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 Jay Galeson.

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PostSubject: Jay Galeson.    July 6th 2014, 11:19 am

Name Galeson, Jay

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Weapon: None.

Animal Form:
Jay is a golden eagle, only distinguishable from other golden eagles by the colouration of his wings; the back facing edges and tips of his wings are a bright golden brown, rather than the flat brown of other golden eagles.

Love Interest:

Jay is slight of build and height, being only around 5 foot 6 inches tall. He has golden brown hair, which is messy and sticks up and out every which way. Jay's eyes are brown around the pupil, but get redder the further from the center the iris gets. The bottom of Jay's arms are feathered, though the thickness and size of the feathers decreases as you near the top; a third of the top of his forearms is completely skin. The feathers at the very bottom of his arm are about 30 centimeters in length. Over his body, Jay wears a waistcoat on its own, on top of which he dons a sleeveless coat with a tail that looks like the one of a bird. The tail extends from around waist level to the back of his knees. As for trousers, Jay wears a pair of black, smart, trousers. On his feet Jay wears trainers, because why not.

Jay is fast to take action with anything. Though he may seem foolhardy, Jay thinks things over before doing unlike a lot of people. A valorous fighter, he will only back down if he has absolutely zero chance to beat the opponent. Outside of battle situations, Jay is not shy. Not even close. The bird-man will converse with anyone over a drink and get way too close for comfort and probably flirt or be a pervert when it comes to women. He can be quite proud, too, after a successful anything.

Jay wasn't very well off through his life; those feathers made it obvious he was a warlock. Up until a certain point in his life, he ran away from the hunters and hunted for things that he could potentially steal. The only way for Jay to get along was to steal. He would use his wind magic to distract people and then nick their goods. That was only early life, though. Jay stopped stealing after he was caught and almost killed for the first time. After that, he started to look for people worse than him to take care of. At least it kept the local police off his back... He would have delivered at least one criminal, completely robbed of their money, to the station, per week.

Updraft: Creates a powerful, upwards moving gust of wind, capable of launching most people at least two meters into the air should they not be prepared to grab something.
Downforce: Same as Updraft but downwards. Could be used to slam someone into the ground. Power can vary. Can only be used right after Updraft.
Vortex cannon: Creates a swift vortex ring capable of blowing things around. Duh. Gets weaker with distance. Completely dissipates at around 10 metres.
Ride the wind: Creates a gust of wind for  to ride in any direction at high speeds for a short amount of time. Lasts one post. Can only be cast while in the air.
Feather Blades: Causes the tips of Jay's feathers to become razor sharp. Renders vortex cannon unusable while in use.
Wind assisted spin slash: Jay summons a powerful gust of wind behind his upper body to make himself spin vertically and rapidly. Can only be used while in the air, after Downforce is used and Feather Blades is active.
Pinpoint: While in use, Jay's eyes become incredibly sensitive to any movement, though this is a double edged sword, due to the fact that too much movement will place too much strain on his eyes and cause his vision to black out for two posts.

Mantra: Gust, Wind, Gale: Blow.

Jay is a combo focused character; a single ability will do very little, making him bad for prolonged fights.
Some feathers which would obstruct Jay's hand lay almost flat against his arm, only extending past his grabbers when they need to be used as his weapons. These feathers are about 35 centimeters in length.

Have You Read the Rules?
"Soul Eater is the worst thing to ever grace my eyes! It is so bad, that I puke every time I see that Maka girl wield the scythe guy! IT IS NOT REALISTIC AT ALL! PEOPLE CANNOT TURN INTO WEAPONS!!" <--- Take the opposite of that.



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PostSubject: Re: Jay Galeson.    July 7th 2014, 10:45 am

Accepted. Rock on, bird man!
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PostSubject: Re: Jay Galeson.    September 4th 2016, 3:51 pm

Add more to his animal form section, Arc. ;)

Elsewise, if you plan on dropping/deactivating this character, please let me know and/or add the appropriate tag to his CS title. Thank you.


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PostSubject: Re: Jay Galeson.    

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Jay Galeson.
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