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 Sovuru-Approved! Taivas RP!!!

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PostSubject: Sovuru-Approved! Taivas RP!!!   December 24th 2013, 8:53 pm

The story:
There was once a top-secret government facility with funding and support from almost every country on earth; the goal: curing every disease on earth and perhaps even improving humanity itself on top of that. As such the lab had access to anything and everything they could ever need. The project sounded beyond ambitious, but with the full support of so many countries, it looked as though they might actually do it. Real progress was actually being made, but there was a cost.
Numerous atrocities were being committed in the name of saving humanity, experimentation not the least among them (usually inmates on death row or war criminals).
With this kind of unprecedented success, the billionaire pharmaceutical companies began growing nervous; without disease, they had no business. So they hired an elite team of mercenaries, funded by both the corporate interests and concerned human-rights groups, they managed to sneak into the heavily guarded facility and planted explosions on every level of the enormous complex. When they got out, they detonated them, not taking into account the millions of tons of highly volatile substances including, viruses, genetically modified bacteria, and hazardous waste.
The combination created an explosion the likes of which, an atomic bomb could only dream of becoming. A massive chunk of the American southwest was completely cleansed of life, those just past the blast radius were infected with the substance, suffering almost a weak from bone-splitting head-aches, extreme fever, and violent seizures before it finally abated. When the infected woke, if they woke, they were very different from before.
Some grew huge tumors or went insane, but others developed strange powers, growing all manner of odd features such as tails, horns, claws, or even abilities such as telekinesis and advanced musculature. The abilities were as random as the particular mixture of genetic sludge in their system, but all had one similarity: they could infect others by inflicting physical damage. Usually only by biting or scratching, introducing the infection to their bloodstream.
As the new Mutations took hold it became an epidemic, the infected gained a new name “Genepests” which was derived from the Latin terms Geniticae and Pestis, together translating into “genetic curse”. Another thing quickly became apparent, the children of a genepest were always human, regardless of whether or not one or both parents were infected.
Seeing as a single genepest could easily destroy dozens of police officers, the government quickly lost control of the population, before finally collapsing all together. The few remaining humans fled to port cities to find that the rest of the world had blockaded North and Central America, killing anyone that tried to pass the Panama Canal or the ocean on either side. Thus trapped, the humans built enormous walls to keep the genepests out. The other camps were destroyed or infected, but two managed to survive and develop into technologically advanced countries, one in Florida, and another in Alaska. The rest of America developed into a dystopian state where order, if you could call it that, was kept on the local scale, usually by a powerful warlord. The cities were the worst, hives of chaos and shifting alliances, practically crumbling around its inhabitants.

And this is now the world in which you emerge, what will you do now?
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Sovuru-Approved! Taivas RP!!!
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