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 Burning Skies (Act - 0 / Chapter - Prologue)

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PostSubject: Burning Skies (Act - 0 / Chapter - Prologue)   December 4th 2013, 11:54 am

This is the story of the one known as Alex Ironsmith, the man who never knew himself.

    Alex falls to the roof of the Crystal Tower, exhausted and drained of all his energy. The Kishin has gotten an advantage over him by letting him use his Ironsmith Sig. Attack, in which it knew that Alex would drain most of his energy when using the attack. There was blood all around him, the large puddle had a mix of red blood with some sort of blue liquid along with it. That's when he realized that it wasn't his blood as well, he landed on something or someone. He used his remaining strength to roll over and look within the crater to see the victim. That's when he began to cry, he landed on the only one who was trying to help him, the one he promised to protect. The little alien girl who believed in him, to help her get back home, to help her live a life she always wanted.

The young man pulled himself up and knelled next to the little girl's corpse, he was devastated, upset, ashamed that he got her killed. Blood in the color of blue was splattered everywhere, the girl lied there, cold and lifeless. Alex hated himself, he wanted her back. Looking up at the Kishin, it laughed and smirked at him, "Alex killed her, what a fool!" It was smiling at him and preparing for one last attack. Alex didn't move, he was paralyzed, he didn't want to leave the poor girl. She had the look that she was afraid, stunned and overwhelmed. Was she sacred that she knew death was upon her? Was she afraid that Alex would lose? Was she afraid that there was no way home? All these questions buzzed through Alex's head while the Kishin was charging his attack.

"I'm so sorry, Eve. I am so sorry....." Alex was shedding tears, his utter failure got the better of him. He could never forgive himself, how he got the little girl killed and it was all his fault. All he could think of is everyone pointing fingers at him, insulting him, calling him a failure, blaming her death on him. Alex was alone, he had nothing more, nothing to live for and nothing to lose. He could remember this little girl's smile, her laughs, her cries, and even her calling him, "Daddy." It struck him deep, it was very life impacting, he couldn't bare to call himself a man, a meister, a father... "Eve, please, please forgive me... I don't want you to go, I want you to stay and be happy, to live your own life! Please, Eve! Come back!" No matter how much he yelled, how much he plea'd, it didn't matter. She was gone, she died here on Earth, she could never go home now and it was all his fault. Guilt and fear consumed him as he began to cry above her corpse. Tears fell on her cold face, nothing could match up to how upset Alex was. Eve was not only his friend, she was more than a friend. Yet she thought of him differently, to her, Alex was like a father.

The Kishin was finished charging it's attack, a large purple ball composed of the souls of those it claimed. Even Alex's comrades, he could see their eyes, they were consumed by madness. Everyone he knew was combined together to kill him, not only he was upset over Eve's death, now his friends were going to be the end of him. "What will you do now, son of the Ironsmith?" Alex was unsure, he couldn't kill his friends, he couldn't do anything at all. It was checkmate for him, there are no more moves for him to make. Game over was imminent. The chaotic laughter from the ball was all Alex could hear, the Kishin was ready. And as the it threw the ball, Alex closed his eyes and all of it stopped... Now the journey begins.
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Burning Skies (Act - 0 / Chapter - Prologue)
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