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DROPPED Tumblr_mg2iqbzLrW1rqvr4vo1_500_large

Delaney, Mason

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Meister: Rowan Ockley

Weapon Form
DROPPED Ebonybattleaxe
Even though Mason is a cute little dainty-looking flower, her weapon form is exactly the opposite. She is a pure ebony battle axe with beautiful carvings in the blade and on the end, with almost a purple tint to them. She's stunningly dangerous-looking, and weighs quite a bit, so it's hard to lift her, especially if you aren't her Meister. It's a dark contrast to her human appearance, and many are shocked that something so pretty could turn into something so... ugly. She's always hated this form, but would definitely use it in service to her Meister.

Love Interest: None

Despite her boyish name, Mason is actually a very cute little girl. She stands at about 5'0" even and weighs around 80 pounds. She's got very little curvature to her body at all, but it doesn't really bother her. After all, she is only twelve. She does have a little chest and a bit of a butt, which she is pretty proud of. She has long, unruly pale blue hair that reaches all the way down past her waist in loose waves, flips, and messy layers, and her messy bangs are absolutely always in her eyes. She has round, expressive blue eyes ringed with black eyelashes, and looks a year or two older than she actually is. She has several scars across her back, stomach, legs, arms and shoulders that look like they're from claws. Mason wears no makeup, but she does like having her fingernails done. She likes frilly, pretty clothing, and will wear anything in pastel blues or pinks. She hates the color green, and is neutral about the color yellow. She has one pair of shoes that she always wears. They're white ballet flats, and are never ever dirty. Even though her clothes may look fancy, she doesn't actually have a lot of money, and she always makes a point to never get them dirty, just because she can't afford new ones right away, and she hates wearing dirty things. She has no jewelry, but she wishes she did. She loves anything sparkly and beautiful, but she just can't afford it, so she makes up for it in ribbons and bows, and it isn't unordinary for her to have ribbons on her neck or wrists, but never in her hair. She doesn't touch that.

Bright, happy and optimistic. That's what words most people would use to describe this bubbly young girl. She can actually get annoying with how happy she acts sometimes, but she doesn't care. She loves spreading joy around to anyone she can. "It's better to brighten someone's day, even if your day isn't going so well!" she always says, and this is very true for her. She isn't naturally happy and bright. In fact, she is sullen and quiet when she gets to be alone, or around someone she knows wouldn't care if she dropped the happy act. And it isn't that Mason has no friends - she actually makes friends easily, because of her gentle and happy disposition, but it takes a special person to get to see Mason look sad. She usually wants to make everyone else happy, and has a self-sacrificing soul. She's eager to please and will do anything to get a laugh. She's quite clumsy, and trips a lot, usually falling flat on her face. She's loving and loves to be hugged and held, since in all honesty, she's a child at heart. She's gentle and friendly, and loves to make people's days better.

Though she loves pretty things, Mason is not a girly girl. Actually, she's pretty willing to get in a fight if the need be. Like stated previously, she is willing to do anything for her Meister or someone she loves strongly. Still, she isn't very brave, and though she's smart, she can freeze up completely in the face of danger, especially when on her own. She doesn't know how to fight on her own, since she can't use herself as a weapon, and she isn't big enough to hurt someone. She is fast enough to run away, but that doesn't help a thing when one's feet are rooted to the ground in fear.
Another thing to note about Mason is that she can be a bit ditzy at times, but all in all is a smart young girl. She scores high on the tests, but doesn't perform extremely well in field exams, since she doesn't know what to do with herself without her Meister. She will literally score badly almost every single time, even when she tries harder and applies herself. However, she's a good weapon with her Meister's help. She just gets scared when she's by herself.

From a very early age, Mason was left by herself in her small house in a rural place in Indiana. Her parents were both Meisters and had no time for her, so they assumed she would be okay by herself. After all, their house was in the middle of nowhere.
Nothing would ever go all the way out there and hurt her or take her away, right?


It was a snowy day, and Mason, who loved snow, wanted to go outside to play. So she left the house and went out to build a snow fort and a few little snowmen. She was so wrapped up in the game that she didn't notice the tawny cougar stalking through the snow toward her. That is, until she looked over and saw the shadow as it leapt. She doesn't remember a lot of it, but she did remember pain, and laying in the bloody snow until her parents got back. They immediately took her to the DWMA, realizing they couldn't take care of her anymore, and gave her up to the Academy to watch her. No, she didn't get any special treatment, but up until she was strong enough to fight at least enough to ward off any normal attackers, a teacher would drop by her little apartment now and then. But ever since then, she has lived in that apartment, always scared that something would come and get her again. So far, nothing has, but she learned that she could never be too careful. Her goals are to become stronger so that she could protect herself - becoming a Death Scythe would be great - and to help out the person who becomes her Meister and defend anyone she loves.

Mason is absolutely disgusted by her body. Her scars bother her, and she often cries whenever she or anyone else sees them, preferring to keep them covered as much as she possibly can. She has a stunning lack of mirrors in her house, which is strange to anyone who comes in, but makes perfect sense if you know the circumstances. She's terrified of cats and cold weather, too. She's rather awkward in any sort of romantic situation, and doesn't know how to handle a boyfriend. She is only twelve, so of course she gets crushes, but she's awkward with them.

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Soul Eater's great... and all.... ;P

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