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 Naruto Beginnings Advertisement & Affiliation Request.

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PostSubject: Naruto Beginnings Advertisement & Affiliation Request.   October 25th 2013, 12:28 am

narutobeginnings/forumotions/com - Replace slashes with periods.

It is 600 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. Madara, Sasuke and Akatsuki were killed by the combined forces of Killer Bee, Naruto and the shinobi nations. Unfortunately, using the power of the tailed beasts he did have Madara rid the world of their current kekkei genkai's opening path to a new group of kekkei genkai’s to take their place. As a result of the war, the alliance that once held strong crumbled easily, as the new clans arose and the power craving that once filled the world showed its ugly head.

Along with the clans, new advances in technology have produced two additional races to support the growing demand of combat ready shinobi, these two, Nova & Zireh have been integrated into various villages further separating the once allied villages.

Now completely separated the villages are going through their own internal power struggles, which isn’t becoming any easier as the other villages are still attacking each other. The feudal lords getting a little to power hungry have began to make their own moves causing further internal strife between the Lands themselves. You will just have to join your village to see where this world will lead you.

What Sets us apart from all

  • Completely AU. New Villages, New Clans, New Plots, each village is unique in its own way offering an in-depth look on just how adaptable shinobi can be.
  • We have three races. Human, Nova, and Zireh. Humans are Ninja, Samurai, and Ronin. Nova are Soulless, Dakar, and Inkan. Zireh are Cypher, Entity, and Yoroi.
  • Civilian Characters with occupations tailor made for a non combat orientated role-play if needed.
  • No Stats, numbers are complicated, on NB we have a Tier System which uses Jutsu Slots to gauge physical prowess and it is completely Optional.
  • Custom Clan Roster numbering in the 30's each with their own unique abilities and specialties.
  • Realistic Shinobi Career: Aging, Descendants and Ancestors allowing one to leave their mark on the Shinobi World even if they aren't "famous"
  • Each race has their own specific awakenings, which gives a lot more variety in the jutsu one can learn.
  • Every land, village, and team have their own individual plot with villains being custom tailored to your character as they go through their shinobi career.
  • Every village has their own organization. (Ex. Seven Swordsman of the Mist..just for other villages)
  • Chill Community, none of the frequent Admin holds all IC power stuff you find elsewhere.

* This site is mature so gore is welcome anywhere however please limit the pure sex to Amusement Park Area. Anything Else up to R in sexual content is welcome anywhere else as long as it pertains to the rp.
* Tons of open spots for T. Jonin, genin & academy students.
* We have three races Human, Nova & Zireh. Each is split into three classes, Ninja, Samurai & Ronin for humans, Soulless, Dakar & Inkan for Nova, Cypher, Entity & Yoroi for Zireh. And just to make things more fun each one has a specific awakening set for each class.
* Tons of new missions each day.[/center]
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Naruto Beginnings Advertisement & Affiliation Request.
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