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 Rose and Arcadia McAllister

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PostSubject: Rose and Arcadia McAllister   Rose and Arcadia McAllister I_icon_minitimeMay 15th 2013, 7:14 pm

Rose Hammer

Rose and Arcadia McAllister Blondes-blue_00362890

Gender: Female

Age: 23
Weapon: N/A
Description: Rose is right around 5'6", with a somewhat lithe build. She's got some curves to her, but otherwise she's built like a fighter. She carries herself with an air of confidence, like she could conquer the entire world if she really put her mind to it. She has long soft blonde hair that she keeps cut close around her head. Her typical attire is a black tee, blue jeans, her combat boots, and more often than not a black coat once belonging to her husband.
Personality: Rose is a fighter. She's competitive, and she has a general distaste for authority. In combat situations, she only ever loosely follows a battle plan, believing heavily on improvisation in a situation were combat is inevitable. Her motto for fighting is "No plan ever survives contact with the enemy". When not acting like a general hard-ass, she's actually quite nice. Despite having harbored some resentment towards her brother, their relationship has definitely mellowed with age, and they work well together as a team.
History: Rose lived an almost normal life, aside from her parents taking occasional missions from the Academy. When she was 6, and her brother 12, her parents took them to Death City to attend the Eve Party Celebration. They left the party early, but as Asura burst from the ground, they were separated from Sylas. As the dust cleared, they found him and returned home. However, some months after this, Sylas had his first attack, leveling part of the forest near their home in Northern Ontario. Rose developed a strained relationship with him as a result of this, having been playing with him when it happened. She was actually somewhat happy when he went to live in Death City, but at 14 she followed his tracks, enrolling in the Academy.

There, she found love in the form of her former weapon, Kyllic. She and Kyllic became first lovers, then spouses, and finally parents to their daughter Arcadia. However, Kyllic, and his sister Dowan, both vanished under mysterious circumstances over half a year ago, leaving Rose to raise Arcadia on her own.
Random: Rose is able to use her Soul Wavelength with incredible prowess.
Soul Abilities:
Soul Petal: Rose forms a large number of rose petals from her soul, the edges being razor sharp. She is also able to detonate them in decently sized explosions, but this causes her immense pain as she's essentially destroying a part of her soul force.
Soul Thorn: Rose fashions the petals into sharply pointed thorns, which she can direct to pierce through enemies.
Soul Needle: Rose fashions her soul into insanely sharp needles, expressly for the purpose of the damaging thick armored enemies.

Arcadia McAllister

Rose and Arcadia McAllister Akai_as_a_young_girl

Age: 7

Personality: Arcadia is amazingly quiet, rarely speaking unless she see the point in it. She's amazingly intelligent for just 7, not that she actively applies herself enough to reveal it in school.

Weapon Form: Arcadia takes the form of a long spear with a flanged design and an imposing spike on the end.

Rose and Arcadia McAllister KR0050

Appearance: Arcadia is 4'9" tall, with soft blue eyes like her mother. Her hair is a brilliant flaming red like her father's, and she holds herself in a reserved manner that is often mistaken for shyness. Her hair is long enough to reach the small of her back, and most often

History: Arcadia was born when her parents were still in school, and yet they still found the time to raise her right. Arcadia was left most often in the care of Rose, who actively strived to nurture her daughter's mind. Arcadia was 4 when her father disappeared, and though she was horribly saddened by the event, she found it hard to express it. Instead, she retreated into herself, becoming even more reclusive than before.

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Rose and Arcadia McAllister Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rose and Arcadia McAllister   Rose and Arcadia McAllister I_icon_minitimeNovember 14th 2014, 6:21 pm

Her image needs fixed, as it no longer appears; I suggest image hosting it for yourself. Aside from that, at least I am still a little iffy on her petals.



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Rose and Arcadia McAllister
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