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 Asuka the Death Scythe

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PostSubject: Asuka the Death Scythe   June 6th 2013, 10:06 am

Asuka Lee



Weapon Form
A large Romanian killij

Techniques: When resonating with a meister, Asuka can use the following;

Vampire- Her blade elongates and the blow will cause the victim to bleed out exceptionally fast.
Impaler- The hooked part of her blade is able to pierce upward straight through her target.
Count- Exceptionally sharp, she cleaves through flesh like butter



Short, wavy grey-white hair, hollow-looking dark eyes that seem lost, and child-like. Thin, bony figure. Her name was tattooed across her chest when she was a small child.

Dark, hollow. Almost dead. Her words are spoken dryly and with no emotion except exhaustion. When angered, she comes across like a shrieking banshee, her voice chilling the bones. She moves gracefully at all times




Have You Read the Rules?
I Love soul eater!

How She Died: Asuka had been hunting and trying to take down the Kishin Nebun for quite some time, even managing to send him into space for a time. But, during a cross-fight between Nebun, Glaucon, ArchAngel, and herself and Sylas, her attempt to send Nebun into the sun's core resulted in him resorting to consuming his sister, Nettie's, soul and overpowering her. She poisoned herself to deprive him of the satisfaction of making her scream before she died.
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Asuka the Death Scythe
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