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 Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]

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PostSubject: Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]   December 23rd 2013, 12:39 am

Sayomi Hayashi

N/A for now


From previous app:

Sayomi was born to her mother (a human) and father (a meister) in the middle of the night. She was found to have meister abilities at a young age. Her father was a strong believer that if you were a meister you hunted witches. So she was given a set of plain weapons and  trained with each. She excelled rapidly at close-mid ranged combat. When her father thought she was ready he sent her to the DWMA, no matter how much she protested. She currently studies there and awaits a weapon partner so she can begin accepting missions.


After leaving the DWMA Sayomi traveled the world. She couldn't bare to tell her father that she had quit training as a meister so she never returned home. Soon that hunger for battle came knocking and Sayomi discovered street fights. She began to attack people. Not kill mind you. Just attack a few thugs in an ally now and then. Nothing big. Soon the lust for battle became greater... Until one day she couldn't stop herself... While fighting with a man she knocked him unconscious and, while normally she would walk away now, she began to step on the man's chest... Repeatedly... Sayomi didn't realize what she had done until a woman saw her from the road and called the police. When the sirens began to blair she looked down to find a strange blueish glow... She had killed the man. An innocent human being.... She took the blue orb into her hand and ran... And ran... And ran... Until she hit the city's edge. Fleeing into the forest she hasn't been heard from since. She is still holding onto that soul and regretting what she'd done. (She'll officially eat the soul/become a kishin egg in her first thread)

Sayomi's 4 sense based abilities will come in levels. Her abilities will get stronger with each level.

Level 1:

AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Scent Distortion lvl 1Sayomi can now make herself smell sweet or foul. Great for throwing off trackers.5
Star Burst lvl 1Sayomi creates a large flash of light that blinds all opponents within a 6 foot radius of herself for 1 post.10
Echoing Death lvl 1Sayomi lets out a screech that hurts the ears of all opponents within a 6 foot radius of her. (Causes minor distraction basicly)15
Touch distortion lvl 1Sayomi can cause minor offsets to the way things feel to an opponent. Like making them feel small pain like a pinch. Basically a distraction tool.20
Level 2

AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Scent distortion lvl 2Sayomi can now mask her scent completely as well as tamper with weaker scents from other objects.25
Star Burst lvl 2Sayomi's light blast now reaches an 8 foot radius from herself and lasts 2 posts.30
Echoing Death lvl 2Sayomi's screech now reaches 8 feet in radius and when within 4 feet can cause temporary hearing loss.(maybe 2-3 posts)35
Touch Distortion lvl 2Sayomi can make the opponent feel harder impacts like that of a small rock hitting them.40
Level 3:

AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Scent Distortion lvl 3Sayomi can mess with most scents however, very strong scents cannot be messed with yet.45
Star Burst lvl 3Sayomi's blast is now effective for 10 feet in radius from herself and lasts 3 posts. It can potentially cause temporary (like a few hours) blindness if within 3 feet of her. 50
Echoing Death lvl 3The screech has the same effects as lvl 2 but can now blow weak opponents backward slightly.(like walking against a powerful wind.)55
Touch distortion lvl 3Sayomi can now make the opponent feel a little dizzy by physically poking them. She can also make them feel small impacts that don't actually happen like that of being hit by a baseball.60
Level 4:

AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Scent Distortion lvl 4Sayomi can freely tamper with any scent. She could make a foul scent in the area to distract the opponent or a sweet scent to try to put them off guard.65
Star Burst lvl 4Sayomi's blast may cause temporary (3-4 hour) blindness when within 4 feet and lasts 4 posts. 70
Echoing Death lvl 4 Sayomi's screech can now send most opponents (and anything not nailed down) flying away from her and prolonged exposure could cause temporary (a few hours) hearing loss/deafness at close range.75
Touch Distortion lvl 4Sayomi could use this ability to make the oponent think an earthquake was taking place or they were drowning if need be. The downside is she can only use it on one person at a time.80
Sayomi is skilled with many close ranged weapons including:
• longswords and broadswords
• Rapiers
• Whips
• Combat fans
• Chained scythes
• Clubs and Mallets

Sayomi's main weakness is her inability to resonate souls with most other weapons and meisters due to her off putting personality. A smaller weakness is her lack of training with long ranged weapons such as bows or guns.

Have you read the rules:
I love Soul Eater! [/center]

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PostSubject: Re: Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]   January 18th 2014, 8:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]   January 18th 2014, 11:32 pm

Accepted'n stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]   

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Sayomi Hayashi [INACTIVE]
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