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 TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)

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PostSubject: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   June 24th 2014, 6:40 pm

Name: James Kozak "The ArkAngel"

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Weapon: Sares

Love Interest: Sares

Appearance: Jams has white hair with tan skin, he wears a white hood that partially covers his eyes. He wears white light combat gear because he is an assassin. He has a few scars on his body from fights. He has a giant scar across his chest from the witch. He has one scar on his eye from a knife fight he had. He has a pouch on his side that holds throwing knives or shurikens. He has an emblem on his left shoulder that represents the wolf because the Shadow clan is based on wolves.

Personality: Ever since his near death experience with the witch at the school. He went home and totally reinvented himself. He is no longer a lone wolf. He likes to make friends, he hates seeing anyone sad, especially his love, Sares. He likes to hang out with friends. He is no longer self-centered. He likes to rely on others. He hates seeing people in danger especially his weapon partner. If he sees anyone making fun of or hurts his weapon. He will go ballistic and most likely lash out at that person.

History: James is an assassin and he grew up in the Shadow clan. When he was an infant his family lived in Russia, but his father ended up moving them to Nevada, because he was relocated within the clan. James had a brother and a sister, Jordan and Violet. When he was younger they used to train and play with each other all of the time. Of his siblings he was the most fluent in learning new skills and abilities. They used to have so much fun together, but one day when they were all playing hide-and-seek. He couldn't find them... they had gone missing. He looked everywhere for Jordan and Violet, but there was no luck in finding them. He still hopes today that he will be reunited with his brother and sister. He grew up learning the fighting, the sneaking, almost everything there was to be taught in the shadow clan. He progressed faster than all of the other recruits. He finally reached the second highest rank as The Hidden. The growing power within James's wavelength increased as he progressed. A group of witches were threatened by the growing power of the shadow clan so they attacked and destroyed the village. He was the only one left of the clan. He left in search of more knowledge and power. He found the academy.

Miscellaneous: James is of Russian decent. His fighting style is unique and unfamiliar to others. He is deadly in CQB. He is very serious about his training. The only time he will relax is when he knows he has done a good job.

- James has 2 layers to his Soul. His first layer is a white and red color. Thus indicating that he is open and caring. The second layer is a firery red and black layer which only experienced meisters can see. This indicates his rage and fury level.
- Since James' familiar is a wolf, he can summon wolf like traits, like fangs and claws. Although he can't take the form of a wolf. Whenever the witch sealed his eye, the excess magic from the witch made this possible.
- He can manipulate shadows to make a copy of himself. Even from the smallest of shadows.
- Soul Seeker- James can use this to hear and see the soul of his choice.
- Soul Since- With this, James can see the next move his opponent is going to be, where they've been, and see their weak spots. He rarely uses this because it leaves him open for attacks.
- James can use two types of resonances, the first is Soul Resonance which he will develop had he attends the DWMA, the second is Shadow Resonance. Shadow resonance is very dangerous but very powerful. James can only use it with another assassin so when he tries to find a weapon he tends to look for other assassins.

Violet Kozak

Jordan Kozak

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PostSubject: Re: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   June 24th 2014, 7:32 pm

After being expelled from the DWMA, he returned to his village. He continued his training. And finally embraced the fact that the incident with the witches could never be resolved. So he got over it. He made a complete change to his appearance. He dyed his hair white and changed his wardrobe.

He finally accepted his eye and threw away his mask for good. His eye emitted a mark below his left eye.

He finally returned to the school a year later. He was ready to get back to what he had promised to do all those years ago. Help anyone in need and stop the forces of evil. His soul's appearance has also changed over the past year. It is no longer dark. It is white. It still has electricity but it is now white and red. His personality had changed drastically he was no longer a self centered, arrogant, prick. He actually cared for people now.
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PostSubject: Re: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   August 8th 2014, 7:29 pm

Name: Carmine

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Weapon: Claire "Red" Young

Love Interest: N/A

Physical Appearance: Carmine has black and red hair. He wears a black vest, with black cargo pants. He is 6'1" and weighs 179lbs. He wears white skate shoes and wears gloves. He carries a sword on his back. His eyes are red.

History: Carmine is a cousin of James Kozak. When Carmine was young he lived in a small village next to a lake. His parents would leave all of the time for work, so he barely saw them. At school he was branded a loser just because of his eye. He thought it was good luck and that he was special. but the others thought he was a freak and that he was wierd. But with every insult he grew stronger. As he grew up he fell in love with a girl named Destiny. After many years of them being together he proposed and they were going to get married but one day. A kishin egg came and killed her. He was so distraught he went on a rampage. Ever since then he has branded himslef a loner. So, many years later he finally found the DWMA and decided to join it and train to hunt those vicious kishins. He also heard that his cousin James was in the city and he wanted to learn from him.

Miscellaneous: Carmine soul is surrounded with bad memories and hatred. His soul is black and red and covered with red lightening. His soul has a break away layer around it to fool any person looking at his soul.
1. Carmine can use soul spear- Soul spear is when carmine used concentrated soul energy and throws it like a spear.
2. Since Camine is a cousin of James he also grew up in the shadow clan but doesn't have the same abilities as James. But Carmine can still blend in with the shadows, soul seeker, and shadow bound. Some of the basic abilities found in the Shadow village.

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PostSubject: Re: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   August 8th 2014, 7:35 pm

Name: Kristen Bell

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 15

Weapon: None

Animal Form: Phoenix

Mantra: Phoenix Fire...

Love Interest: None ATM

Orientation: Straight/Romantic

Appearance: She is 15, about 5'1", has black hair, and yellow eyes. She as a red jewel on her forehead. Whenever she gets clothes, she wears whatever is given to her. She is normal size for a teenage girl and is tan. Her skin complexion was very good for her age. She did have some marks on her wrists and ankles. She all of the basic qualities that a regular beautiful teenage girl would have. She has good curves.

Personality: She is very warm hearted, shy, nervous, and kind. She wants to make friends but is always to shy to speak to them. Once she can find someone to rely on she will always rely on them and stick with them. She doesn't like to be hurt. She isn't as strong as most people. If she ever has the courage to make friends she is as loyal as a dog is to its master. She never lies and always tells the truth. She is especially shy around boys whenever a boy is near her or in the same room she flees to the closest girl friend she can find. She gets nervous almost all of the time.

History: Kristen grew up in the mountains as a little girl. She had a normal child hood until she grew older and her parents began to notice changes. So, they started pushing her away. When she turned 10 she was abducted and people began doing experiments on her. At one point she was released and was abandoned in the forest to roam wherever she wanted. The thing was she didn't know where she was or who she was. She had amnesia, she was scared, lost, alone, and had no idea what or who she was.

1) She has magic, but doesn't know how to use it.
2) The jewel on her forehead is a mystery.
3) She is very frightened.
4) She can use many different colored flames, each doing something different.
-Blue- Healing
         -Red- Destruction Lvl 1
         -White- Destruction Lvl 2
         -Green- Destruction Lvl 3
         -Yellow- Destruction Lvl 4
         -Black- Destruction Lvl 5
5) She has a Phoenix named Archy that she can call by blowing in her necklace.
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PostSubject: Re: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   August 10th 2014, 7:23 pm

Name: Violet Kozak

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 16

Meister: None

Weapon Form:
Her weapon form has a black blade that was razor sharpened. The sword is injected with her soul. Electricity flows from the blade. The Handle is silver. The blade isn't really fatal, when plunging it is deadly, but slashing it can only prove fatal to the neck. The electricity is what makes it deadly. With each successful blow it emmits a wave of force into the opponents body.

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation: Straight

Appearance: She is 5'6" and weighs around 130lbs. She has black hair and blue eyes. Her hair comes down to her shoulders. She wears a grey tank top and wears a black jacket. She wears black torn jeans. And since she is from the same village as her brother James. She wears a necklace that has a metal emblem of the clan. She wears black skate shoes and has black gloves.

Personality: Whenever she was a kid, always playing with her brothers James and Jordan. She was a very nice, caring, and loving girl. She loved playing with her friends and family. She likes making new friends and hanging out with them. But ever since she disappeared from the village when she was younger. Her heart shrunk and she grew cold. And hated everyone except the person who took her. Who was feeding her lies.  But other than that she still acts like a regular 16 yr old girl.

History: Violet Kozak is the sister of James and Jordan Kozak. Just like her brothers she also grew up in the clan. The village that housed the clan was located in Northern Nevada. She loved living their when she was a child, she loved her brothers and parents. She would always play games with them outside. She was called the perfect student compared to her brothers. When she was 6, her and her brothers were playing outside and they were playing Hide and Seek. Well after an hour James and Jordan couldn't find her. Her family thinks that she got lost, but she was actually taken by a witch. She was afraid at first, but then that all changed when the witch had her believing that she was her real mother and the clan abducted her and took her away from her mother. So, since that day she grew up hating the clan and everyone in it.

Miscellaneous: -She still wears the necklace that her "fake" family gave her.
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PostSubject: Re: TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)   

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TheJackOfAllTrades Character Logs (OutDated)
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