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 Zoe Talon

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PostSubject: Zoe Talon   Zoe Talon I_icon_minitimeJuly 17th 2014, 6:01 pm

Name Talon, Zoe

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Meister: Rogue

Weapon Form: Zoe's weapon form can't really be classified as a weapon, more as a repelling armor. She transform into a chest plate, that just covers the chest and shoulders. The design of the chest is covered in spikes, that bend and give way for the meister in order not to hurt them, but if somebody gets to close with hostile intent, she send spikes shot out at the person, in attempts to dissuade the person from getting to close. The armor actually flows to wherever the character is in the most damage. If you watch the armor, it looks like that the armor just seems to show up there, but if you record the armor moving and look at the video frame by frame; then if you have Soul Perception, you will see the soul actually first flow to the area and the soul changing into the armor. The color of the vest is black, and all the spikes are the eyes of Zoe. Zoe Talon Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxu-rxW8SQE43MCJz1KVgBNxy6lm8K4d467C1vZ2-mlJc8POtV

Love Interest: She doesn't have time for love interests as she is a guardian.

Appearance: Zoe stands at 5' 1" and weighs close to nothing, because that is what she believes in. She wears black tennis shoes, black shorts, and a black long sleeve shirt. She wears white gloves, a white jacket, white socks, and a white belt. Her fingernails are painted black with white tips. Her eyes are orange and her hair color is black with a white streak that extends from the left side of her head, down to the her shoulders where her hair stops. She keeps her hair loose and free.

PERSONALITY: The words she uses for herself is a punk badass. She likes to rock out to her music which is why she always has her headphones. She doesn't admit it, but her music player includes all forms of music and she rocks out to all of them, even if they aren't exactly the type of music to rock out. She is always excited and eager, but can be serious whenever challenged to anything. Whenever she is free, she likes to run and can be seen laughing joyfully while she runs. She fears closed spaces, and if she sits in a classroom to long, she gets antsy.  

History: She comes from a family of called the Guardians of the Future. They are called that because they were the protectors of Kings and Princes in the past and most of those people became great leaders. She first became active as an armor whenever she was 10, whenever one of the people her mother was guarding was attacked, and her mother was injured grievously in the first attack. Her grief and anguish- at her mother's injuries' helped transform her into the repelling armor to protect that which her mother nearly died trying to protect. She was a great help in protecting the target and later learned that it was her final test to joining the Gaurdians of the Future. The next six years she was taught in multiple forms of fighting, and she was helped train in making a flowing armor than a stuck in place armor, so she could better protect her targets and was trained in how to use her spikes as a weapon against those who would attack her target. At the age of 16, she was given a mission to protect a target known as Rogue, who goes to school at the DMVA. She enrolled in school as a regular weapon with the mission to grow as close as she could to Rogue and protect him at all costs.

Miscellaneous: She's able to identify hostile people.

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Zoe Talon
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