600's vast charecter log.   September 28th 2013, 8:27 am

Name Arthur, davis.


Gender: Male

Age: 16

Meister: Aurora.

Weapon Form: Arthurs weapon form is a very light sword with a rune in the front the glows the color of his meisters wavelength.

Love Interest: none... yet

Appearance: Arthur has a large build, he is very fit and has tanned white skin. His chest he is covered with scars from past injuries. He has brown hair and wears a leather jacket with armored plates underneath it. He has a combat knife stashed in his right boot. He wears padded jeans. His face is fair with no frekels or blemishes. His eye color changes depending on his most recent meister.

Personality: Arthur's totally selfless, he values the life of a king the same as a peasant. truly believes that all of mankind is equal and strives to prove it to the world. He is kind, caring, but if you get him riled up then he does have a tendency to lose it. He knows the bare minimum of manners and Tact. “ Rules and regulations are often made to be broken! “ he says. But right and wrong are second nature to him and he never really has to think about the ethics of what he does. He has a tendency to get violent when people act above him though he has a talent at making friends.

History: When Arthur was born. his father left his mother, for reasons unknown to him. His parents were weapon and meister. His dad the weapon his mother the meister. he was a desert eagle and her a marksman. After the divorce she took him to go live in the mountain basin region of Texas. She slowly lost her mind to a brain disease as she grew more crazy by the day she called him different names all beginning with A. The last name she called him was Arthur, so it stuck. He had to provide for the two of them. He learned from the limited library they had in the attic and picked up survival skills. His mother grew worse and worse and eventually a “Representative” Of project freelancer approached him. She offered comforting words and patted him on the back, before making him a deal. His mother was not long for this world, but they had done groundbreaking work with stem cells. “ Let me take you to Nevada. “ She said. “ We can show you what it really means to be a warrior and train you. Its a great deal, free room and board, college level classes, and free treatment by the finest doctors in the world. “

Arthur had little choice but to say yes and they were taken by helicopter to their facility. He was made a member of the alpha squad, a team armed with experimental technology. They gave him pills that altered his genetics and let him use the power of wind that was usually given to his meister on his own. Granted he soon became resistant and it stopped working entirely.

He met his three best friends, Tragen lewis. A seven foot tall German man that has enough physical strength to break a mans back with one hand. Parker decone a rather silent boy three years older than him who was rather held back and sophisticated but could always deliver the right advice. And Ally Thomas, his first love. But his happiness would not last however, when he was poking around the morgue with Ally and found his mother dead. The scientists experimented on her, viciously trying to dissect her and learn of her one of a kind brain defect. Arthur ran, he had to escape, the once cheerful facility filled with people who cared about him became like a prison, he ran and ran. He was forced to take the lives of guards who got in his way until he was almost free.

But his comrades stood there to stop him. “ You know we can’t let you go right? “ Ally said, unable to make eye contact. “ I know, but you know I must. “ Using the power granted to him by the pills he was able to kill them all and escape into the desert, stumbling through half bled to death he found his way to the city of death. Death city, and has lived there ever since.

Miscellaneous: When in weapon form his meister has the power of the wind. Able to manipulate it. Through a technique his meister can use his powers. They can run with the aid of a burst of wind or stop a fall with a small tornado. His resonance is the dust storm, a technique that spins the blade around causing a vortex powerful enough to sweep a grown man off his feet.

Twenty souls. Ability unlocked: Phase.
Arthur's meister can now pass right through matter when they turn into gas. They cannot phase through lead and the only attacks that can hit them are attacks from a weapon partner or a soul based projectile. It will do far more damage if it hits.

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:29 pm

Name Ben James

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Meister: Aurora.

Weapon Form: A flintlock pistol with elegantly intricate matchlock systems.

Love Interest: none

Appearance: ben stands 54 inches tall, he has shining ruby eyes and blond hair. His skin is pale and he is covered in freckles. he has deft fingers and a thin frame. He wears a far more heavily armored Jacket then Arthur that covers his arms with ceramic bulletproof plates. Given that he stitched it together at home it cannot compare to “real” body armor, but its the next best thing. Underneath he wears a white undershirt.

Personality: ben is polite, respectful, and brave. Having faced a lot of hardship in his life he has no trouble being empathetic and that makes him persuasive. He is innocent and kind, unaware of some of the more horrible things in the world. Though he is always looking to exploit it. Ben is extremely smart, way ahead of most kids his age. Taking high school level courses along Arthur.

History: When his mother found out she was pregnant she didn't want a child, or a family. She was a weapon but her fighting days were long behind her. His dad loved him with all his heart and pleaded that they keep the child. His mother refused, and left them. Ten years later, ben was being homeschooled by his father who had to work two jobs to keep them afloat.
Ben did whatever he wanted with his father never around to tell him better. For income he would loot old people's houses for anything of value. One day he robbed the wrong house, a sorcerer., One of several thousand years of age picked him up and threw him across the room away from his safe. Ben apologized profusely and the man helped him up. He looked old, like an Asian sensei. He promised not to press charges, if Ben would come by every day at this time so that he could train him. Ben had little choice as he would rather be in trouble with an old man then with the law so he came by the next day. That man saw potential in ben. He taught him martial arts, how to let his meister use fire magic while he is wielded, and through his mentorship how to treat a woman. Which is arguably the greatest skill one man can teach another.

This all changed when his dad was attacked by a kishen egg he was able to kill it, thanks to ben… barley. His medical bills were through the roof, and because of his recovery time he was fired and they were evicted. Nothing went right after that, his father would use ben to rob stores and steal. All until that one fateful night when Arthur and his Aurora were attacked at a fast food joint, and they killed his father. He knew they were not evil, before he could dry his tears, Arthur showed his sensitive side and befriended him. The two are like brothers, and never leave each others side.

Miscellaneous: Ben gives control of fire to his meister while he is in weapon form.

20 souls: ability unlocked. Flame control.

Ben's meister can now make flames hotter or colder on command. Even stopping them cold!

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:32 pm

Name Thomas lone

Status: Deceased.

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Weapon: none

Love Interest: lost, dead, and buried.

Appearance: Thomas is Unfit, has a 5 a clock shadow, with bags under his eyes. he wears a suit full of guns, painkillers and alcohol. his hair in black and just trimmed enough to not be called overgrown. he wears black dress pants which he wish wasn't covering up a collection of pistols and a couple sub machine guns. he is a little chubby, but he doesn't really care, far from fat though. add on some black shoes and you have Thomas lone.

Personality: he always walks slowly unless if someone's dyeing. Thomas is very depressed and addicted to painkillers and alcohol. which wasn't doing him any favors. he can hardly go 5 minutes without a drink and often sees the worst in others. not to say he cant develop relationships with others. no he has a thick set of skin, cannot for the life of himself come up with one good thing about him, but if you stick by him long enough he'll set you strait.

History: Thomas used to be a cop, family just below that line of able to pay for collage. one day he met a nice girl named Rachel and settled down with her. ten years past and he had himself a family of 4 living in death city. things were going alright, he couldn't complain. until one day, he put a kieshen mob bosses son in prison. he got home just fast enough to escape from the burning building with a dying Rachel, two dead kids, and an injury. She died in his arms. he was never the same after that. 5 years ticked by and now he was 40. miserable, no job, and nothing better to do. so when he got evicted from his apartment for not paying rent and all he had to his name was a wallet containing $93, a safe full of guns that fired his soul wavelength, and a letter asking him to enroll as a meister in the dwma what else to do?

Miscellaneous: Thomas is an excellent marksmen as much as he hates to admit it. Shure he's not as sharp as he used to be but he can slow down time when he needs to. by quite a bit actually. he is very good, drawing a gun and sending his target reeling in less than a second.

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:33 pm

Name: Simon West.

Gender: Male.

Age: 13.

Weapon: N/A

Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: West always dresses light, he hails from Canada and it was much colder there than Nevada of all places. He Is a bit short for his age. He has black hair and green eyes usually wearing a striped T shirt of some kind. His legs are cloaked in Denim. (jean shorts.)

Personality: Simon is very innocent, however mature for his age. He does the right thing almost without even thinking about it, if asked why he has a difficult time explaining it. “It just is.” He would sometimes say. He never has been a dedicated student preferring to catch up on his sleep during class, but even so he constantly makes B's. He hates it when others talk down on him like he was an infant and nothing flares him up more than if you walk all over his friends.

History: Not two and a half months ago Simon was a perfectly normal boy, living in a small town in Canada. He was the son of a powerful warrior, a long line of warriors. But alas, his dad couldn't live to see his son born so his mother cared for him alone. Being a warrior of that caliber, he had made enemy's... Kishen enemy's. So when they found out that he had an unprotected son, they attacked the small town. His mother knew why they were here, she packed him a bag and told him to run as they broke down their front door. He had just enough time to grab his backpack and fill it with supplies. Twenty minutes later he arrived at his father's gravestone. They had an old right of passage in his family, the deceased soul was buried with the body. Simon leaned over and preyed, absorbing the strength passed down from father to son. Simon looked at his home town as all the survivors met a painful deaths and their souls were feasted on. He wanted retribution, justice, for his mother to still live. He looked to the sky and the stars grew brighter, the plants grew greener. He held his arms up to the sky and yelled. " PK LOOOOOOOOOOVE. " It was if the stars granted his request and fell to earth destroying the attackers and the ashes of his town. It wasn't time yet, to early. I don't know if you've ever lost, been defeated or straight up failed. But those are the times that test men's souls. To improve, adapt. He began his journey to the d.w.m.a to become a young man, a warrior.

Miscellaneous: Ever since he set off on his  journey that power that was gained from his family manifested in psychic abilities. He can hypnotize the weak with direct eye contact, fire off bursts of energy from his fingertips and do many more things of the same nature. Also he was a bit healthier and stronger he noticed whenever he stayed in one place for too long, flowers and grass like the ones he had seen on the hill would grow. No matter where he was. On a side note he likes to give these abilities names, PK Bash [ a powerful swipe with his bat. ] PK Lightning [ a bolt of lightning of varying power that is shot out of his hand. ] or PK love [ His most powerful attack that only works on things of an evil nature. ] These all take a cost at his mind, but eating, relaxing, or being energized can restore his ability. He can also use PK magnet to steal a bit of someone's psychic energy. He cannot take very much or they can fight back but he can take enough to scramble your current thought. Also when he uses his abilities his heart glows green in his chest.

PK Thunder: Simon shoots a blast of lightning fron his hand. Medium energy use.
PK Freeze: Simon lets out a localised blizard, just big enough to emcompass a man. Anything cought inside is flash frozen. High power cost.
Pk Pulse: SImon charges a powerfull psi bomb capable of blowing threw brick walls and concrete. High energy cost.
Pk Sheild: Simon creats a shield of light capable of turning magical attacks and ranged attacks into nothing (Within reason ) This attack is medium for just himself, or if he is sheilding somone else. If he is shielding somthing bigger however, like a square or a shack then it is large. When he is protecting a person sized object it requires a small amount of energy each turn to keep it going, when it is a large object medium.
PK Magnet: Simon absorbs the mental energys from the beings around him. This works on anything that is alive, aside from plants. Though animals give less, he can atempt to take more than just a little however his target can mentally fight back or even counter attack. Energy return, medium.
PK Hipnosis: Simon hipnotices a non OC charecter. He needs eye contact. Small energy use.
PK Healing: Simon meditates and slowly heals his wounds, or the wounds of another. Through constant meditation he can heal a broken bone in a week.
PK fire: Simon shoots a blast of fire from his hand or a row. Energy use, medium.
PK bash: Simon charges his weapon with psichic energy and strikess with increased power. ( Cost, low. )
PK love: Simon lets loose a blast of multi colored light that can only harm the forces of evil. This uses all of his energy, if he does it during resonance with a partner it is much stronger.
Telepathy: Simon can communicate with anyone in a short distance from him telepathically or from a long distance if he knows where they are percicely.
Soul perception: By scanning somones mind Simon can get a feel for their soul and know if they are Kishen or witches or the like.
Loose thoughts: Simon can hear the loose thoughts from NPC's and if he is listening from OC's, the latter only works with concentration however.

Simon can use three medium attacks, two high attacks( If he uses nothing else, ) or eight low attacks.

Weakness: Simon is vegan, if he consumes non vegan food his body rejects it. He gets sick and cannot use psychic powers until he recovers.

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:37 pm

Name: Scott malcenson

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Weapon: Adam Kovalsky.

Love Interest: None but looking. * Wink.

Appearance: Scott is about average height, blond hair, green eyes. He wears a green T shirt with blue jeans and seldome anything else as his skin is used to the weather of canada. He has a fair complection and looks like the young adult he is.

Personality: Scott has the tendancy to be imature, but he has a very pure soul. He is very kind and helps peaple whemever he sees them in need. He has a great sense of humor and a dire dependency on coffee. He isn't " Fit " per say. But he's hardly fat given how much he eats. He loves anime and frequents conventions when he can afford to do so. Scott has no trouble making friends and is fiercely loyal.

History: He made his way through high school but once his grandma died he had to live with friends and his part time job as a delivery boy couldn't financially support collage. When his grandmother died he moved to death city to stay with his friends. When he received a letter of invitation to the death weapon and meister academy it was most unexpected. He had done fair in school but not nearly good enough to earn a scholarship. Though thinking back it wasn't totally out of nowhere, he had met death while he was running some errands on his first day in death city. What struck death about him in their short conversation was he had something powerful In his soul. The power of potential, this manifests in what scot calls level ups. When he gains knowledge understanding or emotional maturity these manifest themselves as level ups and directly increase his power. In his life this had only happened twice. Once at his birth. ( +10 strength. +10 intellect. +10 wisdom. +10 speed. +10 constitution. ) As he summed it up. And a second one when he stood up to a won a karate turnement ( +10 understanding. +10 bravery. ) He decided to take the late shift at work and check the school out, after all. What does he have to lose?

Miscellaneous: Its worth mentioning that his stat changes during character growth isn't a finite system that can be used on anyone. Its just a tool to measure character growth. besides heightened athletic prowess i.e. jumping over a ten foot wall like an Olympic pole vaulter with a good jump, he's just a young adult. Looking to expand his heart, mind and character through life experiences. Hopefully he can level up his first day here.

Level 6.
Hp: 150
Bravery: 14
Constitution: 15
Awesomeness: 12

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:39 pm

John shadow talon is no longer mine. He has been dropped.

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:40 pm

Name Gabriel mystic

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Animal Form: falcon

Love Interest: Spade.

Appearance: Gabriel stands 6feet one inches tall, his legs are long and thin. he is well toned and fit but far from excellent. he has a thin frame, purple eyes, and an adorable face. not slightly cute but his face looks graphed from a male model catalogue. he has scruffy hair, like the perfectly messy kind. he wears a purple robe that goes just past his kneecaps, full sleeves, the middle of his shirt is laced, and he wears black dress pants with white gloves.

Personality: Gabriel speaks his mind, and can say really hurtful things without even thinking about it. but he cares about people and their struggles. he HATES any form of prejudice especially to witches. he prefers to work on his own after all he is a genius, with encyclopedias of knowledge gained from his studies. he is slow to trust someone but once he does he trusts them completely. he corrects peoples grammar often making him very annoying, but he is very loyal to his friends. family is a sore subject with him since they are all dead, but if he sees a girl he likes he often flirts.

History: Gabriel was born in a family of witches. they taught him morals, but whenever he tried to use magic he just... couldn't. he found out that he couldn't use magic by normal methods. so he hit the books, he refused to give up. eventually through study he found his own way to use magic... alchemy. he continued to expand his mind and body. everything was great until one day when witch hunters found out his family's secret. they all died, nailed to the cross and burned alive. he watched from the library were he spent all of his time, and he swore that he would bring witches to equality. he tried to bring his family back but their body's were destroyed. even if by some miracle he could bring them back, all that was left was ash. he knew not to dwell in the past so he packed what wasn't destroyed and flew to death city to become a meister.

Miscellaneous: Gabriel's alchemy doesn't work like traditional magic. to gain something of equal or greater value must be given. there is nothing more powerful than a soul, but energy from a sentient being must be voluntary. theoretically he can bring back the dead if he has a soul of equal or greater value and a body. though he has never tried it. To use his ability's he needs to make a rune. he can either draw one with whatever's available or he can burn one into the air or and object with his soul wavelength. also he can use his soul wavelength for alchemy. but it isn't enough to do large works.

Gabriel tried his hand at human alchemy to help ben come back from the dead. This ruined most of his limbs however as he couldn't focus that much energy. As bens thanks though, he made him a prothstedic left leg, right leg at the knee and right arm. He now where's gloves at all times so no one gets weirded out by the fact he's an amputee. But they are of great quality. The limbs are ten times stronger than they used to be, are made out of a cobalt titanium fiberglass blend making them very hard to destroy. This comes at a cost however, they run on his soul wavelength and if he over exhausts himself with alchemy there are suddenly useless.
Once apon a time, a kid fought his way into the school. He had black blood and it drove him to madness. Eventually Gabriel killed him with his alchemy. Now he had a corpse full of the stuff. So he dragged it back to his lab and over the course of many weeks he tamed a single pint of black blood. " Tamed " meant it wouldn't over replicate, and it would follow his orders. So he gave drank it, and for a while it helped him fight off disease. The longer its in though the more his immune response try's to kill it. After a few months he's going to have to take it out of him or it will kill him for different reasons.

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 24th 2014, 8:42 pm

Vinnie stiletto
  Vinnie's family moved to the states when his father couldn't pay protection for their small shop to his local crime lord. So they moved to death city, Vinnie loved the place. Crime ran rampant and he did whatever he wanted in his youth. His father was a dirt bag, his family lived with almost nothing because he spent almost all his money on alcohol. Eventually when he couldn't handle the debt yet again he walked out on them. On his eighteenth birthday his friend benny Weston showed him to a friend of his. A mob boss by the name, Regiro Antoli. They hit it off and pretty soon he was under his employ. Vinnie was making much more money than he could have on any part time job, and he needed it because his mother passed away due to heart attack. He did everything you could think of, selling dope, protection rackets, and he wasn't a bad hitman either.
  Three years later, that all changed when he was at his bosses manor, seeing what work needed to be done. There must have been three dozen hit men, members from a rival family who didn't like sharing territory. They blew the door with directed explosives and benny reached for his gun. A futile effort as he was shot three times before he could get the safety off. This would have been the end of his story....  bleeding out on the ground he closed his eyes. “I’m coming ma.” .Until he heard a voice in his head. “Vinnnny, I can help you.” It sounded like the devil itself. “Just crawl forward, and eat the soul of your friend.” Benny whenston, his partner, his only friend lay dead next to him. Vinnie felt stronger than before, just powerful enough to creep forward out of his puddle of blood. It was an innocent soul as his crime family had never practiced eating the souls of others and it looked so good... Without even realizing it he had downed it. Suddenly a power surged through his veins. YESSSSSS! The voice said. Before he knew it he was rising off the ground, not on his own legs but on the black beasts that emerged from a cloak of shadow on his back. Long like a snake with mouths full of sharp fangs. He fought his way out of the manor, killing all his foes as no friends stood ahead of him. The only thing that stopped him was the sun outside. Just as he was leaving the beasts disappeared and his head pounded like a cannon. “Step out of the light!”
Vinnie limped back into his car, his wounds painful but no longer fatal and drove off, not knowing what would come next.
AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Fatal slashThe symbiotic beasts on his back grow razor sharp blades that can be used to cut his foes in half. The beast strengthens breifly while performing fatal slash. Thus doing more damage. The blades are serrated and at will can be shot from the heads like a blade bomb.20
Light funnelThe beasts open their mouths and suck the light right from its source. While this can do nothing to large light sources like say the sun. It will stop cold a vehicles headlights. It can also suck the light from a small area. It gains power from the light as if the beast was solar powered, it cannot heal Vinnie but it energizes his limbs. Or more specifically the limbs of the beast. The boost is not very signifigent but it will stave off hunger. By sucking the energy right out of it light funnel now works on fires. It puts them out and restores much of vinnies stamina.20
summon impVinnie's ability to summon imps. The first imp is an imortal brit whp can come back imediantly from the dead. They can materialise from shadow, stand 2 feet six inches high. Weight 60 pounds, and once they die after a few second he can summon another. He can currently summon three normal imps in total. Imp is two inches taller than his other imp breatheren and wears a uk flag shirt. His brothers are clad in old rags. They have sharp claws and a killer instict. They suck up souls like vinnie but in a smaller area.25

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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 28th 2014, 5:00 pm

Name Edward, gidion.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Weapon: Trinity, silverblade.

Love Interest: Trinity silverblade.

Appearance: Edward is pale, his face is dotted with freckles, he's just below average height for his age, but he walks with a slouch. He wears an orange jacket that says " Heavens hellfire. " with blue jeans. He is just a bit smaller than you'd think he should be for his age and he has very pale skin. If he ever is forced to go to a classy event ( Usually by his grandpa ) then he comes his hair back and wears a tux. You can hardly recognize him if he does this though, he looks like he belongs on the bachelor.

Personality: Edward has never had any friends, he is a natural victim as there's something about him that just makes you want to punch him. He's nice enough, but would rather not meet face to face and just stay in his basement. He tends to be antisocial and doesn't have an once of confidence in him. He plays a lot of video games and liked resident evil one on the ds until a giant spider took up the camera and he threw the devise against the wall breaking it in two. He hates spiders and fears them with a passion, though with every thing else that people are usually afraid of he feels pretty comfortable around. If you spend the time to know him you will not find a more loyal friend.

History: Edward was never wanted by his parents, it was an unexpected pregnancy so they just took him to Chinatown ( As they lived In new York. ) And dropped them off at an old mans residence. He called him grandpa as his adoptive father is almost 70. He lived a good life until he went to school. From then on it was embarrassing incident to embarrassing incident. Around when he entered middle school he started playing heavens hellfire, an mmorpg. There he felt truly in control, he could summon angels to protect him and demons to punish the bully's. Halfway through his second year in high school that all changed. A jock by the name Terrance Fillmore just had it out for him, beatings, swirly's , wedge's, The hole nine yards. The say that school was back in session after Christmas break Edward was in heaven. He had just gotten his first laptop and could play heavens hellfire on the go. But then Terrance snatched it away. " Nice computer you have here loser I think I'll take it. " Edward stood up to his full height, about three inches under his opponents. " Give it back terrance! " terrance got up into Edwards face. " You gunna make me loser? " Edward grabbed for his laptop but terrance just smashed the screen on the floor. It was still operational but now the screen was broken. Edward looked into the screen and saw his character dieing from him being afk, he saw an armored angel look into the screen. He felt his computers power and unleashed it. Like a portal the seven foot tall angel clawed out of the screen and picked terrance up before throwing him into the ground and breaking many of his bones. He drew his sword out of its scabbard but just before swiping Edward said. " Stop! " and it promptly froze in place. Edward picked up his laptop and closed it causing the angel to fade into pixels. Then he ran away back home. That day Terrance had discovered the power of his soul, to bring things from the virtual world into ours. They had to move away, the fbi were looking for Edward. So they moved to death city and after a few repairs to his laptop Edward hacked into the fbi database and removed their warrants of arrest. They only school that would take him in was the d.w.m.a, so that's where he went. Nobody new him there so he had a few goals, make friends, get a plan for his future... and if he has the time. Find out who his parents are.
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PostSubject: Re: jac600's vast charecter log.   March 30th 2014, 5:44 pm

Name Trinity silverblade.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Meister: Edward Gideon.

Weapon Form: A bejewled broadsword.

Love Interest: Edward Gideon.

Appearance: Everything trinty wears is made out of the same white plastic like material. It is very tough and suited for combat. She wears long gloves that go to her upper arms, She wears white high heeled boots that dont affect her ability to run, these go all the way up her skirt. She wears a skirt that goes to her knees, and her skin is blindingly white. Her hair is blond and goes to her shoulders, she dosent have any blemishes or frekels. She is very beautiful and her shining blue eyes are a testimate to that.

Personality: Trinity is very intelligent. With her knowlage of advanced technology and sceince, she has a very high iq. Her knowlage of geography and culture is nonexistent having been raised sheltered in a castle all her life, she has never seen a phone before or eaten a slice of pizza. She has rock solid morals and can snap at peaple who think they are better than her. Unless if they are in which case she gets depressed. But outside of that she is kind and endeering, she loves animals and can be your best freind if you let her.

History: Once upon a time a girl was adopted by a witch name Cynthia. Her father was a priest who died of stroke when she was three. Cynthia had always wanted an apprentice to go around performing errands for her. When Trinity was young she served this task quite well. But when she started reading it soon became apparent that she had a wonderful gift for technology. She made her own high end pc satchel sized with an encrypted computer language. When she was twelve! Soon all she wanted to do was read and invent but Cynthia did not need a daughter, she needed a slave. So she cast a curse on her, whenever she would take the form of her weapon or go to sleep naturally she would turn into her bejeweled sword form and go to sleep. She could not wake up unless someone used her. Soon Trinity realized what was going on when she woke up as a sword every morning from her mother waking her and the dates on her mothers calendars were off. Every day after that she tried to escape. She would strait up run away only to fall asleep at night and wake up five days later when Cynthia had tracked her down and caught her. She took care of a flock of birds and whenever one died she would keep the body. Eventually she had enough avian biomass to make a set of wings that fit her. She decided this would be the time he would escape. She made herself a weapon and a set of durable plastic like clothes for the journey. She packed her meager set of belongings and set off, certain that she could fly far enough away that her mother could not find her.
But little did she know that Cynthia was looking to the sky that night. When she saw him she was furious! She charged up a powerful spell and hit her daughter with all her might! Trinity's strap on wings were burned and fused inside her body. Cynthia realized that trinity was about to die and made her go to sleep by knocking her out. So she took her back to their castle home and stuck her in the stone. In the stasis like mode of sleep provided by her weapon form she would heal. And in a few years Cynthia would come back to get her little helper.
Trinity was named as this after the holy trinity. A blade forged by the nails that killed Christ, it could hold the soul of any demon in place. Trinity, when stabbed into someone binds their soul and body in place until she is removed. Leaving them vulnerable, this is extremely painful. She carry's the Artimis bow a weapon that can be charged with explosive energy from ones soul to fuel the bolts. She wears the Icarus wings when activated they glow blue and let her soar through the sky. This uses her soul wavelength though and the most she's ever been able to fly is twenty minutes. She has all kinds of technology that she can use once she eats enough souls.

Cannot use tech if she cannot talk.
Artimis bow can only be fired once every 45 seconds, or use far weaker explosions every twenty seconds.
Wings take concentration.
All that time spent as a sword weakened her bones. This make flying easier but her bones snap so much easier. They do heal much faster though, a broken leg can be fine after a week.

misc: She activates her technology by using her soul wavelength to throw her voice in multiple directions at once. A power that is useless in combat and only serves as an anti thievery mechanism to her tech.

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Skylar Davison is no longer mine, you can adopt him in the member announcements section.

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Sho miamoto.
Sho is dead.

Sho is obsessed with math. Having a conversation with him is always terrible. He reads you like a book, berates you and laughs. He is smart as a whip and has no trouble understanding some pretty advanced things. He often bangs his head against the wall when he cannot figure something out. He has histrionic personality disorder meaning he has no sympathy for those he hurts. When he wants to do something he does it. Weather its physically attacking someone who insulted his ego, or going step by step to destroy someone's life. He is very obsessive and dangerus when he gets that way.
Math, people who he can control, and smart people.
Hypocrites, slackers, and he will treat you like your iq is 69 if you cannot awnser a question he gives you.
Sho was raised in japan. His parents never had much money and were fairly good to him. Not that he ever deserved it. He was a rotten child through and through. His ego was through the roof and he never wanted to play with the other kids that were " Below " Him. He did great in all of his classes but right from first grade he knew his one true love, Math. You could explain everything with math, sure round it out with some science and medicine but he couldent get enough of the stuff. He read huge math textbooks while others played games. They called him a freak of course. He was academically much higher than anyone else and he considered himself to be the smartest man in the nation. But they hated him and he never knew why. This made him harbor resentment for others and directly refuse to associate with whatever " Friend " His parents through his way. He hated them too! all they ever said was. " Put that book down sweety. " or " why don't you get some fresh air? " Or best of all " Why don't you talk to us anymore? " So for a few months he swapped math textbooks for English text books and at the age of sixteen stow away'd on a plane to death city. He would cut his own leg off to escape his parents, he hates them so much. Once he got there the first week he discovered how hard it was to live by himself. So he did what he wanted to do all his life, he stoned in a business mans head with a rock and ate his soul. After that nice and filling meal he did it again, and again. Until it was the only thing he could think about. Souls, and math.

Addition: Five souls.
Sho adds to life itself. This can be with any number of things. The weight of an object, the sixe of an object. his own ability's ( With limits. ). This has limits however and to add more than his base ability he needs to subtract.
Subtraction: Sho subtracts from life itself. This can be a number of debilitating things on someone. Though only one at a time. He can subtract speed, strength, or skill from someone, or the weight of an object. Subtracting gives him more ammo to add. So if he subtracted you ability to swim then suddenly you are having a hard time staying afloat and he's swimming laps around you.
Multiplication: Five souls.
Sho multiplies himself. Ether making up to five flawless illusions of himself or five monsters that vaguely resemble him if he was painted and can attack with very limited mathamagic or physical attacks. If a hard clone takes damage then he takes it too and so do all other clones. Hard or not.
Miscellaneous: Sho was born with magic, not enough to make him a full witch but enough to allow his mathamagic.
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Jac --- To help with your image problem, I went in and fixed the image coding on your first character log (Arthur, Davis). I hope this helps!


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Code Name: Omega/Carol.

Gender: N/A, Prefers female.

Age: 8

Meister: N/A

Weapon Form: N/A

Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: Omega was built from the ground up to act as the weapon for a one man army. There is not a square inch of her that is not heavily armored. She is sleek like a machine of Chinese manufacturing. The large metal plate on her left arm acts like a sheild as it is capable of sliding into place on the lower arm and expanding. She weights 1,250 pounds. Either on a slot on her back or in her right hand is a sword made of the same alloy. Her back contains a small storage area for personal effects. When in resonance rockets expand out of the feet and back in order to fly.

Personality: Omega has an intristing personality in how she hates humanity with a passion. At face vallue she see's them as nothing but tools to be discarded or exstorted. But she is incredibly intelegent and manipulitive, capable of getting what she wants with anything. The key to her heart is gratitude. If someone were to do somthing for her that she did not force you into repetidly then she can end up taking them in as a sort of pet. Though repeatedly outsmarting her ( Very hard to do mind you. ) Can lead to her hating somone with a passion. She has a soul so she is actually capable of feeling emotion, but its the way her programming deals with it just makes her as vengefull as she is. As she eats souls she becomes smarter but more currupted, her voice can change into other angrier currupted sound files. If she eats Kishen souls she regains more control. The only things she can really accept as equals are computer programs, but since she is pretty much the first of her kind... she is very lonely, and is more that likely to take it out on you. She always thinks things through and devises evil strategys, putting peaple in impossible situations for the fun of it and then killing them anyway.

History: Project freelancer has always been developing technology serveral years ahead of the norm. When they dug up intel on The Broken Tombstone Society's soul engine late in Omega's design, instead of opting to reserch using souls for their computing power they made their own version, built to use it for raw power. Codenamed: Project Omaga, planning began eight years ago into making the one man army combat suit. To give her A.I. that spark that would be needed for managing her computing processes on the suits systems a revolutionary new cpu was inovated, the soul of a female weapon was hardwired directly into her systems. This would allow resonance with the pilot, and thus increase the energy yeild by up to 300%. She was then tested in tride and true combat situations and came up ontop of every other agent they had on staff.
However they hit a brick wall in her development, in the fact that... She had become self aware, and started killing peaple. She hacked into the mainframe of hq turning the place against them. Bio weapons were released in labs, combat test subjects cells were open leading to mass chaos in the facility and giving her plenty of time to slip out. She stole a jeep and drove all the way to Death city. There she found a Meister whom she used soly for the purposes of activating her flight functoinality and alowing her to escape the vans full of men that were chasing behind her. When a Kishen egg for above their abilitys started rampaging down the street the next day she suggested action to destroy it that way she could get rid of Sho, the Kishen egg who she met the prior day. While she did not expect him to jump into the shapeshifter he sure did so when a drill made out of bone peirced her chestplate, her Meister fired off all systems to try and escape.
Futile, for no one escapes omega. When she was spat out she limped away to heal, gathering strength.

However a month later she gathered that she had no idea what she was doing. Seeking safty from the freelancers who were tracking her down, she turned herself into the academy. She backed up her previous mind and they started to decode her files in a super computer. Now that her personality matrix is reset, she goes by Carol now and is significantly less intelligent.

She is a combat multitool, most of her abilitys have more to do with her armor than her sword and sheild but this is how it goes. Her meister can swing the sword through the air and have a curved soul wavlength projectile fly from it. She cannot do that without a meister. She dramatically increases ther wearers strength. To the point when they can lift heavy beams or cars with some effort. But this does expend energy fast with prolonged use and Omega must exert a terrible amount of effort for ther mesiter to do this repeatedly.
Infact a terrible amount of strain can be exerted on Omega when using all the incredible funtions she provides, and though she usually deals with it by insulting her Meister, if theyare not carefull then she could fail when they need her most.
She is however in constant danger of power loss during combat. She can regain the electricity through solar power, absorbing it from an outlet or appliance, or take the energy from her Meisters soul wavelength. With no power at all she cannot move untill it is recovered. Her mind can run off the power of her own soul though she won't be nearly as intelligent.
Also she is slow, in combat her Meister will definatly have to resort to blocking or rolling out of the way of enemy attacks, while her sword swipes are noticably easy to dodge. They have alot of power behind them.
Her eyes act like sensors, night vision, inferead, and soul analisis which alows her to see if somone is capable of resonating with her and making accurate predictions of how many souls they have eaten.
The only way she can repair is by using her auto repair sequence. This can repair any part of herself as long as she is still functioning but it requires energy. Also this takes time that must be spent not moving.
Her hands double as powerfull magnets capabe of holding her weight or more in grip.

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Name: Jacket.
Age: Late 20's/early 30's..
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Jacket wears a varsity Jacket and when he is out on missions an animal mask. He also wears jeans and old shoes.
Personality: Jacket does not talk very much at all. He finds it hard to understand himself. So much bloodlust... He displays the personality traits of a cereal killer. He is addicted to alcohol and a substance abuser. He and Tex tend to clash, but when it comes down to business they can agree.
Likes: Football, violent movies, classic cars.
Dislikes: People who think they are above him, criminals, Himself.
History: Jacket was once a fairly normal man. Worked as a handyman, owned a muscle car, run down apartment. His father named him sue in order to make him toughen up for the world. He really hated that man. So instead of going by that crap name he just used his stage name, Jacket. You see, Jacket hadn't always been a handyman. Why in high school for income he was in a band. They were doing really good for themselves. On summer vacation his third year they even went on tour. But his good fortune ended that day. They were driving through death city Nevada in their van, he was wearing his varsity jacket. The breaks malfunctioned and he was going way faster than he should have in the city. He went soaring off one of the higher levels into a tower. It fell and them all with it. Miraculously he survived, they sure didn't though. Jackets been stuck in the past ever since then. He visits their grave in hook cemetery every damn day.
One morning, he woke up to find a package inside his home. He did not remember bringing it in. But he opened the metal container non of the less. Inside were fifteen human souls, one thousand dollars, and a note. " Eat up and answer your phone, would you please. " The first thought that went through his head was "No" but before he knew it the box was empty and he was licking his fingers clean. Then his phone rang. " Hello sue! This is James from the club. " The voice sounded Irish and very charming. " Would you please head on down to chupecabras. We need you to bartend tonight, beers on the house! " *Click. Jacket did not know why, but he went to his kitchen, got a knife. Then went to his car to drive down to the club. Bit he was not going to bartend.
He was going to murder everybody there.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls
Bloodlust.Jackets bloodlust. The angrier he gets the more he wants to kill. The more he kills the angrier he gets. As he kills more and more he gets stronger and stronger. His speed and reaction time also increase. This has a limit but he is quite a bit stronger than a normal man when he reaches it.
Other: Jacket often experiences things that make him question his sanity. He has a "friend" Who works in every store he ever goes to who talks to him about his killings and offers him free stuff. He also looses track of large portions of time. Say he got a call telling him to go to new York. His vision would turn into static and he would wake up a few days later in his car in new York.
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jac600's vast charecter log.
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