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 Soul Eater NOT! Episode One Characters Return!!

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PostSubject: Soul Eater NOT! Episode One Characters Return!!   April 10th 2014, 10:44 pm

What do you think about so many old characters returning to Soul Eater NOT! and their new animation style. I think death the kid looks pretty cool, as well as Tsubaki, Black Star and the rest. It's also pretty neat to see Sid and more characters again.
I like the new characters to, they seem pretty interesting  :D 

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Eater NOT! Episode One Characters Return!!   April 11th 2014, 10:12 am

My thoughts as someone who hasn't actually watched the show, just seen images and heard some stuff about it: They REALLY tried to make Maka look too young and 'cute'. Re-designing a character to go backwards is hard, and they just missed the mark. Especially with her eyes, she just looks like she has baby-face. Black Star and Tsubaki look like they're 10 years older than they were in SE. Which makes no sense because this show's suppost to take place in the past. I've heard the main characters are suppost to be like the 'other guys', the people who aren't that strong and stuff. One guy couldn't even fully become a sword. So the show would have to REALLY pull out a great reason for me to care about what happens to them to keep me intrested. Otherwise, they're just the guys who met Maka that one time :/

If the show was about Stein's childhood growing up with Spirit as his weapon and stuff, then it would just be quite a bit more intresting because we'd get to see how these people came together and became the pair we know today, or even someone who would become relevant in SE later on like one of them becomes the body we first see Medusa in or something. But... I just can't see myself getting behind a new unrelated group we know nothing about. Maybe it'll turn into something good because it shows that Cid's not a zombie yet so we ould get a little insight on that, but IDK if they'll actually go into that or just leave it as something that happens offscreen. If they do go with the Cid Death story, though, then I'll watch the heck out of SEN!
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Soul Eater NOT! Episode One Characters Return!!
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