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 Saca, Kishin of Truth and Lies

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PostSubject: Saca, Kishin of Truth and Lies   June 8th 2013, 11:42 am


Weapon: n/a

Alignment: Evil

Gender: Male

History: Saca was obsessed with gaining knowledge as a power over his enemies. So he hoarded knowledge for years, devouring souls as a means of gathering power to absorb knowledge straight from the brains of his enemies.

Ability Description Rank
Absorbtion Saca can crack open the heads of his enemies and absorb their entire bank of knowledge and memories from their brains. 100
Reality Bender Saca is able to distort truths of the world around him, altering reality one fact at a time, bending the environment to his will. He cannot bend the will of another.100
Whisperer Saca can whisper his truths or lies into the ear of another to try and convince them to behave a certain way. HIs whispers are almost automatically perceived as truth. 100
Eyes and Ears Saca can use another body as his eyes and ears in a form of possession. He cannot control their actions, and typically the host body will remain totally motionless during the entire time of possession. 100
Teeth Saca has sharp elongated teeth that he can bite into his opponents with. They are venomous. Though the venom is not deadly, it does dissolve flesh around the area bitten, causing excruciating pain. 100
Claws Saca has sharpened, dirty claws. Because of the amount of dirt underneath of them, even if his victim gets away, the would will fester and typically kill them slowly. They also can easily and quickly shred his foes. 100

Have you read the rules:
I love Soul Eater!
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PostSubject: Re: Saca, Kishin of Truth and Lies   July 4th 2014, 4:36 pm

Character cleanup stuff, iunno..

The history needs to be expanded.


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Saca, Kishin of Truth and Lies
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