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 Melody Lykkeblom

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PostSubject: Melody Lykkeblom   Melody Lykkeblom I_icon_minitimeJune 6th 2014, 5:16 pm

Melody Lykkeblom 0zMWaT4
Lykkeblom, Melody
Gender: Female
Age:16 (July 23)
love interest: None
Appearance: Melody has a petite build to her, making her seem younger than she actually is. She stands at 5’4” in height, and has rich, orange, almost auburn hair and bright green eyes that seem to have a constant sparkle to them. Her normal wardrobe is composed of simple dresses in dark colors, though she has taken a liking to the new clothes of the world. However, she is horrible at coordinating them and tends to wear mismatched colors and other weird combinations. She also wears a small copper necklace that is inscribed with Lögr and Ár, a symbol to the goddess of healing Eir.
Melody Lykkeblom Black-10 this without the hood   Melody Lykkeblom Ar11Ár  Melody Lykkeblom Runic_10 Lögr

Personality: Melody is energetic and out-there. She loves to be out either doing or learning things and was often considered a polite annoyance in her village as she would often ask how things worked. She tends to speak her mind, and often says things that are situationally odd or have very obvious and strong innuendos.  She has a bit of an airy, absentminded aura which tends to make people dismiss her. Despite that, she is actually fairly intelligent and can easily have insight into what a person is feeling. She makes her own conclusions on the causes, though often times, they are wrong. Because of her isolated childhood, she is very superstitious and often has weird names for common things.

History: Melody comes from a small Icelandic village that was separated but self-sufficient. She had lived there with her mother, father and two younger sisters. As the eldest, she was to inherit her mother’s work and be the new ‘witch’.  Her mother taught her acupuncture, herbology, and how to make various salves and potions. At about age twelve, she developed the ability to see, what she believed to be, the lives of the people in the village. Shortly after she turned fifteen, something began to prey on the village. It slowly began to whittle down the local population, and her father had vanished on a hunting party to kill the beast. After a few months of essentially terror, this mysterious outsider came to the village. After a small discussion as the stranger asked about the beast, Melody learned that the stranger also had the “Cursed Sight.” After seeing the life that was the beast flare up and then go out, she overheard the stranger say something about returning to DWMA. Melody left her village to look for this “DWMA.” When she learned it was a school, she hoped it would be a place where she could learn to fight and use her sight to help others.
Misc: Melody is bisexual
The person who saved her village is Ayako Kobayashi (have permission from Emalia)

this is how Melody sounds

Have You Read the rules?

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PostSubject: Re: Melody Lykkeblom   Melody Lykkeblom I_icon_minitimeJune 7th 2014, 11:36 am

Fixed the images for you. ACCEPTED!


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Melody Lykkeblom
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