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 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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PostSubject: Re: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)   August 4th 2016, 5:08 pm

Dethallow wrote:
Getting Started
Q: How do I know if my bio's been accepted?
A: The easiest way is to click "Watch Topic" and you should get a notification when someone posts on your bio. The bio is not accepted until a Staff member says it's accepted and moves the character.
Q: My bio hasn't been approved in XX many days. What do I do?
A: The staff sometimes get distracted with real life issues or miss a bio. If your bio is taking too long to be approved, just PM the staff member(s) responsible for the section you've placed your character in. Some are more active than others, but they usually can get to your bio within 24 hours. Clicking the spoiler tag below will show a list of who's responsible for what section and a link to each of their profiles for easy PM-ing.
Q: How long until I get a partner?
A: While we try to help people find partners as fast as we can, there's never a garentee your character will ever find a partner. It's recomended that you PM Lani or another Admin (red name) so they can put your character's name in the list of weapons/meisters in need of partners. BUT it's importaint to also remember no list is ever going to be as effective as joining threads, asking around on the chat, and generally drawing attention to your character. Also, I personally recomend people have their weapon characters prepared with some way to defend themself (partial transformations or otherwise) in case they have to fight alone for whatever reason.
Q: I can't think of any ideas for a character.
A: You should be hurt for not putting that in the form of a question. When in doubt I always find that pulling inspiration from references or seeing if multiple ideas can be Frankensteined together usually helps. If that's not enough, listen to some music. Don't worry, there's no rush to write a character overnight. Below is a link to the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack to help. Why Metal Gear Rising? Because I effing love that game, that's why!
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Character Creation
Q: How do characters grow stronger?
A: Mainly by consuming souls and gaining abilities. Weapons gain Kishin Souls through missions, mainly, and Kishin Eggs and Dark Weapons make threads to hunt souls where they're put in danger of being mauled by random OCs for murdering people. Witches and Meisters, however, have no real requirements for gaining new abilities. Just be sure to use reasonable judgement.
Q: How many souls does it take to gain a Weapon ability?
A: Normally, it takes between 20 and 25 souls for a weapon or Dark Weapon to gain a new ability. Demon Weapons and Death Scythes, however, are limited to 1-2 abilities to start out with and can only gain abilities every 50 souls. Weapons raised to their full-power form are eventually stronger but require much more effort.
Q: What if I want to add a new ability or extend my history?
A: Message a Mod or Admin and they will move the character until you're finished. Then, they will look over what you've added and quickly judge wether or not your new skill is overpowered.
Character Type Info
Q: What quallifies as a Meister?
A: Anything with a soul. Even a monkey. Seriously, look that up if you don't believe me, it's a thing.
Q: Can Meisters wield Dark Weapons?
A: Yes, but be careful. Dark Weapons are known to cause Madness and eat human souls.
Q: Can Witches wield weapons?
A: Yes. It actually happens in the Manga, too! Look it up if you don't believe me!
Q: Can Weapons wield Witches?
A: What do you eve- what? I don't.... Like swinging a cat at someone? How wou- no, wait, what?!
Q: Why do male Witches exist on the site?
A: Witches are shown in the Manga to punish relationships with non-witches by death. So baby witches have to come from somewhere. I prefer to call them 'Warlocks' although there is no official term for them.
Q: How do Clowns work?
A: Clowns are incarnations of madness caused by a Kishin or Kishin Egg's madness taking a solid form. They have no souls, can not gain abilities, and are unable to resonate or wield weapons. But they are very rare and very powerful from the start. Just, please, be vague disribing the Kishin Egg or Kishin in their history unless it's an OC (original character... meaning someone with an existing bio) then we can at least assume that most of the existing Clowns may have been formed from the same Kishin in the past.

Q: Why would I choose a Meister over a Monster?
A: The thing about Monsters are that they are forced to have a weakness in exchange for abnormal abilities, such as transformations. So you may find it easier to make a Monster-like Meister and have no specific weakness instead of making a Monster-Meister that would have an unusual ability, but be forced to balance it with a weakness.
Site Continuity
Q: Is this site based off of the Anime or Manga?
A: It's based off of the Anime ending, since it happened while the site was being made and before the Manga ended. However we draw influence from the expanded world of the Manga when possible.
Q: Can I reference other media?
A: If you want to reference something such as a show, movie, or novel, we advise not listing the actual name. Your character can like a show about pirates called 'Five Piece', but it would be too much of a stretch to think that in the SE universe THAT specific anime would not only exist, but exist unchanged from what it is in our world. Get creative with how you use your references :P
Q: Does that mean Soul Eater can exist in Soul Eater so my Soul Eater can Soul Eater while he Soul Eaters in Soul Eater?
A: That question shouldn't be answeared directly. Doing so may accidently create a singularity that warps the site into an eternal temporal loop.
Q: How long after the Anime ends does this site's continuity take place?
A: Around 15 years.

This guide is owed to the former mod "Dethallow"~
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