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 Yokai Clan

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PostSubject: Yokai Clan   December 17th 2013, 12:21 am

Home ~~ Plot ~~ Rules ~~ Yokai Species ~~

The Yokai Clan has prevailed for thousands of years.For centuries,they have defeated countless foes.But now,the clan has been recently wiped out due to the infamous traitor Yamata no Orochi.Now Raijin,the once proud and strong Nurariyhon,has left the village without speaking a word,leaving his village in disarry.Can you help the village rebuild itself or will you help destroy it?

  • Mythical Creatures allowed
  • Hybrid characters allowed
  • Mature
  • Death Enabled (Within reason)
  • Friendly Staff
  • Open and accepting atmosphere
  • Staff Needed
  • Just Opened

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Yokai Clan
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