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 Vocaloid: Melodic Academy

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PostSubject: Vocaloid: Melodic Academy   October 27th 2013, 6:50 pm

Welcome To Melodic Academy~

Melodic Academy is a singing-based school that enrolls students that are from grades 6-12. It's mainly for the members of Vocaloid, Utauloid, Fanloid, and understudies (students who want to be a part of those three groups) but you're allowed to create your own unit if you want to, which adds to the fun of the academy. Of course you will still be a student at the school even if your a part of Vocaloid, Utauloid, Fanloid, and etc because this is still a normal school. If you're staff, it's your job to teach the understudies and members the world of singing and if you're an understudy, it's your job to become a successful singer! You might be successful enough to travel outside the city of Technopod and into the world~ (This takes place 12 years in the future)
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Vocaloid: Melodic Academy
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