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 Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC)

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PostSubject: Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC)   Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC) I_icon_minitimeApril 20th 2014, 4:25 pm

Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC) B1xpIQb

Savannah Etsuko Hiyashi
(Originally Fukui)


Age: 20 (November 27th, 1997; Sagittarius); made at 16

Weapon: Akira Hiyashi, Qilinbian

Husband: Akira Hiyashi

Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC) 3081517_orig
Savannah appears relatively unassuming and normal, a generalization that has held since she was a teenager and carried over into her adulthood. She is about five foot three inches in height, with long brown hair and golden-hazel eyes. She has long, slender fingers; slightly larger than average eyes; small, though full, lips; and long, legs. Sayv still remains top heavy, as far as both her figure and musculature go. Though it is rare to see her legs, they are criss-crossed with scars from a car accident she was in when she was fifteen. Despite there being little need for it, now, with the weakness and injuries long healed, she is still more commonly found in dresses than any other attire.

For the most part, she is quiet and reserved, only speaking when she deems it necessary, otherwise communicating through body language. She is generally a loner, though she is also fiercely loyal and will stand by anyone that takes the time to befriend her. She prefers for things to be neat and orderly, and thus keeps her own things together as such; should she see chaos that is out of her own, however, she holds no compulsion to remedy the issue. Savannah is insightful, spending the time most people use talking to instead listen and observe; it is not uncommon for her to know more gossip from sight than from it actually being spread around. Despite her silence, she is confident and reasonable, not swayed by emotion and in no way the silent loner type that busies herself with the dark and depressive.

The years have been perhaps the most kind to Savannah's personality and mindset. She's become more open over the years, more aware of and accepting of her emotions --- a testament Akira will certainly claim for himself. Her insight has not suffered for this, despite her previous assertions otherwise, and her awareness and understanding of emotions has expanded her capacity for intuition immensely. As the heir to the Fukui franchise, this has done even more good for her bedside manner, and she's taken easily to the medical side of the cooperation, leaving the weapons programs and the like in the hands of her husband's management.

Born of a family that had emmigrated from Japan two generations ago, Savannah and her father moved to Arizona after her mother's job was relocated. Both of her parents were enrolled in NOT programs in their youth, but when Savannah showed potential leaning more towards the EAT program, she was sent to the Academy and has stayed there since she was about thirteen years of age, though she has yet to find a death weapon that properly aligns with her own wavelength... that she hasn't messed up relations with. For a time, about three or more months ago, she was partnered with Jasmine Smith.
Savannah loves fast cars, and the faster the better. She used to have her own car, similar to the Dodge Viper, but something happened to her breaks (though she refuses to believe that they were tampered with), putting her in a high-speed collision accident. For a few months, she lost function and sensation in her legs, and what muscle they had slowly deteriorated. Realistic rather than optimistic, she set about training more with her upper body until she regained use of her legs. Though it took over a year for her to completely recover from the circumstances, she did, aided by her friends and now-husband. Her focus has swapped drastically over the years from training to her family's businesses, leaving Akira with only a single soul on his count.

Condition/Wavelength: Anti-Demon; Pure
Touch: Satin, Leather, and ivory
Taste: Metallic
Smell: Leather-bound notebooks
World: Savannah's soul world is like a small mansion. Many rooms dot its hallways, though most of her time is spent in its study or massive library. Even now, it is largely a mystery.

Soul Count (Akira): 1

Miscellaneous: Savannah is bisexual, though it no longer really affects her daily life.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and playing music on/for the piano (or keyboard); she loses the nerve to play if others are around, unless they either cannot hear her, or it is her 'angry song.'
'Spying' on others; she is excellent at hacking and various methods of information gathering, and thus knows at the least the names of all those connected to the DWMA
Fast cars, motorcycles, etc; she loves speed, which, more often than not, gets her into trouble, though she is actually a very talented driver
Shooting; she is skilled with ranged weapons, favoring handguns
Babysitting; especially with her siblings, Savannah is surprisingly good with children and adores them
Reading; favors, specifically, crime novels, and is especially fond of Arthur Conan Doyle

Have You Read the Rules?
I love Soul Eater!

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Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC)   Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC) I_icon_minitimeApril 21st 2014, 5:53 pm

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Savannah Fukui (Turned NPC)
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