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 Deth's *semi*Worthwhile Doodles of Stuff!

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PostSubject: Deth's *semi*Worthwhile Doodles of Stuff!   October 5th 2013, 9:33 am

So here are a few of the ideas that I've had over the years that I ended up drawing in my spare time. Maybe I'll use one of them here some day, but most of these things don't really fit into the SE universe....

This was made for a fantasy-world RP that took place on a pirate ship. Basically my idea was, "why not have a lizard-man cabbin boy who used magic for his hook hand?" I think it turned out looking pretty solid for the concept. I even cut off his tail so that he'd have more of a backstory in his appearence. But, unfortunatly, the RP died down before I got around to making the bio and then I couldn't just have a pirate lizardman walk into any other RPs up at the time so... here he is....

Clearly, this is pretty straightforward. It's a super-intelligent penguin with mecha arms. The original RP he was made for took place in the future where a virus was mutating people into thier worst fear and giving them powers related to that fear or another fear they had. So I just felt like making someone afraid of birds and machines so he would be a penguin with mecha arms that can turn into guns or a cannon for him to launch himself out of. His personallity was centered around being aggrivated that people never took him seriously, which led to him trying to become someone serious by becoming a crime boss with an addiction for gambling! Maybe I'll use him in Soul Eater since witch experiments can explein alot, but I still need a way to justify transforming mecha arms......

Sorry this is low quallity and sideways, but I used the camera on my computer to get this one. It was back before I figured out how to scan stuff.... Basically, in that RP I mentioned before with the penguin, another guy made a character based on a fear of machines. This guy was one of the RPers I REALLY looked up to! It felt like each time he joined an RP he had some new awesome Resident Evil-ish disgusting abimination of a character from guys who had swarms of killer insects in thier body as another guy controlled them to stuff like this! I just really wanted to draw Cycerin. I wish I did a better job of showing he had a hump on his back, but I feel it's one of my better drawings on the computer.

This is a being I refer to as "The Cloud Knight". It's a being that originally came from the dream world. Unfortunatly, I never used him. Around the time my last forum started moving away from RPing, I was really into this girl and wanted to collab the Dream World RP with her where I'd use this character. She ended up breaking up with me and I wasn't only left with something I didn't feel like working on, but also nobody even ever showed intrest in the concept! So I just pulled the plug on it and eventually said my farwells to that place. Maybe I'll make the dream world one day, but for now there's few places I can make this character work.

An image of a demon-like being I thought up. Unfortunatly, I don't have any real backstory or anything for this one, it's just a design I felt was pretty solid. If you'll notice, he has multiple arms and no eyes...... Maybe I'll make him a Kishin Egg? Who knows....

Professor Fish Head! Sorry it's cut off, but my scanner was being an idiot that day.... That was actually the best out of 6 attempts to scan him. The idea was for a mad scientist type of character who wasn't human and, thus, wouldn't be walking around in a human-like machine. Also, Mustache Arms. Enough said.

This was actually my entry into a contest to design a monster. I call it... the Punk Ogre! A special type of Ogre that hangs out in "gangs" and steals armor and weapons from passing adventurers. By using thier roller skate-like feet, they can move around silently while thier body houses several organs for prodicuing loud controlled shouting attacks. The noise itself isn't too dangerous, but it would force the player's armor to resonate and deal metal damage. The mohawk-like fin on thier heads signify dominance and raise when they're ready to attack! Unfortunatly, it didn't get too much attention and didn't even place in the contest :(
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Deth's *semi*Worthwhile Doodles of Stuff!
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