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 Alex Ironsmith Dossier - BlackStone Cult

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PostSubject: Alex Ironsmith Dossier - BlackStone Cult   December 23rd 2013, 11:29 pm

Title: BlackStone Cult
Tenant: Unknown
Threat Level: Red
Goal: To take control of the DWMA and govern Death
Secondary: To take control of Alex Ironsmith and use Ivory to their advantage

Additional Info: Nothing more to make all of humanity fear them, the BlackStone Cult has been kept secret for an incomprehensible amount of time. It is unclear where they originated or how powerful they really are, but it is said they can control any form of life at their own will. If this is true, mankind will be facing against an unprecedented event unlike no other. The BlackStone Cult use dark magic to do their biding, for example, necromancy. These people are the cruelest of cruel. They give no mercy and pertain the determination to exemplify their power over the world. The only reason why they have not made a move on the world is because the SOJMO have been hired by world governments to keep a watchful eye over the "clients" that have hired them. This had caused problems for the BlackStone Cult. But they had recently taken an eye towards "Alex Ironsmith" due to an unknown form of energy inside of him. The cult had learned he had taken control of a powerful soul long buried within his own, now they wish to use him to benefit them. The BlackStone Cult will stop at nothing to capture Alex along with fighting off the SOJMO. But now the cult had stumbled upon the DWMA after one of their squads mistakenly revealed the existence of BlackStone. And since then, the cult had researched into the DWMA and found out about what they are capable of. Now they wish to take over the DWMA and govern death to their advantage.
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Alex Ironsmith Dossier - BlackStone Cult
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