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 Adrastea Arcane

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PostSubject: Adrastea Arcane   Adrastea Arcane I_icon_minitimeMay 5th 2014, 12:43 pm

Adrastea Arcane Addy10

Adrastea Arcane

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Meister: None

Weapon Form: Quarterstaff; Appears as a plain wooden staff, gnarled like a simple tree branch, but the appearance and type of magic cast from it will vary depending on who is wielding her. The top is always largest, and is decorated by charms and runes, and gnarled and twisted into shapes and forms that reflect the type of magic that she is capable of casting with each person's soul.
Adrastea Arcane Wooden_Staff_by_Muoteck

Love Interest: N/A

Appearance: Adrastea generally strikes people as unassuming at first. She is blonde, with striking gray eyes, long lashes, and smooth, full straight-lined lips. She stands at about 5'6", with straight posture and thin scars trailing over her limbs and torso, even slighter ones on her forearms, hands and cheeks. With friends, she smiled often, always teasing and smirking, lending a signature wink and grin with her captivating eyes to her flirtatious behavior. She's confident, and powerful, and very much looks like she knows it.

Personality: Adrastea (often called Addy) seems like an ethereal otherworldly presence that has been displaced into this world. Her distanced look in her eyes is more reflective of her tendency to wonder and focus on the theoretical than a desire to distance people. She's incredibly fascinated by the occult, though she hasn't revealed why, and more often than not, she's seen carrying a worn out spellbook, a voodoo doll, or a case full of spell components and a pentagram mat. She dodges any questions about her interests, and seems conflicted as to whether or not she wants to share her interests with anyone or not. She often avoids questions about herself or her history through flirtatious comments or humor, and speaks bluntly about her sexuality or preferences. She is terrified of vulnerability though, and avoids true connection with people.

History: Her father lives in Death City, but nothing is known of her mother. He's a quite and meek man, named Ben, but Adrastea herself is hoping to be accepted into the academy so she can live on campus and learn to control her own powers, and fight evil witches. Regardless of what she's willing to say or admit, the mysterious being that is her mother strongly contributes to her desires and feelings on witches, weapons, and meisters. She's heavily focused on combat, and refuses to totally pay attention to anything that she does not feel will aide in her pursuits.

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I love soul eater!

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PostSubject: Re: Adrastea Arcane   Adrastea Arcane I_icon_minitimeMay 5th 2014, 12:54 pm



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Adrastea Arcane
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