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 Demon Brothers

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PostSubject: Demon Brothers   December 29th 2013, 2:22 pm


Many centuries ago, a handsome angel fell from grace. Not from a sin, but from falling in love with a demon.The two absolutly adored each other. Soon the demon was pregnate and had to give birth. The other angels, disgusted by their unholy love, forbid the demon from giving birth in Heaven.The demons,who threatened to eat the babys,forbid the demon to give birth in Hell.Soon the couple left to the realm of the mortals. The couple had three sons Blanko, Nikhidi, and Avak. To protect them from those who wish to harm them, they sent them to different parts of the world. Avak was sent to Japan, Nikhidi to Sicily, and through his mother's pleading and bargaining, Blanko went with her to Hell where he became the Grim Reaper. Now, centuries after that, Lucifer seeks to end his punishment and gain Paradise, the three demon brothers must unite with each other and defeat him and his demon horde, in order to keep the universe from turning into Hell itself.

Chapter 1: Avak
It was late in the city of Edo, and a geisha was just going home.All of the shops were closed,most of lanterns were out.The only real light scource she had was the full moon.As she walked quietly passed a shop,a hand lashed out,tearing her kimono off,leaving her nude.A bandit appeared from the shop, torn kimono in hand. “Let’s have some fun.” said the man as he neared the defenseless woman. She crawled backwards,but soon met a wall.She looked straight at the face of her impending doom.The bandit,needless to say,was ugly.His toothy grin revealed his loss of teeth.He was missing his left eye.To top it all off,he breath reaked of sake and unions.As the woman stared,she noticed something on a rooftop. It appeared as a young man, perhaps of 16 years of age, wearing a kimono and a hakama. The figure then suddenly drew out a katana.He jumped down to the ground,landing with a quiet thud.The bandit turned,rage on his face.The boy returned the man's anger with his own silent rage,his blue eyes seemingly glowing in the night.The man charged at him,yelling a battle cry.The boy continued to remain silent.Just as the man was within reach,the boy held up his sword and slashed downward with almost unnatural speed.The man continued running,passing the boy.His yells were now a hideous gurgle as his body slowly slid apart vertically,his organs and blood falling on the grown before he finally fell.The geisha looked at her savior in the moon light. His clothes were black, except for a strange belt he wore, which was white. He had short black hair, blue eyes, and pure white skin,almost identical to winter snow.The boy turned his head, blushing, trying not to stare at the nude woman. She then realized what he was doing and quickly covered herself, blushing as well. “Th-Thank you…” said the geisha shuddering.He said nothing,instead,he bent down and handed her the kimono.She politely took it,but before she could look up,he was gone.The only thing left was a red stone.The geisha picked it up curiously and kept it,keeping it as a reminder of this night.
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Demon Brothers
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