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PostSubject: Achilles   June 6th 2014, 10:24 pm

Achilles Olish

Gender: Male

Age: 16 (Immortal and has been for seven years)

Species: Hellhound

Love Interest: N/A

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: In his human form, Achilles is around 5'8" with a somewhat scrawny build. His hair is a dark, slate grey that always seems to be smoking along the tips. Smoke trails off of his hair giving it that illusion. It's usually swept sideways and spiky. His eye color is neon orange and he usually wears an olive colored military jacket with a dark, navy blue t-shirt underneath. His jeans are black denim and short, black, steel toe boots are his usual footwear. On his neck, wrists, and ankles, a tattoo of thick, black chains is printed.

In his hellhound form, he has three heads. All of which have different abilities. Despite this, he can see what they are seeing much like seeing the world in a 180 degree view. Their eyes are glowing orange and they're all colored a dark gray/black. His height is about 14 feet.

Personality: Despite how menacing his monster form is, he doesn't do much of anything when neutral. Usually he's playing videogames or playing pranks on others. Many of which lead to somebody getting hurt by accident. His temperament can be bothered though. If you get on his nerves enough, he will turn around and whop you upside the head with whatever he's holding. That, or he'll break the thing in half and shove each half into each of your ears.

In his monster form, he's usually angry at everything. But he's very submissive. If you're somebody he knows well and has had a really close relationship with, he'll usually follow your every order. Without you, he will continue fighting until he or his opponent has had enough.

History: During his younger years, he had been living a normal, loving family life. His parents loved him, cared for him, fed him, and everything vitally needed by an average child. He grew up with his two siblings. Both were older sisters. The oldest one,"Cheryl" loved him to pieces. She spoiled him with everything. What any of them didn't know, was that the second oldest one,"Shelby" was a witch herself. She despised the amount of spoiling her sister did to her brother. One day, things just went too far.

On Achilles' 16th birthday, he was in the car with Cheryl as they made their way to the skating rink as a birthday gift. But Shelby's jealousy took over. Using an ability of her's, she causes the vehicle to spin out of control and flip into a ditch; rolling about ten feet before coming to a stop. Cheryl had died in the accident, and Achilles was in the passenger seat taking his last few breaths. He'd broken numerous ribs, fractured his hip, and broke his neck. Shelby knew what she'd done and became more and more upset as the situation carried on. She didn't want her brother to pass. She had wanted vengeance on her sister for leaving her in the dust. The only way to make things go back to normal, was to use witchcraft.

Instead of leaving her little brother to die, she pulled him from the vehicle, and asked for help from the evil beings she'd befriended to help her in becoming a witch. They each gave Achilles a fraction of their life. But it came at a cost. Achilles would take on the form of a hellhound for eternity. Shelby didn't want her brother to live as a monster, so instead of leaving him like so, she gave the rest of her life as a human to allow him to have a human form. In the process, she became an old, elderly woman who was taking her last few minutes left to live. In those last few moments, she explained to Achilles how bad she felt and how much she regretted doing what she did.

For the next seven years, he's learned to deal with having a monster under his own skin. Occasionally, he's used it to his advantage. Like when he's trying to open up a bottle or a container considering he has extra strength in that form. Simple things like that. But usually, he's in that form when he feels threatened or worried about something. Much like a defense mechanism.

Miscellaneous: N/A


Flaming WhipsThe nine tails he has in his monster form will ignite, and they act as flaming whips. Enough to cause a heavy seared mark and enough force to knock somebody down.
First, Second, and ThirdHis first head can shoot flaming balls of fire at an enemy. The second head will spew lava onto the ground or at opponents, and it turns into rock after two posts. The third head can shoot searing embers in the shape of small blades at an enemy.
Human TorchIn his human form, he can become a flaming apparition of a human. This uses a lot of his energy, but he can be impenetrable to attacks for about two posts.
Super StrengthAchilles has a great deal of strength in his monster form. About enough to move a medium sized car a few feet by pushing it.


-Water! Water tires him easily, but won't kill him.

-Violence-- If Achilles is a witness to violence or harm to others, he will throw a tantrum and get angry. Thus, he loses his focus on the current situation. You could be charging him with a knife, and he would turn to the wounded and try to get them out of the situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Achilles   June 7th 2014, 12:57 pm

Accepted ^^


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