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 The Epic Journey of Boxinator!

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PostSubject: The Epic Journey of Boxinator!   November 2nd 2013, 8:53 pm

This is a true story of RPing shinannigans. So, to start off, this took place a while back on my first RPing forum. The RP was about 8 legendary weapons that were created, each with their own curse and abilities. Basically, half of them were cursed and given to four powerful demons and the other half were given to whoever the heck stumbled across them. The goal was to either defeat all the demons or for the demons to corrupt the other 4 weapons. So I made this character named Zekron and... well, I'll probably talk about him in a different thread. All you really need to know about Zekron is he has a huge ego and the power to animate whatever the frig he gets his hands on.

Now in order to get one of the weapons, Zekron ended up making his own golem out of ranfom household objects. A few Table Legs for legs and arms, a chair for a body, two barrels full of knives for hands, and a crate of lemons for a head. It's name... was Boxinator! And it was GLORIOUS!!!

So then Boxinator went out to fight the guy with the legendary spear and it pretty much went like this.

*Knight on horseback impailed Boxinator!*

*Boxinator whacked Knight's side frantically*

*Knight keeps riding his horse*

*Boxinator's box-head exploded! Sending wooden shrapnel all across Knight's face and spraying Lemon Juice into the wound!*

*Knight ran off and never posted again....*

After the battle and losing the spear, Boxinator started shooting out fire everywhere (don't ask) and managed to burn himself to the ground in a wierd semi-tragic moment. Soo, now that that was over, I decided it would be a good idea to take Boxinator's ashes and infuse them into an armored golem called Blazewing with a lot of crazy fire stuff it could do. Blazewing was a fun character to use. Basically, it was a golem but it also remembered being a seperate golem and horribly burning to death. So it was pretty much really super aggressive against anyone it came across.

Then, things got really effed up. Another guy in the RP took this character just right out of nowhere. I mean, he straight-up bunnied this guy into the demon's lair without warning or any kind of permission completly uncontious. So then, going along in character, Zekron's just like "Lets put him in the super-aggressive magical abomination I just made!" And then they did.... And then (with permission of the player) Blazewing spun it's head 360 degrees and Snapped the dude's neck!

Just to recap.... Boxinator turned into a crazed evil fire knight thing with a dead body rotting inside of him!!! The really effed up part? Nobody ever managed to get the body back out. That was just the character's thing from that day forward. Just random golem made out of armor with a human corpse drying up inside of it........ Yeeaahhhh..........

Eventually, to make a long story short, one guy BS'd getting all the weapons and Blazewing tried to join them. But, because the guy was just godmodding the sh*t outta the RP, they pretty much defied help fighting an demonic superpower that rivaled the gods and won. Then, he tried to say something about the spirit of destiny and other BS and take that crap to 3-4 seperate completly unrelated threads, but that's a tale for another time.

So moral of the story? Don't bunny characters. Otherwise, you'll end up making a rotting freak that has absolutly no impact on the story other than that one guy was unjustly killed off :)
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The Epic Journey of Boxinator!
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