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 Classifications of Souls

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PostSubject: Classifications of Souls   Classifications of Souls I_icon_minitimeJune 4th 2014, 2:29 pm

This particular topic revolves around the types of souls; for specific Soul Wavelengths, please visit their Designated Page. If, however, you are looking for an overall soul guide or a guide to soul consumption, click here.

Classifications of Souls Soul_eater___single_human_soul_by_ejk999-d5lj8fg
Innocent humans have a blue color to their souls, occasionally also possessing a theme similar to those of witches. Consuming an innocent soul grants far more power than consuming a corrupted one, but such power is gained at the cost of the consumer's own sanity.

Only one person, Mifune, in the Soul Eater series has been shown to have such a soul, equal to ninety-nine souls, and this trait is extremely rare. Strong Souls can be corrupted just as easily as any other soul can, however, people possessing this type of soul are more resistent to madness, as well as wavelength-based attacks.

Classifications of Souls Grigorisoulplz
Literally translated from Japanese to English as "angel-shaped," Grigori souls are exceptionally rare; only one in five million people are said to possess this type. In canon, only Maka Albarn and Gopher possess this Grigori Souls; it is possible, but unknown, whether Crona or Ragnorak and Excalibur have this soul type, as there is evidence suggesting such for each. These souls appear to have angel wings and possibly, as it is merely rumored, small halos as well. Once powerful enough, bearers of this soul are capable of conjuring wings, usually not on their person. Maka, for example, must be resonating with her weapon partner, Soul, in order to conjure these wings; she is also only able to do so once he has become a Death Scythe and once they both agree on the appearance of said wings.
Gopher is the only one capable of using his wings for combat, offensive or defensive, purposes, as his soul was modified by magic. He is capable of shooting his feathers as if they are bullets, and the wings themselves are extremely tough and hard to cut through.

Classifications of Souls Soul_by_facepaints890
Witches' souls are characteristically purple in appearance. There is no mention of specifics regarding the appearance of a Sorcerer/Wizard soul.

Classifications of Souls RORB20MCRC-On-White-W
Very little is known about monster souls, though they follow themes in much the same way that witches do. Cat monsters, such as Blair (and likely cats themselves) have nine souls in total, roughly equal to nine lives. A standard Monster soul is solid white and of neutral alignment.

Only shown to be possessed by Free in the series, immortal souls are green in color, tend to follow a theme, and can NOT be eaten.

Possessed by both Death and Death the Kid, and originally Asura before he became a Kishin Egg, they visibly appear identical to human souls. They are naturally more powerful, and a Shinigami is capable of reproducing merely by fragmenting their soul, though this can cause complications as the young shinigami grows.

Corrupted/Kishin Egg/Evil
Classifications of Souls Kishin_egg_gif_by_invadertik14-d6sv5a1
By manga standards, there is no difference between a corrupted soul and a normal human soul. According to the anime, however, a soul is only considered corrupted once the bearer has consumed a single innocent, human soul, making it a kishin egg. Their souls are red with hexagonal plates lining various portions of the sides. When the body is killed, it leaves behind no corpse, instead disappearing in a puff of smoke similar to black ash, leaving behind only the soul.

Classifications of Souls 1nvkm_by_scaley_randy-d7192jz
Kishins are beings that have risen to the power level of a god, equal to the level of Shinigami/Lord Death himself, after consuming an unimaginable number of human souls. They emit a madness wavelength capable of driving all of those within range to insanity; very powerful Kishin wavelengths can encompass the entire world.

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Classifications of Souls
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