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 George Wilson

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PostSubject: George Wilson   George Wilson I_icon_minitimeMay 3rd 2014, 5:09 pm

(Wilson, George)

Gender: Male

Age: George is sixteen years old

Meister: George does not currently have a Meister, but he is willing to accept most anyone if they offer.

Weapon Form: George’s weapon form, the TP blade is in, the simplest terms, toilet paper.  In all reality, it is closer to an extremely flat sectioned sharp blade, each section is about four inches by four inches, generally curled up into a spherical form with an opening in the middle, just like a roll of toilet paper. While this should be extremely flimsy, he uses his soul wavelength to make it sturdy and to move it around. When a Meister wields him, the opening expands to an extent in which the Meister can carry him on their arm. When wielded, his range is within a five foot radius (though three or smaller is more comfortable for him) around him, the actual amount of paper is limitless, but he can only stretch his wavelength so far. In other words, out of range, just toilet paper; in range, blade. He can also be used to make a shield in this form, but, due to using his wavelength to fortify it, only half of the radius can be effectively covered, leaving back-shots open. If the sections are detached, they become nothing more than paper and fade away after four minutes, due to a lack of George’s wavelength controlling them.

His partial transformation is turning his right hand into a scrawny-looking version of the blade, but in this form, his range is limited to three feet and two is comfortable, as well as only able to make a third of his shield. If his bracelets are on his right hand, the different sections will have a design of Lord Death doing a V-sign.

His Soul Resonance (will require at least twenty, though I’m considering twenty-five or thirty, devoured souls before availability) allows him and his Meister to control detached sections within sixteen feet, as well as making them as sharp as the normal blade is.

Love Interest: George does not have any romantic love within him, any love he has is nothing more than platonic or familial love.

Appearance: George is about Five feet tall with an extra three inches in height, his weight is about one-hundred-twenty pounds, and this combo gives him a rather thin appearance. His small slender nose is located in between two slightly-squinted Green eyes. His hair is platinum blond and grows to right above the bottom his neck, it is naturally straight and well ordered. His near constant smile shows that he has bright white teeth; he brushes these every day and after most meals. His pale skin is remarkably clear.

His casual outfit is a basic white T-shirt with blue jeans cargo pants, he wears a selection of four Lord Death Bracelets on his left arm with this choice of clothes. His uniform is a pair of khaki cargo pants and a white polo, he wears the same four bracelets on his right arm with this set. His formal wear is a white suit with a Lord Death tie. His winter wear is any of the previous with a large white parka and Lord Death gloves. He has sixteen sets of all, besides the suit.

Personality: George is a neat freak who wakes up in the morning and washes himself, brushes his teeth, makes his bed, and picks up his room. He carries cleaning supplies, both personal grooming and housekeeping tools in the pockets of his pants. He becomes heavily paranoid when he sees a mess, often going to clean it. He thankfully doesn’t completely obsess over it, so it isn’t a hindrance the majority of the time.

George is always determined to be the best in what he does, so of course he wants to be a Death Scythe. But, this personality trait is not limited to just being a weapon, anything he is a part of, he obsesses over. If there is a show, book, or video game he is a fan of, he buys it in all languages (even the obscure translations) and their different translation, any side material, or trinkets based off the work, he collects. His rather large room at his home contains nothing more than memorabilia of series he enjoys. He also contains extensive knowledge of such works. For example, he can tell you the name of the voice actor of the character, Sun Go, the protagonist of the action series, Scaly Orbs, in the rare Polish Dub.

Other than those two quirks, and an obsessive respect of his father, he always tries his best to be an admirable person, helping his classmates whenever they ask him to and such. He can help with basic academics, due to his being a generally above average student. He always tries to be polite, calling people “Mr.” or “Ms.” If they are older than he is. He is willing to trade cleaning tips at any opportunity.

History: George was born to the Wilson family in north Mississippi, a family of Weapons who live and farm there. His mother and father had two children before him, as well as one after him. His mother, elder brother, elder sister, and younger sister are all variations of large guns, while his father is a large tank. His family is a group of farmers, excluding him and his father.

When he was five:
At a Zoo in Tennessee, a young George held tightly onto his mother’s hand, his father right by them. While looking at the lions, they heard a blood-curling scream, a monster vaguely resembling a human with limbs like a spider eating the souls of random passerby. His father ran toward the creature, turning into his tank form on the way. A large sound resounded throughout the zoo, the monster was pushed back. George’s mother went to cover her son’s eyes, but she didn’t when she saw they were sparkling with pride. George’s father quickly defeated the monster and devoured its soul. His son, forever inspired.

When he was seven:
In Kindergarten, George’s teacher asked her students the person they respected the most. After she explained what respect was, the fourth time, George chimed in and stated he greatly respected his father and desired to become as great, if possible even greater, one day, though in much simplest terms, “Me daddy, I wants to like me daddy,” his language skills have developed greatly since then as well.

When he was fourteen:
George stood in front of the mirror, focusing his soul on his right hand. It became like light and formed into a spherical shape, part of it hanging downwards like a paper. He hung his face downward, “Crap!” He hollered, his face filling with anger. He looked downward, anger fleeing, but sadness entering, “It wasn’t a dream.” He punched his right arm into the air beside him, the paper moving forward, cutting a hanging towel in half. Turning his hand back to normal, his face filled with curiosity. He spent the next several years experimenting with his abilities, studying Weapons, and finally joining the DWMA.

Right before the Present:
George stood right in front of the DWMA filled with excitement and hope. He whispered to himself, “I want to be as great as my-no I want to do the impossible, so I want to be greater than he is. He was never a Death Scythe, and that will put me on near equal ground with him.” He grinned and started to make his ascent up the legendary staircase.

Miscellaneous: He is a fan of several series: Deathmetal Alchemist, Spirit Chewer, Five Piece, Scaly Orbs, Cowboy Ken, Icon: The Last Ice-bender, Lupin, Realm Hearts, Spades Lawyer, Dr. Layton, and The Burning Symbol Series.

His weapon form, being vastly different from family members, is due to nothing more than a freak mutation.

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PostSubject: Re: George Wilson   George Wilson I_icon_minitimeMay 3rd 2014, 5:29 pm

You are new, and impressive, and I absolutely love this character and the amount of detail that you put into it.



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George Wilson
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