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 Golden Knight's Writing Dump

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PostSubject: Golden Knight's Writing Dump   Thu 3 Oct - 23:02

Story 1, Chapter 1

Just a short story....

Tick, tock, tick, tock, was all that could be heard in a small room, filled with furniture and had wood walls painted a tint green. A couch was in front of a wooden disk that had a cup with many pencils, and a red pen in the middle. The person sitting at the disk, wearing a white suit and had nicely cut brown and glasses, held a wine glass, and twirled it before he took a sip, sighing as he looked at the clock behind him. Business is painfully slow…. He thought to himself. It had been weeks since he had a customer that offered to pay him money that he can actually use to sustain his demanding and luxurious life, to the point where he felt he may need to actually consider a different profession. The thought irked him very much, as he thought his “small” business would actually give him more prosperous results than it did, but now he believed he reached a slump in terms of how much he actually profited, and his business’s heyday is now no more.
                Preparing to pack his things, he was suddenly caught off guard when a young male, wearing the most unsightly clothes, that looked painfully tattered; with a green dirty jacket and holey white t shirt. Even the jeans he wore looked terrible, and those were surprisingly the best out of anything he was wearing. The man eyeballed his presumed customer and took a sip of his drink and smiled gently, “Hello sir…what may I ask that you need from me today.”  The man gulped and looked around suspiciously, and then taking a deep breath he proceeded to answer the man’s question.
“…I wish to be perfect.” The man said quietly, but the one at the desk was still able to understand what he was saying, forcing himself to stop drinking his wine, as he stared blankly at him with unblinking eyes.
“Excuse me sir…what was that?”
“You heard me, I want to be perfect, and word on the street is you’re the guy who can do it.”
He slowly proceeded to put the wine glass down onto the table, gripping it tightly forcing it to crack making the wine glass inside it leak out. “I’m afraid you’re not familiar with my business sir…I make people better…not perfect….I apologize and hope you do understand…”
“But I-“
“Sir please!” He slammed his hands down on the table, forcing the other man to jump and tremble from great surprise. “Perfection is not something I could make…allow me to explain…” He pushed his glasses up to his face, smiling eerily, revealing all of his white teeth, as he began to pace around. “Perfection…what is it you may ask?...Perfection is something that is physically possible to obtain…” He turned his back towards  the customer, and placed both hands behind his back as he stared at the clock before him. “Perfection is something that many stride for…but none of them are able to reach it…there is no such thing of perfection, even trying to comprehend it is mere child play…” The customer stared at the man with unmoving eyes, scowling as he furthered his explanation, “But then again….if everyone is perfect…then what’s the point of anything? Humans were made to have flaws, and you have the nerve to barge in here flinging unreasonable requests at me…but you wouldn’t be the first, and I’m sure you wouldn’t be the last….The point I’m trying to make is…its physically impossible for something like you request to be made a reality…” He grinned to himself as his back was turned, as he was the only man in the world, to even come close to making something that would be defined as “perfect” if it wasn’t perfect already.
The man grinding his teeth out of impatience reached deep into his pockets and took out a wad of money, when inspected closely would show to be over one thousand dollars in cash, and a check that plainly read 1 million dollars, with the man’s signature. “I will pay anything…to get what I want….I want to be perfect! So just take the money and do your magic…”
As the man looked down at the cash before him, his glasses gleamed with that of frustration, and anger. Ignorant fool…. “FOOL!” He then shouted as he swiped his desk free of objects with his arm, slamming his hands down in an almost blind rage. “Money is not an object of what we’re talking about! …I can you make you…’perfect’” he confessed, “but…I need more than money….”
The customer tilted his head in confusion “Like what? My house? My car?”
“…Oh yes…but even more than that…” He turned towards the man with an almost insane looking face, his eyes now a blood red. “I need everything you own…your undying servitude to me…and of course….your soul of course…” He then grabbed out the red pen from his cup and held out his hand to shake on a deal, the pen reading “Blood Pact”
The customer took a step back, instantly thinking this man was obviously crazy…or maybe it was a joke? He didn’t know for sure, but he wanted to be perfect above anything else, so he reluctantly placed in his hand in his and shook on it. “Just what I wanted…” the man proceeded to stab the pen into his arm, forcing the customer to yell in pain
“The hell?!-“
“Shhhh…” The pain glowed a bright red, and he proceeded to stab his own arm, cringing from the pain, and placed the pen on the table, over a stray piece of paper. “This is a part of our deal after all! No running away!” The pen began to write out a pseudo contract in their blood, stating the terms of their “agreement,” the final line reading, Failure to comply to these conditions will result in immediate termination of your life. The pen then signed the customer’s name on the line at the bottom, sealing the deal. “Ah…your name is Robin….well Robin…we will have a very fun time together…”


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Golden Knight's Writing Dump
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