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 Team Rules

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PostSubject: Team Rules   Team Rules I_icon_minitimeJune 4th 2013, 4:29 pm

Teams will be divided as such:

1. No team of more or less than three meisters

2. No more than 6 weapons and no less than 3

3. All users must agree to be a team and which characters they will be using.

Format for a team post:
[b]Topic Name:[/b] (Team Name)
Post 1:
[b]Leader:[/b] (Character Name, Meister or Weapon)
[b]Weapon or Meister:[/b] (Weapon or Meister's name)

Posts 2-6(If each person is a separate user:

[b] Name:[/b] (Character name, Meister or Weapon)
[b]Weapon or Meister:[/b] (Weapon or Meister's name)
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Team Rules
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