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 Journal of Seris

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PostSubject: Journal of Seris    June 30th 2014, 11:32 pm

Mira- Witch
Nothing to much of note other than a few non-lethal fights with DWMA goers Including Gabriel, Arthur, and James

Otherin- Demon Weapon
Has acquired a cursed bracelet that he wears on his right wrist-Caused skin to become milky white as well as making him stretch a foot taller putting him at 7' 1" as well as lengthening his fingers along with adding extra joints to them. His eyes look like that of the blind and he now sees everything in gradients of black and white.
Has received a command ring from Inker allowing the ability to summon constructs made of rock and stone.

Ability-Full MoonDescription- A sphere of white light is launched from my location going 20 feet in all directions. Being caught in the light burns the skin and disrupts weak soul connections. Has a pulling effect as it recedes dragging whats caught within toward Otherin though only objects with souls are affected. Pull isn't very strong yet but can still disrupt movement. 25 souls for now. Will be upgraded.
Ability- Crescent Arcing Description- Charges the very edge of his blade with his soul increasing the cutting power dramatically. Also this charged edge can be flung like a blade at will from a sword swing. This flung energy acts like a blade and cuts just the same. Causes mild soul damage upon striking. 25 souls. Will be upgraded.
Ability- New MoonDescription- Similar to Full Moon where a sphere is launched from my body. However New Moon is a pitch black sphere 20 feet in all directions. Being caught in the dark sphere slows the movements of anything in it except Otherin. This speed cut isn't that much yet but still noticeable. Disrupts weak soul connections. Only Otherin or something that can see in total darkness can see into or out of the sphere or in the sphere. Instead of receding like its partner skill New Moon expands and repels forcefully anything with a soul. Repeling isn't to far yet. 25 souls. Will be upgraded.

100 souls

Tiala- Weapon
Nothing of note. Partnered with Martyn

Herital- Monster Soul
Has enslaved Vinnie Stiletto through a riddle contest
Is currently partnering with Nebun and has a mild love interest with him at the moment.

Caitlin- Meister
Partnered with Kharen Blade

Alison- Witch
Attempting to receive a job at DWMA
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Journal of Seris
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