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 Resonance Abilities (WIP)

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PostSubject: Re: Resonance Abilities (WIP)   Resonance Abilities (WIP) I_icon_minitimeMay 17th 2014, 2:17 pm

Ok, so these are just general guidelines for different weapon styles. Keep in mind, not all weapon forms are going to be on here. We encourage creativity with resonances. However, all weapon resonances must be in a three tier sort of manner. You unlock the weakest first, then the mid level resonance, then the strongest one. Also, because even though some weapons may be similar, they might have different attributes, like elemental augmentation and such.

Scythe Resonances:
Witch Hunter: A simple Scythe Meister skill. The scythe becomes double sided, and grows an immensely large blade out of Soul Energy
Genie Hunter: A mid level Scythe Meister skill. The Soul Blade becomes not unlike an axe, and is capable of slicing through very powerful monsters and witches with ease.
Kishin Hunter: The most powerful Scythe Meister Skill. The Soul Energy blade becomes immensely large and ornamental, and is able to, albeit it with difficulty, cut through a kishin.

Side Note: From here on out, it's all basically headcannon abilities developed over time on the site. In addition... Their aren't a whole lot of them xD Sorry about this. I'll trust the admins to help me come up with others.

Battleaxe Resonances:
Executioner's Blade: The blade of the axe grows with soul energy, and functions much in the way that Witch Hunter does.

King's Blade: In addition to the first soul energy blade, one appears opposite, allowing for forehand and backhand slices. It is on par with Genie Hunter in terms of power.

Ancient's Blade: The top of the battleaxe becomes a single disk of soul energy power, allowing not only for slicing attacks but also for thrusting attacks as well. Comparable to Kishin hunter in power.

Lightning Longsword Resonances:
Lightning Rod: The Weapon's blade grows thin and sharp, allowing for more precise jabs and thrusts.

Eminence: Two rods split off from near the hilt of the blade, Firing a blast of lightning at the enemy.

Regent: Two more spires split out from along the blade, allowing for a localized lightning storm in a 10 feet radius from the weapon and their meister.

Sniper Rifle Resonances:
Sure Shot: The meister is able to control the path of the bolt, directing it with their thoughts.

Twin Shot: The Weapon is able to fire two shots at once, both directable by her meister.

Blossom: The weapon fires a small flurry of up to 5 shots, each of which explode on contact with their target.

Wind Naginata Resonances:
Gale: The weapon is able to send strong gusts of wind towards their enemy with each slash.
Hurricane Blitz: The Meister and Weapon become the center of a small localized typhoon, while any enemies outside of the safe zone are subjected not only tThe meister and Weapon subject the entire area to a powerful wind storm, buffeting enemies with extremely powerful winds that are charged with soul energy, allowing them to even cut through their target.
o strong winds but bursts of soul energy.
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Resonance Abilities (WIP) Shinigami_sama_summon_by_limit_vanitas-d69ix6i
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Resonance Abilities (WIP)
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