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 Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters

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PostSubject: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 16th 2014, 11:50 am

Helix stretches himself. He sighs and continues walking down this road. He's been walking for three hours now, ever since he had to flee from Reims. He's covered over 60 miles on his walk to Paris, France and still, constantly, looks over his shoulder. The monster-hunters had been outdistanced a long time ago and even his serious arrow wound looks like it happened several weeks ago.
He continues walking along, until he comes along a nice looking farm. There is a family working out in the field, and they wave to him. He shies away, then his stomach growls and he looks at the family again.
"Hmm, a quick snack for the road sounds good," Helix thinks to himself, and his stomach growls, again, in response to that thought.
He walks towards them, and the family of four put down there tools and come over to where he is at. They converge right in front of the house.
"Can we help you," the oldest looking one says in English. The family all looks like they come from America or England as they are all light-skinned and they speak English. The youngest, a shy-looking girl, peeks up at him and sees his two heads, and she lets out the loudest scream ever.
He pulls off the head, draws his scimitars, and says, "Call-ll-ling me-me-me a mon-mon-monster is rude-de. I am am Helix, the Hy-hy-hydra."
His two heads do smile nervously as he quickly dispatches the four humans. One of the older boys managed to run back to the field and grab a scythe to fight against him. The poor boy is so inexperienced in fighting that Helix quickly kills him off before the boy could do any lasting damage.
He then drags all the bodies and the body parts into the house, and checks the house for more humans. He doesn't find anybody so he goes to the living room where he stacked the bodies and quickly eats some of the bodies. He wraps up some of the meat and puts them in a backpack that he had found laying around the house. He lights the house on fire and stays long enough to make sure the house is actually burning and then he continues on his journey.
In another three hours, he makes it to Paris, and he quickly finds a good alley way to hide and sleep in. He covers himself up and hides himself as he had been taught to do so. No regular human, even the so called monster hunters he ran into earlier, could find him as he sleeps.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 16th 2014, 11:27 pm

The crescent moon hung high above the streets of Paris, shining it's pale light down upon the city as it gazed down from it's place in the sky, surrounded by the inky night sky. Anyone who might have taken the time to watch the heavens may have been overcome by the strange sensation that, for a fleeting instant, perhaps that same light and that of the multitude of stars surrounding it, seemed to turn cold and harsh, glaring down like a multitude of ever-vigilant eyes. Perhaps those very same souls might have felt a sudden, chill wind pulse through the streets, before fading away. What they could not have done was comprehend what those signs could possibly be meant to tell.

Vrohst was on the move.

The young dark weapon strode through the back alleys of the slums, the hood of his too-large sweater pulled over his head, leaving a few locks of pale, dirty-blonde hair to peek down over his chilling blue eyes. Stepping out of the mouth of the alley, he scanned the square as he heard Acidica's taunting voice speak from within his mind.
'So, Vrohst...' she began, tone laden with amusement. 'You never did tell us why you wanted to come to Paris.' She spoke dismissively as if she couldn't care less, but Vrohst knew her well enough to tell that she was barely suppressing her curiosity. The boy refrained from answering, allowing the faintest hint of a smile to ghost over his lips as he marveled at how easy it was to mess with her when he had leverage.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 12:01 am

Helix strides forth in the darkness, easily walking among the humans. He thinks, "Unobservant fools. I could devour your body and extinguish your life, right here and right now."
He walks with his hood pulled up into the square of Paris, the center of the town. He stops and hisses to himself as he feels a sudden chill in the air, seeming to pulse from something. Helix, immediately, turns to the source. He searches the area until his eyes are drawn into that of figure also wearing a hoodie. He lets his claws come out as he hisses again.
"What is he?" Helix asks himself. A nervous fellow by nature, he is made even my nervous by the cold chill pulsing from this figure. He starts to nervously walk across the square, tracking the movements of this figure in hopes of being able to avoid him or her.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 12:27 am

'Come to mention it, you've been acting veeeeeeery suspicious lately...'  Breis's voice joined Acidica's, vibrating with barely contained hilarity.  Heath snorted.
'More suspicious than usual, anyways,' he added, growling irritably.  'If I weren't part of the same head as you, I'd think you were up to something.'  Vrohst's expression blanked, and he was about to concentrate on shutting out the squabbling voices, when Rouq's spoke, his quiet voice quivering.  
'Something's following us...'  he hissed, as if fearful of being overheard.  Instantly, the rest of the voices of the Collective quieted.  There were no jibes, no dismissive comments, for they had long ago learned that when Rouq warned, they listened.

Resisting the urge to turn around, Vrohst walked into the center of the rather large, yet empty square, and stopped.
"Show yourself."  he said quietly, addressing the unseen observer.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 5:12 pm

Helix freezes, as the voice from the figure seems to echo across the square. He notices that the figure had gone to the center of the square, why Helix had been trying to sneak past him in the darkness.
He turns and faces the figure, and pulls off his hood. His claws retract back in and he makes himself appear lest frightening.
He stops, and starts to shake- his heads wobbling around chaotically, and Helix has to pause a second to regain control of himself.
"They could be friendly, for all I know," Helix thinks, as he calms himself down. He continues walking to the figure, and as he approaches he says, "How how how did you know I was there? I'm very good at hiding in the shadows."
He stops five feet away from the figure and peers at the figure, all that he could see of the figure's face, was piercing, blue eyes. He shakes, once more, and then crosses the distance between him and the figure, wondering what he has gotten himself into by coming to Paris.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 6:17 pm

Vrohst turned to face the menacing figure looming up before him, feeling Rouq's influence begin to swell, causing his eyes to momentarily flicker from harsh blue to deep, fearful brown, and his hair seemed to darken slightly from the pale blond, it's ashen streaks growing more prominent. A shudder rippled it's way through the boy's body, before ending as Vrohst's mind pulsed a firm, commanding note through the fearful consciousness, refusing to turn over control. Responding to the stranger's question, he remained quiet for several seconds, before speaking.
"I didn't." he replied, his voice betraying none of the anticipation that tingled through his clenched hands. In the back of his mind, he felt Tidere uncurl herself from where she lurked within the tunnels of their memories.
'This is quite the situation you've gotten yourself into, isn't it Vrohst?' she remarked, a hint of humorless irony coloring her haughty, elegant voice. 'I must say, out of all of us, I would have thought you would have retained the sense to avoid confrontation.'  The icy-souled boy felt a bizarre mixture of smugness and concern roll off of the girl's being in waves as she continued. 'And who might this rather undesirable-looking brute be? He looks as terrified as Rouq. Rather foolish of him considering his rather generous abilities.'
'N-no.' Rouq corrected timidly. Tidere turned her focus to him.
'No, what?' she questioned incredulously.
'Not scared,' he amended, voice quavering. 'Cautious.'
'Ennnnh, I dunno...' Breis chimed in. 'He looks kinda stick-up-his-ass-y...' The spirited boy chuckled menacingly, then added, in a darker tone, 'Or rather, knife-in-his-back-y. But this could be fuuuuuun...'
Vrohst was silent for a long while. Then he spoke.
"Let us not delay the inevitable, stranger. We are both well aware that combat is inevitable." he said, his words carrying their all-too clear message.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 6:54 pm

Helix stiffens up at the words of this figure. He, smiles, and says, "Why fight? We can be reasonable, Paris is a big enough city for the two of us."
He then backtracks himself, and thinks, "Please, don't make me fight you."
He then has his claws come out and he checks each claw for sharpness and to make sure if each claw was still releasing it's venom by sticking each claw in his mouth and licking it. Each claw is sticky with the venom and no claw is broken or dull.
He looks at the figure and says, "I'm Helix, and who are you? I ask this to make me look less frightening and more friendly to you so that we don't have to fight."
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 8:15 pm

Vrohst waved a hand dismissively.
"For no other purpose than to curb my boredom."  He strode back several yards, then turned, his expression unreadable. In truth, he refrained from summoning any of his brethren until he knew how the stranger fought. Best to rely on his own power, or else he be caught in a ranged battle with Rauq or close combat with Breis. Of course, until he knew enough to be able to arm himself, he was at a serious disadvantage. He tested the air, scowling as he noticed the temperature was a bit warm for him to be at full power. No matter. It would have to be enough.
'Careful, Vrohst...' Acidica reminded him in a singsong tone. 'Hydra venom is exceptionally toxic. It would be such a shame if you were to get yourself poisoned...'  He silently thanked her for the advice, as he watched his opponent carefully.
"And you may refer to me as Vrohst." 
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 11:17 pm

"Vrohst, nice name, and nice to meet you. I'm usually nervous, but a nice fight really loosens me up," Helix would state, and then he would draw out one of his scimitars. He uses it as a two-handed weapon, not Helix's most favorite way to use a scimitar, but he didn't want to use both weapons at once until he knew how his opponent would fight.
"I really hope that he doesn't try to stay out of range, I really don't want to have to dodge bullets and get close as well.
He tests the scimitar's edge by cutting across his left palm, and a thin line appears on his palm. Helix sends healing thoughts to the wound to help speed up his healing.
He, then, rushes forward, crossing the distance between the two in a few strides.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   July 17th 2014, 11:52 pm

"Spare me your paltry attempts at formalities,"  the dark weapon retorted, his tone icy.  He darted to the side of the figure barreling towards him, aiming a glancing kick off the hydra's side to knock him off balance, channelling the will of movement through his foot, to send the hydra spinning away.  He then hopped a few paces back out of reach, before awaiting his opponent's next charge.
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PostSubject: Re: Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters   

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Helix Hydra, a diamond of monsters
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