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 Scars and Sheet Metal----A future based mech roleplay

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PostSubject: Scars and Sheet Metal----A future based mech roleplay   November 8th 2013, 8:45 pm

That horrific day was just like any other--Slightly cloudy with the occasional sun. It's the year of 2687 and a human empire has built itself out of the old planet. The only civilization is in the city in the sky; where humans have no memories of the Earth below. The surface is where mechs and mech pilots hide. If they were to show themselves, they would get a bullet to the head by law enforcement.

The Dark Overlord had secretly taken control and brainwashed all of the people into thinking Sky Scraper was the only existing home. He was the creator of the mechs, but hadn't planned on them turning on himself. Some of the mechs are still believing in the Overlord, while others are trying to rid him of the throne. Most mechs are teaming up with humans to bring Sky Scraper civilization to its knees.

Your only escape is capture, or risk being captured.
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Scars and Sheet Metal----A future based mech roleplay
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