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 Gremlin Gang (TEAM MISSION)

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PostSubject: Gremlin Gang (TEAM MISSION)   February 20th 2014, 12:51 am

Name: Gremlin Gang

Overview: During WW1, a special project by the brits was undertook. The goal was to create the ultimate saboteur, a creature that could sneak into German Camps, and tinker with the weapons. Twas a astounding success. The creatures, called Gremlins after their maker, J Tyson Gremlinis. Small, quick, and intelligent, they had a fondness for taking things apart to see how they worked. Using them, Germany was ruined. However, after the war....

Tell me, what do you think they did to them? These creatures that were prone to destruction, even if it was accidental? These creatures who would never truly integrate into European society? They tried to destroy them. After all, the Gremlins, legally, did not exist, and if it became public knowledge that the brits had played god, well, it wouldn't be a walk in the park.

However, a few escaped, and hid in the English countryside. There, they rebuilt their numbers, and have been sighted across the world, typically breaking something to examine it.

However, those that remain in England, are angry, furious at being betrayed by what they viewed as their country. There, them breaking things was not intended to be harmless. They would sabotage planes, force feed politicians human souls, create car bombs, ect. Recently, a group of Gremlins has taken hostage an entire museum, and all its visitors. The team sent in to rescue them was killed, and London has requested a meister and weapon duo come handle the problem. Now, this team will be facing hostile, clever, trap using gremlins, and must avoid any of the hostages dying.

Location: A large London museum, England


Misc: The Broken Tombstone Society has offered their assistance with this mission, a unexpected move. While potentially looking to ease tensions between the DWMA and the Society, it is more likely they have something nefarious planned. Be on your guard.

Rank: I attempted to make this the most difficult mission on the site.
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Gremlin Gang (TEAM MISSION)
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