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 Skyra's Art Corner

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PostSubject: Skyra's Art Corner   Fri 4 Oct 2013 - 11:28

So as some of you may know (though probably not) I love to draw! I have (recently) been trying to draw humans/anime style. I started with some difficulty but I'm getting better. Here are a few examples of my work

This is one of my earlier attempts

One of my better tries

Random doodling during class

One of the first ones I colored, this is Sora from a thread on another site

Sora uncolored

Sora colored

And Skyler!

And also Lillian

So these are my human drawings! But, I can also draw ponies!! (just in case you want to see)

My OC's

Characters from One Piece as ponies (as requested by someone on an OP rp site)

And that's mostly it for my drawings. If you're wondering, yes, I do take requests! So please, help me get better at drawing anime style humans!! :3
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Skyra's Art Corner
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