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 Shugo Chara RP

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PostSubject: Shugo Chara RP    December 24th 2013, 1:10 am

Welcome to Tamako City!

Many years after the Guardians graduated, an accident occurred at Seiyo Academy. It was burnt down and a few years later, the building was rebuilt. This time however, it's located on an island off the coast of Japan. The academy is now a boarding school for grades 1-12. In the middle of all three of the buildings lays the Royal Garden, a place where the Guardians meet. The Guardians consists of the King Chair, the Queen Chair, the Jack Chair, the Ace Chair, and the Joker Chair. However as time moved on, more chairs were added. The new chairs consists of the Heart Chair, Diamond Chair, Clover Chair, and Spade Chair. In the city of Tamako, a group known as Freedom Wrath causes trouble by playing around with people's Heart Egg with no specific reason except for their own entertainment. Other then Freedom Wrath, Easter's main HQ has also been relocated to Tamako City. As usual, Easter is still after the Embryo and are still using people from the entertainment enterprise to draw it out.
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Shugo Chara RP
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