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 June Maywell

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PostSubject: June Maywell   June Maywell I_icon_minitimeMarch 1st 2014, 12:47 am

June Maywell Ew5b
(New outfit. IDK why, but the site I used to make her original outfit changed so it wasn't possible to use the old one :/)

June Maywell 14xmbo3
(Thanks to Ammy for drawing the picture)

June Maywell


Steel katana, throwing knives


June was originally raised to be a propper woman by her overbearing mother in a city where living weapons were rare and Kishin ran rampant. Her father was a mercinary for hire who would stop Kishin, however, he always tried to take them alive. Then, one day, a Kishin attacked her while she was playing in the back yard at a young age. Her father saved her in an event that shaped her life from that day forward. She grew attatched to him and, when he was home, her father would teach her how to fight. One day, June's father finally decided to let her persue her new dream as a meister and, telling her mother she was going to an all-girls school, June was sent to the DWMA.

However, her time as a meister was not all she hoped it would be. With several crippling phobias, including a fear of blood, germs, and dirt, June never aquired a single soul even after aquiring a partner and learning Resonance. She desperatly tried to get past her fears but only managed to get over two of her lesser ones. Then, the day came that changed everything. June went to the graveyard to try and force herself to get past a few more of her phobias. Instead, after being put into a highly stressful situation, she ended up snapping under the pressure and accidently murdering a student. Afterwords, June simply lost herself to madness and gave into the things that previously made her afraid, becoming a Kishin Egg and leaving the DWMA. Only time will tell if she will ever regret leaving her humanity behind for her newfound obsession with her fears.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls  contributed to  the ability
Mirror SightA rare ability June was born with before becoming a Kishin Egg. Mirror Sight allows her to see through one reflective object by looking through another one close to her. This also allows her to trach reflective objects and detect where they are. While useful for spying, she cannot see through her eyes normally while looking through a reflective object, meaning any sudden movement can immediatly make her nautious or thrown off-balance.0
HemophobiaFear of blood. June's body changes so that she has no blood, normally. However, she still needs blood every once in a while to maintain her organs. Her veins are able to form tiny crystals that rip open her body and can absorb blood from open wounds. This ability also forces bodies of people who die near her to stay around longer, and makes June obsessed with harming and draining blood from anyone with an open wound. It also makes her immune to all forms of sickness, poison, and unable to naturally develoup Black Blood.15
VerminophobiaFear of germs. Allows June to form spore-like "crystal seeds" inside of her body. If the "seeds" get into a person's wound, they can expand and divide viciously, forcing the wound further open until the original "seed" melts from the carrier's body heat. The "seed" requires a form of transporation to get to the wound, normally through June's sword or scratching them with her fingernails.27
RupophobiaFear of dirt or mud. Reliant on her Verminophobia, allows "seeds" to quickly grow across loose inorganic surfaces, such as dirt or the ground. Contact with the contaminated surface will immediatly pull your body down like quicksand. When submerged far enough for them to have a reliable ammount of pressure, the substance will rip the victem's body apart until their heart stops beating, June makes them stop, or the original "seed" melts which usually takes around an hour to happen.39
EntomophobiaFear of insects. The "seeds" can be formed in a larger, more complex form that resembles a crystal-like bug. They're able to swarm around, either opening wounds or expanding across a loose inorganic surface, and creating a good distraction. At this stage, any of her opponent's wounds can prove fatal unless they're covered.

June gains two long z-shaped antenna-like hairs coming out of the top of her head and bending back, made out of a crystal-like substance. When using the ability, they raise up (allowing her to control the "seeds" by transmitting her wavelength) and June forms a set of bug-like crystal lenses over her eyes (Letting her easilly track where they are using Mirror Sight).
IsolophobiaFear of being alone. Non-insect "seeds" can be placed together to form a ghostly ball that floats around. If a living being touches it or at June's command, it will surround whatever's touching it, forming a crystal-like tough caccoon that anchors itself to anything nearby (such as walls or the ground). The inside of the chamber is soundproof and completely dark. If a person trapped inside can't get out fast enough, they will be torn apart by insect-like "seeds" unless June actively decides to stop them.63
AcrophobiaFear of heights. "Seeds" can be develouped into a thin set of insect-like wings that are controlled by June's Entomophobia ability and give unnatural ammounts of lift. Normally used to allow June to fly but, by attatching insect-like "seeds" to objects, she can make supprisingly heavy objects fly into the air to try and crush an opponent. Or, if enough land on her opponent, she can force her enemy into the air to try and kill them by dropping them from a large enough height.75
HygrophobiaFear of liquids, dampness, and moisture. Since the fear was repressed, June is physically strained to use this ability. Moisture in the air can be molded into a thin fabric-like substance using a "seed". This fabric cannot be broken, cut through, and is able to stop any wavelength-based attacks. But it can be melted fairly quickly with human body heat. It's mainly used as a shield, but can entangle weapons (regardless of if they have a soul or not) and be used to make her opponent fall into one of her other skills. Also, once this ability is unlocked, June will no longer need to absorb blood to keep her organs functioning.87
GymnophobiaFear of being exposed in public. Since the fear was repressed, June is physically strained to use this ability. The "seeds" become more advanced and gain the ability to form together into fleash matching the skin they're attatched to, allowing them to close wounds and heal internal damage. They also obtain the ability to attatch to cloathing and armor, eating away and replacing the material to produce more of them. While this doesn't seem too dangerous at first, they will eventually form enough mass to activate the Isolophobia skill, which is fatal.

At this point, June will no longer be able to fake being a human. Her skin will become covered in a layer of the crystaline material needed to form "seeds", making her body completely white except for her yellow eyes and an occasional light-blue coloration or blue crack from imperfections in the material. Her belly, crotch, butt, nostrils, mouth, and any wrinkles or veins will be invisible under the layer of material. However, the material will open up if she chooses to use any of the body parts, such as for using the bathroom, sneezing, or mainly when she needs to talk or breathe. At this point, June will also normally wear material from her Hygrophobia ability, kept stabilized and protected from heat by the crystal layer on her body.
Limitation ReleaseJune becomes adept at using the abilities Hygrophobia and Gymnophobia. She will now be able to use the skills without negative consiquences. Also, "seeds" become more resistant to heat and are now able to withstand heat from a human body for much longer periods of time.105
Souls: 33
Started with 15------- Has 0 souls in storage
Gained 18 souls in "A New Beginning"
Have you read the rules:
I Love Spirit Feaster

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PostSubject: Re: June Maywell   June Maywell I_icon_minitimeMarch 1st 2014, 7:48 pm

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June Maywell
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