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PostSubject: DISCONTINUED   DISCONTINUED I_icon_minitimeMay 10th 2014, 5:16 pm

DISCONTINUED Tumblr_mxrxd1juRH1sw3w6jo1_500

Clifford, Micah and Matty
"The Gemini Twins"

Gender: Males

Age: Both 17

Meister: None

Weapon Form
Their weapon forms are quite beautiful things, in fact. Micah and Matty are a pair of twin butterfly swords, and are made of solid silver. They are only about eight inches long each, but their blades are intricately designed with a hand-molded Chinese Dragon. And the thing is, they can never separate. They're bound by an invisible cord at the handle, where they are touching in the picture, and can never get more than armslength from each other in weapon form. They are sharp, beautiful and deadly weapons that are fairly difficult to use, because their souls are so different. For their Meister, they'd definitely need someone with a very flexible soul.

Love Interest: None

Micah and Matty are identical twins. Both of them are tall, standing in at around 6'0" or so, and slender, with fairly good builds that they take great pride in. They have pale skin and dark orangey brown hair that flips out in all different directions. They have fairly sharp features, including their eyes, which are angled and narrowed. The iris is a deep shade of indigo blue, which is darker on the outside than on the inside. Both of them have scars all over their bodies, but they both possess an "x" shaped one on their chests. Micah and Matty dress smartly, but this is Micah's doing entirely. If Matty had it his way, they'd be in hoodies and sweatpants, but Micah is too... sophisticated for that. They wear crisp, clean button-up shirts, with vests and the like to wear over them, and dark trousers for pants. For their feet, they wear loafers in shades of browns, blacks and grays, depending on the colors of clothes they wear, though they tend to be a bit more grayscale. Micah also forces them to wear colored ties, which he keeps safely tucked in to compliment their monotonous clothing style. Matty will have his clothes on perfectly in the morning before school, and less than ten minutes later will have it unbuttoned, the tie undone, and all his clothes hanging off looser than what he had had before. Micah hates this, but they compromise, and since Matty wears those clothes in the first place, Micah allows him to choose the styling in which he wears them. Matty also has two bracelets on his right wrist, and Micah has a watch on his left.

While they are completely identical in looks, Micah and Matty are quite different in personalities. Starting off with the eldest twin, Matty, or Matthew, is bold, courageous, and... stupid. He is known as a player, and generally has a crush on any girl with a good body and big boobs. He is very driven by the things he can see, and thinks that the world revolves around him and his twin. Well, especially him. Brash and impulsive, Matty is likely to thrust himself headlong into any situation without thinking, and gets himself in a ton of trouble like that. He is mean and spiteful, and will do whatever he wants no matter who says otherwise. He plays a lot of pranks on people - anyone but his brother can fall victim to his jokes and gags. Nevertheless, he is quite the softie when it comes to his younger brother, and will often do whatever the younger twin thinks is right. He truly and strongly believes that he and his twin are the only two people that matter in the world, and while he is capable of making friends, he wants everyone to realize that he and Micah are the only two that are important. He's selfish, cruel, and spiteful, but if he does decide that you're good enough to suit his tastes, he will treat you at least decently, but he is almost never completely nice to someone. He'll always be rude, no matter what.

Now onto the younger twin. Micah is also quite selfish, and vain, but in a different way. He's more prim and proper, and likes to have everything in perfect order or else he isn't happy. No, things don't have to be perfectly symmetrical, but he does like things to be clean. He isn't particularly friendly, but he does know how to smile instead of smirk, and is hundreds of times more polite than Matty. He is quite gentle and sensitive, but will definitely be harder on his Meister than most weapons. He's critical, cynnical and quite a downer, but is honestly a true friend and will tell you the truth if he thinks its needed, even if it hurts someone's feelings. He doesn't beat around the bush, and he is capable of love, but it's difficult to get into that hard head of his and dig deep enough. Where Matty is socially awkward and falls in love with any girl he sees, Micah is more of a friendlier, laid-back kind of person, even though he may seem uptight when he needs to get something done. He's cool and level headed, but he does freak out a bit if he doesn't think he looks good. However different they are, he and Matty love each other very much and are basically inseperable.

Micah and Matty, "The Gemini Twins," were forged by a witch, though she wasn't an evil one. They were used for years only to whittle down wood and make tiny statues, in a peaceful, wholesome environment. The two of them were different back then, raised by that nice old witch who lived in a cabin far away from anyone else. For many years, the two of them were under the impression that they were the only people in the world, which led to their "holier than thou" complexes and how selfish they are. The old witch cared for them well and didn't use them for any sort of violent purposes until one day when they were fifteen years old. It was a perfectly normal day, where Micah was sorting out his clothes and Matty was eating stew, when there was a knock on the door. Both of them were surprised, and the old witch went to answer it. As soon as she got the door open, however, another witch came in and killed her quickly, then proceeded to go through her things and take whatever she wanted. Micah and Matty watched the younger woman, who spotted them and started to ridicule them about how they hadn't even tried to help their master. She then took every potion and spellbook in the house and left them alone there. They stayed there in the empty house with the body of their master for at least a week later, until a Weopan and Meister from the DWMA came to investigate what had happened and took the two into the academy so that they could train. They have only one goal in mind - take the soul of the witch that killed their creator.

The two don't really have much else about them, except for Matty is a huge glutton and will eat any and all food placed before him. Micah is a sort of health nut and is strictly vegetarian, only eating the best fruits and vegetables he can find, and sometimes fish and dairy products. They have a few fears, some of which they don't even know of yet, though Micah is deathly afraid of anything dirty, such as worms and frogs and such, and Matty is afraid of the smell of smoke.

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I love Soul Eater!

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Brilliantly done!



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Thank you very much :D
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