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 The long Convoluted (and Summarized) Story behind Martyn Deville

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PostSubject: The long Convoluted (and Summarized) Story behind Martyn Deville   June 1st 2014, 7:22 pm

Thanks to the response that I've gotten on the poll I decide to tell the story but summarize it somewhat. It might not make a lot of sense, so let me know if something is confusing.


Centuries ago, feudalist Japan. A strong Shogunate ruled with a mighty fist, because of a lone warrior by the name of Takezo Dankurai, whom claimed each and every victory for his mentor, the Shogun himself. But a lone man ruling is a difficult trial and when Dankurai wasn’t getting enough action, as much he was accustomed to, he beseeched his mentor, pleading for a fight. He couldn’t give his student one, so instead Dankurai took his life, and took control of the entire Shogunate. Word of Shogun Dankurai spread all too quickly, and a witch was paid to bring him down before the situation became out of control. So, she offered him something he couldn't resist; the chance to fight forever. She told Dankurai that she could prevent time from aging him, and therefore allow him to fight forever, but when he agreed, she wasn’t entirely true to her word. She did give him the power to not age, but she hexed him, and made it impossible for him to kill another person with his own hands ever again.

For an immeasurable amount of time, he waited in a state of self-pity and self-loathing, wondering how he would manage to live life without the only thing that gave him meaning. Finally, another man approached him one day, but Dankurai wasn’t even sure he was human at all. he called himself K’davr (ca·dav·er), and he offered that, with his strength, he could be just as powerful through influence over others instead of taking lives on his own. He took Dankurai to China, and there they created a temple near the Himalayan Mountains where they trained hundreds of students to be just as great as him and showed Dankurai that he could become stronger by consuming the souls of the innocent. They came from places all over the continent because K’davr searched for individuals of certain strength to fight for Dankurai. Of these people, Dankurai saw the most talent in Ando Nakamura.

The newly restored power Dankurai had made feel like he was a Shogun yet again with countless battles fought, but many of the students had lost their lives, and they couldn’t be convinced to stay no matter how much “influence” K’davr had over them. Ando left and married another student, Annie Baldwin, and because of how grateful they were, they lived near the temple. Before they knew it, the foundations of a city took hold around them, and the temple had become a more distant memory. Annie and Ando were a fairly intimate couple, and before long she became pregnant. Seeing his family grow so quickly, Ando began to fret. He could only imagine the havoc they’d endure once he was gone, unable to protect them, so he returned to Dankurai for advice. His mentor instructed him to make a sword to defend his family, because a sword, unlike people, never dies. Hours turned to days as he spent his time  pounding on metal to perfect a blade, as Dankurai instructed him. No matter how good it was, he was always told to start again. The truth was that Dankurai was only using him; the swords crafted in the temple would be used to expand Dankurai’s reach across the world.

Ando had crafted so many swords that he had lost count, and was beginning to question his mentor’s motives for keeping him so steadily at work. Hurt by the distrust of his student (although rightfully placed), after Annie gave birth to boy and girl, fraternal twins, Dankurai called in favors from others, who “volunteered” their help. He had them kill Annie, and sold Ando’s daughter into a life of slavery. When Ando found that his family had been destroyed by a sword he created, found discarded next to his wife, and that his son was safe from harm in his bedroom, managing to elude the murderers. Ando put him in the custody of a friend by the name of Sarah Deville. He also left them with his finest handiwork, a sword named Akemi, and went to confront his mentor. The obvious perpetrator overpowered him when he arrived and forced him to continue creating swords for the rest of his natural life.

Martyn’s part of the story is told here: click here.

Extra details:
Takezo/Shogun Dankurai told Martyn to call him Kenshin, the only name he would know him by.

Martyn’s last name obviously isn’t Deville, took this as his surname to honor Sarah for her commitment to him, and because he doesn’t know his real name.

K’davr was transferred into Martyn’s consciousness and currently embodies the second personality and madness within him.

The combined strength of Dankurai and K’davr forced Martyn to kill everyone from the village  he used to call home.
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The long Convoluted (and Summarized) Story behind Martyn Deville
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