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 Burning Skies (Act 1 / Chapter 1)

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PostSubject: Burning Skies (Act 1 / Chapter 1)   December 7th 2013, 6:40 pm

(A Soul Eater Fan-Fiction)

This is his story. His name is Alex Ironsmith. This young man is a student within the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). For at least two years, he has been living within Death City and he has barely made any progress to succeed in school. It is a surprise to most people, really. Alex have a high IQ thanks to his mom's side of the family, and he has superb physical strength thanks to his dad's side of the family. Yet the teachers expect a lot out of him, Alex doesn't blame them really. He just doesn't have the will and determination to try and pass school. This is probably why he doesn't have that many friends here at school. How else was he supposed to make friends here? It's like the only way to make friends is to actually try and pass through school, getting noticed by his grades. He didn't care anymore, that's why he doesn't even try.

Two years he has been living within this city and he has barely done anything to get noticed. It's the same thing, everyday he walks in class it's like no one even notices him. Alex is like a ghost to most of the students, hell he might as well just paint himself white and live in a grave with a tombstone saying, "Here Lies Dumbass." Alex, for some reason, had taken it as a joke. He somewhat enjoyed not being noticed around school, half the time it has it's perks. For example; Gym class, Alex decided to skip class and the teacher didn't even notice his name on the attendance list. No wonder Alex had perfect attendance, the teachers never check him off for absence because they don't notice him. But still, being a ghost had it's advantages to Alex.

But throughout the rest of his time at school was a living hell. Sometimes, if he is even noticed, a group of teens much like him would bully him because of his deformity. What deformity does Alex posses? Well, he is half-Meister and half-Witch. There was a complicated story to his past, how his mother and father met. But what mattered was why the other students picked on him. All they did was call him "Dirty-Blood" because of him not being 100% Meister. However, Alex didn't seem to care, he didn't seem to fight back. It was too bad for him because after the other students were done picking on him, the emotional toll started to kick in. Usually after they were done, he would break down crying and wouldn't stop because he was alone. Now there was something to take into consideration. Alex originally wasn't alone, he was adopted by two residents of Death City. However, both had deceased, the foster father from a car accident and the foster mother from cancer. Alex cried because he missed them, he never knew his real parents that much because they had died when he was young, so he considered his adoptive parents his real parents.

Alex lived near the edge of the city, in the back allies. His apartment was old and out of shape, much like him. Cracks on the walls and mold covering the ceiling, yeah, to Alex this was paradise. No one would think to find him here in a dump like this, he trusts no one at this point. There were five rooms in his apartment, the biggest was the living room. The living room was the most decent looking room in the apartment, there was a roughed up looking couch with a broken down entertainment stand with a TV on it. There were a few picture frames on the walls with photos of him and his foster parents. The next room was the kitchen, it seemed smaller than the living room. Within the kitchen was a sink, some cabinets, a fridge in bad condition, and a table and chair mean't for one. The third room was the bathroom, which was the smallest room of the apartment. All there was inside was a toilet, a sink and mirror, a shower, and some of his prescriptions. The fourth room was the guest bedroom, which was fairly sized for a bedroom. Within contained a freshly made bed with a nightstand on each end, a clock on the wall in front of the bed, and a couple more pictures. and the final room was Alex's room, this was equally sized as the guest bedroom. Now this room was Alex's domain, he always kept the door locked for safety reasons. When ever he was being robbed, the door was locked not to keep someone out, but rather to keep Alex in. Not much is there to describe of his room, a bedroll on the ground, a picture of his real parents when he was a baby, and two guns. The guns were dual M1911's, just in case something went wrong and he needed them for self defense.

So, how do we begin? Alex was in class, currently bored out of his mind listening to Professor Davis talk about the forensics of soul resonance once again. He actually dropped his head on the desk, tired. "Mr Ironsmith? Must I fetch your blanket with warm milk?" The teacher sounded like he was in a joking manner. Alex shot up, "I am paying attention, Mr Whatz-Itz-Fuck!" Alex just woke up from a ten second nap and the professor had jolted him awake. The entire class erupted in laughter, taking in the humor and the humiliation that Alex had made for himself. "Oops..." He said. "Oops is right. Why don't you get a nice long nap in Detention!" The professor replied in an angered tone. Alex was really trying to avoid class this time, he wasn't in the mood for it. When the class ended, Alex and Davis were the only two people within the classroom.
Professor Davis got up from his chair, walked to the door, and locked it. "Mr. Ironsmith, we need to have a little chat..." Alex shot up, nervous and confused. "Yes? What do we need to talk about?" He replied. Davis slowly walked towards Alex, not breaking his eye-sight. "Mr. Ironsmith, your grades are lower than any other student within the Academy, so low that you hit an all time record." The professor slammed his hands on the desk in front of Alex, he seemed very angry. Alex had his eyes wide open, his attention drawn. "As much as I hate to say this, you have no chance at passing this semester due to you lacking a lot."Alex just sat back and took it in like he didn't care. "Alex, you need to take this seriously. Don't you want to get out of here faster?" This caught Alex's attention, "Yeah, but I didn't have to come here in the first place. I would've stayed home."
The Davis grabbed Alex by his shirt, "Yet you are required to get an education here at the DWMA! So here is what I'm going to do! I want you to participate within the training grounds and actually fight. If you complete it, I will count it as extra credit and be lenient enough to bring you up to a C. This is rare for just any student to get sympathy from me." Alex was eye widened, he had no idea what to say. Why in the world would Davis give him another chance with all Alex hasn't done? This was completely oblivious to Alex yet this was the only way out of school. "Have it your way, Professor. I will attend the training grounds." The sureness in Alex's voice at least put some comfort in Davis, however it also made him nervous because Alex always loves to stir up trouble. It looks as his witch side gets the better of him which frustrates Davis. But Alex forgot, he had detention. So he sat at his desk, bored out of his mind, waiting for two hours until Davis told him he could go.

Later through the day, Alex reached the training grounds with most of the other students. Currently, two meisters are facing each other and the tense of battle is increasing. Today, the meisters are facing each other without weapons, which was difficult alone for meisters to cope with. Alex sat in the front, normally required to. His mood didn't really help since he never wanted to be here anyway.
"Alright, end the fight, you two have had enough." The fight coordinator sat at the other end of the arena, he was big and bold, not the type of teacher to mess with. When Alex got first glimpse at him, he knew that messing this teacher would end him. "Alright, who wants to go next?" At the moment he asked, a girl around Alex's height and age jumped up as high as she could, "Me, sir! I volunteer!" Alex looked over to the young woman. She had pink short hair along with pearl eyes. She wore some form of a ninja attire, mixed with black, pink, and white. The teacher then pointed her to the spot where she would stand and she immediately jumped at an incredible distance from her seat towards the spot.

"Okay, Kayla Starreach versus......." The teacher was skewing through the group of students and looked towards Alex. "You must be Alex Ironsmith, you will be Kayla's opponent." Alex perked up and was scared, "Wait me? Against a Starreach?!" What he was meaning was that it was deadly to face a Starreach. The Starreach was one of the most deadliest ninja clans in existence. They moved to Death City after being exiled from Japan and now they are dwindling in numbers. Although, it is said they can destroy entire armies without a weapon. Starreach clan was also known to be 100% pure meister family, no other races mixed in. Kayla Starreach was the youngest in the family and there are only nine left.

"Come on, Ironsmith! Come and beat me with your ultimate skill! Procrastination!" She laughed at her own little insult, along with some of the other students. Alex had no idea what to do but stood at the other spot across from Kayla. As he looked at her, she seemed eager to fight and beat Alex, but why? It looked as if she went in a stance to charge at Alex with full force which alone for a Starreach would break every bone in their opponent's body. Alex was paralyzed, frozen and stiff, looking at his end.

"The rules are no going below the belt and no weapons. When you think you had enough, yell out surrender three times." Alex listened carefully to the instructions. The first thing on his mind was to yell out surrender three times and get it over with but Davis wouldn't want that. The professor would want Alex to show a little effort, for him to at least try and fight. If so, Alex would know that he tried and would get the extra credit but to be sure, he needed to win.

For Alex, the odds were against him, this girl was born and raised a fighter, headstrong and confident. Her expertise in being a ninja would get the better of Alex as he had no idea what fighting style that he could perform. Kayla may look cute and adorable but on the inside, she was a trained killer. For a sixteen year old, she had style and skills on her side. She doesn't know surrender even if it hit her, she never quits because that's how ninja work.

Alex twitched as the bell rang, the fight was on and Kayla just, leaped. She busted the ground as if someone blew up the spot she stood in. Kayla moved at incredible speeds and had a determined look, her focus was dead on to Alex. The boy was hesitating as the young girl was about to collide with him. e got into a fighting stance like he was a boxer and shouted the words he regretted to say, "Bring it on, bitch!" This was a major screw up for him. Kayla just stopped right in front of him, giving him an eye widened look as if she were stunned. Alex was sweating like hell and scared. "What...... Did you just call me?" Kayla was then angry with Alex. Everyone was jaw dropped and shocked, even the teacher. No one has ever gotten away with insulting a Starreach. "I-I'm s-s-sorry!" Alex tried to apologize yet it did not work. "Your s-s-s-sorry?!" Kayla was making fun of his studded while questioning him, very angry. "No one calls me a bitch AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" Kayla then tackled him the the ground and went berserk on him, hounding punch after punch in his face. This wasn't like her normally but she wanted to see justice through.

There was no end to it, she wouldn't get off of him. She was losing her mind, it looked as if she was actually trying to kill Alex. Alex was barely even conscious, blood cover his face, most of it was his. Kayla had pulled out a Kunai she hid in one of her packets on her side and held it to his throat. ".......... Say your sorry, now." Alex then perked his eyes open, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He repeated three times to her and then she got in closer, pinning him to the ground, still. "Good, now......." She was holding the knife at his face, slightly cutting his forehead, making a symbol. "This means your MY bitch now, Ironsmith. As of right now, you will do what I say, when I say it. You got it?" She wasn't herself anymore, she had a direct hatred at Alex. He nodded to indicate he understood, terrified as hell. "This symbol represents your mine, no one else says other wise, even death itself can't save you. This is the day you become my bitch, Ironsmith." Kayla got off of him and held the Kunai in her hand. She wouldn't break eye contact with Alex, simply putting that she has made a new slave of her own. The teacher and a few of his pupils has grabbed her and pulled her off the ring.
Alex yet again was lying in a pool of his own blood. He was terrified, upset of what he got himself into. This was going to be a major life changer for him, he had no idea what to do now. Kayla made him her slave? Well, this definitely put him unconscious.

Troubled, exhausted, and sore, Alex woke up in his apartment with medical supplies all around him. Someone was taking care of him, strange. He was questioning how did this person get in his apartment and better yet, who would be taking care of him? Questions keep arousing within Alex's head until his door opened. A young girl in a white dress walked in, she appeared to be around the age of 8, she wore a white sheet dress along with a red cross on the front, indicating she is a nurse's assistant. She had bright blond hair, nearly white, with red eyes along with red shoes. The girl seemed to be focused on helping Alex.

The young girl then knelled and sat down next to Alex, she held a tray of food and drinks. She set the tray down next to her as she looked upon Alex. Alex was pretending to sleep yet the girl was intelligent enough to know that he was faking it. "I know Alex is faking sleepiness." The little girl claimed. He opened his eyes and looked up at her. "Bell is helping Alex." It was strange, why is she talking in third person? "Um, what is your name?" Alex asked. "Bell, Bell is Bell's name!" She had a smile on her face and looked at the tray. "Alex is, hungwy?" It made the young man laugh as to how cute was being. Bell took a cup of milk and was lifting Alex's head for him to sip out of the cup.

She gently laid his head back down for him to rest easy, "Alex is stupid, Alex get hurt by Kayla." He remembered, it was very painful. Alex felt his forehead, it was covered in bandages. That girl, Kayla. She really did a number at Alex, the 'tattoo' she gave him was to indicate how much of a fuck up he was. But did she really mean that he was her slave now? "Bell, where is Kayla?" He asked, gravely. "Bell dunno, Bell drag Alex to Alex home. Alex hurt." It began to annoy Alex on how much Bell was talking in third person. "Um, Bell, why are you talking like that?" Bell gave him a confused look, "Bell dunno..."

Well, at least this was an enlightening day......
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Burning Skies (Act 1 / Chapter 1)
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