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 Miller, Orion

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PostSubject: Miller, Orion   Miller, Orion I_icon_minitimeDecember 24th 2013, 2:00 pm

Miller, Orion BlackHair-1

Name: Orion Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Meister: No Current Meister

Weapon Form:
Orion's weapon form is a blue bladed viking sword that is 48 inches in length, the origins of the form can be traced back to his scandinavian roots. His weapon form is double-edged so it's deadly no matter which way he's swung. He's a versatile weapon but he's better used to open defenses as it makes up for lower defensive uses.

Love Interest: None

Appearance: Orion may not be the tallest guy around, but he certainly isn't the weakest. He's small and powerful, standing 5'10" tall, and wheighing in at 125. He's built like a beanpole but very strong. He has shaggy black hair, fair skin with a light tan, and electric blue eyes. His clothing is a black shirt (any style) black cargo pants, a white duster jacket, and black converse hightop sneakers.

Personality: Not the most sociable of people, but he always longs for some one to be his best friend. He's very dark natured and tends to get violent, this comes from years of abuse by his father and bullies at his old school. He's very quiet and though dark, he is friendly. Enjoys getting complimented, has a short temper, and unless someone holds him back things will get nasty.

History: Orion Grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. A few years after he was born, his mother became heavily addicted to narcotics. This ultimately led to her death when Orion was 12, something inside Orion's dad changed, he became more edgy, beat his son until Orion called both the police and his uncle. The police relocated him to St. Paul and the court put him under the guardianship of his uncle, Tristan Miller. Orion thought he was finally free of beatings. He was wrong, for the next 5 years, bullies would beat on him, take his stuff and shove into various things around the school. He finally descovered his powers when he was ambushed by some guys after school. A sword blade shot out of his wrist and they ran. Orion begged his uncle to tell him the truth. He got it, in the form of "You are a demon weapon, you have the blood of a weapon like your mother. I'm sending you to your parent's old school in Death City, Nevada. Orion, I just want you to be safe. I'm doing this for you. Just know that your uncle Tristan will always care about you." So Orion once again had to pack his bags, and after a plane ride and a long ride in a car, he arrived on the outskirts of what was to become his new home. Death City.

Miscellaneous: Orion is a very skilled cook, lifts weights on occasion, and is a great parkourist. Parkour has increased Orion's agility greatly, as he can manipulate his environment to get around faster.

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PostSubject: Re: Miller, Orion   Miller, Orion I_icon_minitimeJanuary 2nd 2014, 3:14 pm

Pretty basic stuff. So unless anyone objects... 承認された!
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Miller, Orion
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