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 Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry

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PostSubject: Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry   December 24th 2013, 3:33 pm

Neko Girl:
Addicted to the Music: Until it Hurts:
Naruto and Sasuke: Bonds:
The Amegakure Team: Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato:
Tora the Elf Princess:
Zanaan: Demon Child:
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PostSubject: Break Down (A poem from my past)   December 24th 2013, 4:15 pm

Break Down

A poem of hurt, pain, and sadness. Of death, tears, and broken hearts

Wounded and weary
I fall to my knees
Crying, you hear me
But pay me no heed

I bleed from the outside
Shatter and break
Nothing, I can't hide
For my life's own sake

The cuts become crimson
My tears freeze over
This world is my prison
And Death is my lover

I scream out for mercy
But no one will listen
Dear Lord forgive me
I just can't take it in

One final gasp
A cry for redemption
A hand for me to grasp
As I fall into oblivion

Once more I die
And become black inside
"Father forgive me!" I cry
But the rules I don't abide

I wish it was over
And I was six feet under
Don't cry when I'm gone
For I won't need your tears

Breaking down, you see me
And ignore my pain
One of these days
You will feel the same

And when that day comes
I won't be there for you
So you'll scream and cry
Just like you left me to do
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PostSubject: Re: Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry   December 24th 2013, 8:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry   December 25th 2013, 2:46 pm


I close my eyes
The day light dies
The dreams soon flow,
My imagination grows

Stars shine and twinkle,
In the dark blue sky
The moon is all alone,
And because of this I cry.

I run across the sands of time,
Music plays, such a beautiful chime.
Diamonds glitter, rubies sparkle red,
My sleep is so deep, its almost as if I'm dead.

I'm smiling softly, though the tears still fall,
I sing a song, and hear you call.
The sun now rises,
Burning bright and warm
It kisses my face,
with a heavenly charm.

I open my eyes,
But for some reason and being
Even when I'm awake,
My soul is still dreaming.
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PostSubject: Re: Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry   December 25th 2013, 4:44 pm

A Character I created for a Naruto site

Name: Shee-Mei
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 4’ 5”
Weight: 72 lbs


Wears a long gray dress that is two sizes too big, so naturally it drags on the ground. She ties a piece of rope around her waist to keep it from dragging too badly. The sleeves cover her hands, with several inches that go past her hands. It has several rips, and is very worn through. Doesn’t wear any shoes, she prefers to go barefoot. She has long, pointed ears, that resemble a cat's ears. The fur on her ears is silver, and the tips of her ears are black, and are tufted. On her right ear she wears a fish bone earring. Underneath her right eye are five tiny black dots that are lined up from the corners of her eyes. She has very sharp nails, and sharp teeth, like a cats teeth. Sometimes she
wears a black hooded cloak, that is, of course too big for her. She wears a necklace she made that had shells and rocks on it. Also wears a piece of green ribbon around her ankle. Most of the time she has her hair down, but every so often, she pulls it up into a ponytail. Unlike most Shinobi, she doesn't wear her headband, instead she holds it in her leather bag that she carries. She holds most of her supplies in this bag. Her skin is very pale, and her cheeks are usually a pale pink color. She also has a long, fluffy silver tail.
Hair: Very long, thin white hair, which has a silvery tint to it. It drags two feet on the ground, though somehow it never looks dirty.
Eyes: Very large eyes. Her right eye is a dark Sapphire blue, while her left eye is silver with Emerald green specks. They have slits like a cats' eyes.
Body: She is very tiny, which makes her very agile. She is fit, as she would need to be to survive in the wild.
Ethnicity: Caucasian; Very pale, almost looks pure white

She is very shy, but tries to show no emotion, though she is starting to show it a lot more. She hardly ever cries, no matter how badly she is hurt. Since she grew up with cats for a family, she acts like one as well. She knows some human language, but not that much. So, whenever she
speaks, most of the time it sounds like utter nonsense. She is still learning, and looks forward to getting to know the human life better. Her favorite words so far are "Love", "Believe", Gentleness", and "Hope". Her favorite colors are green and yellow. She likes the outdoors, and playing with her animal friends. She also has a talent with art, drawing and painting. She is afraid of water, as all cats are mostly, and loves to spend the days dozing in the sunlight. She latches on to people she dons trustworthy, and is very loyal. If she sees one of her friends hurt, she will lash out and attack the one who harmed them. Sometimes, if she is in the mood, she likes to play pranks on random
people. One of her favorite ones is dropping things on peoples’ heads as they walk underneath her while she is on a roof. Her favorite time of day is night time, and early morning. She can also become very aggressive, as the clan she is from does. She likes to draw as well, and is quite talented at it. Her favorite foods are tuna and salmon, while she hates vegetables and most fruits. She can be seen a lot of the time just lying around, or by creeks fishing. She also likes to take on the form of a cat. When she does this, she is a large silver-white colored cat, with long wispy fur, though her eyes are the same, but are shaped like a cats'. She has very sharp teeth and claws, and her whiskers are quite long.

Background: When Shee-Mei was born, she was abandoned in the forest to die. But she did not die. She was raised by cats, taking on their way of life, learning to live like they do. When she was 15 she became a Genin, though it took some time to get there. Even now she doesn’t know her full potential. During her life as a youngster, she would always frolic and play with her “family.” The cats
protected her, and took care of her. Whenever a human tried to approach her, she would hiss at them a dash off, she was scared of them. As she got older, she took more interest in humans however. At age 13, she decided to find out what these humans did for a living, what they were
like. She was found by an elderly couple, and was put in the academy. She did well, though at first she was scared, always lashing out whenever she felt threatened. Sometimes she would fall asleep in class, and be given detention, which was a lot of the time. During the time she was in the Academy, she met one person she came to like. His name was Yuuki Kazehana. He was very kind to her, and treated her with fairness, unlike the other kids. They became good friends, and spent a lot of time together. When she graduated from the academy, she wasn't put on a team. She is actually still looking for a team to be on. Now that she is a Genin, she is looking forward to doing a lot of missions, and maybe becoming a Chuunin someday. She doesn't live anywhere particular, choosing to sleep in alleyways and trees. Sometimes abandoned buildings if it is raining. Shee-Mei also used to have a special companion. It was a small, long haired black cat with golden eyes. She had a white speck on her nose, and her name was Takamii. When Shee-Mei was brought into the cat family, Takamii was the first to become friends with her, and they soon became inseparable. That is, until an incident when Takamii was stolen. Shee-Mei was on her way home from the Academy, and
she could see from a distance that a stranger had picked Takamii up. The person was male, with black hair, and a tired expression. Shee-Mei ran toward him, but she wasn't fast enough. The stranger and Takamii were gone. Since that day, Shee-Mei has been training hard, so that maybe one day she could go out and find Takamii again.

Ninja Information

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Otogakure
Title: Tora-kii
Bloodline: Cursed Clan
Element: Fire, Wind, and Lightning

This was from before she became the holder for the two tailed beast, Matatabi. She was killed five years later for it, after having learned to control it's power and became one with the beast. She did this because Otogakure was under attack. She gave herself up, so that the people who were attacking would leave Oto alone. So, she is now dead. Her stats when she died were:

Rank: Anbu Black Op
Village: Otogakure
Title: Shadow Flash; Jinchūriki of the Two Tails, Matatabi
Bloodline: Cursed Clan
Elements: Fire, Wind, Lightning
FS: Ninjutsu-Master
Fuuinjutsu (sealing)-Major
Kenjutsu (swords)-Minor

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PostSubject: Re: Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry   

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Bleeding_Shadow's Creative Corner: A place for artwork and poetry
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