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 Kyodaina Shinken

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PostSubject: Kyodaina Shinken   July 18th 2014, 2:16 pm

Name Shinken, Kyodaina

Gender: Female

Age: 149 years (Looks 23)

Species: Oni

Love Interest: None


The weapon commonly associated with Oni, the Kanabo is a type of spiked mace which has a overall shape similar to that of a baseball bat. Kyodaina's is porportional to her, size, has the hand made of solid brass, the acutal club part being dense iron which can easily shatter bones, while the spikes penetrate up to half a inch of skin and cannot pierce bone.

Appearance: Kyodaina has the rather basic appearance of a Oni. She has the common dark-blue skin, horn, claws, fangs, large height, significant build, and tigerskin clothing. She stands at over 9 feet in height and has sufficent muscle. She wears rather skimpy clothing, having a simple leather bra underneath her tigerskin scarf. On her arms are tigerskin arm warmers with finger holes. Her legs have tigerskin leg warmers that allow the top of her feet to poke out. Finally, she has a tigherskin loin cloth that is made in such a way that it doubles at underwear. Her horn is based at the top of her forehead and jets out a foot from her head. She has to black tribal-looking markings under her eyes. Her hair has a silver-like hue to it and she has elven-like ears.

Personality: Kyodaina is a woman of action who doesn't like to adjust to proper etiquette. Wild and fearless, she is merely satisfied with a good brawl in battle. She's confident in his abilities and, though she seems arrogant, she has a good head on her shoulders and knows when to rely on teamwork. However, She's fickle about who he'll take orders from. Putting up a tough front, she occasionally has difficulty expressing her opinions in a nicer tone. She is quite bashful when trying to voice her dedication or praise to others and may even become fretful of those she loves.

However, being a Oni, there are some qualities that she can't get rid off. She is a raging alcholholic, and will often go to parties to fun and just get wasted. She will attempt to 'Get In Bed' with any man or woman she finds attractive. Also, as most female Oni are, she is easily enraged and will often rampage when in a fit, her eyes becoming more animal-like as she bares her fangs and roars like a wild beast. Despite her seemingly large lust, she is actually can become very clear of mind and dead-serious, usually when angered enough or when needed.

History: Kyodaina was born on Janurary 1st, 1865 in Kyoto Japan, the beginning of the Keio Era of Japan. Being a Oni, however, meant very little opportunity, as the land was controlled by humans. However, this meant little, as Oni usually do as they please. Raised by no one, she grew up in the wild as most do, becoming wild and rowdy. She learned to speak from the many travelers passing by, as well as the Youkai that interacted with her. However, it was far from a safe time to be alone, the Keio was known for it's conflicts involving Choshu and a particular Shogun. She would go sneak into soliders' camps with several other Youkai, stealing their food before going off into the night. At age five, 1870, Meiji era, she quietly made her way to Nagasaki, finding her first tiger in the forests that outskirt it.

It was a White Tiger, male, large, and fierce. With nothing but a farming sickle which she stole, she fought the majestic beast. After the quick brawl, she arised victorious, and skinned the beast, making her tigerskin clothing while using the meet to feed herself. It was during this time she encountered a lone merchant crossing through the forest. Attacking him for whatever goods he had, she had found sake, the Japanese brand of alchohol, and large quantity of it. Having a large supply of drinks and meat, Kyodaina made a small camp in the clearing of the forest, roasting the meat as she chugged bottle after bottle of sake, giggling and hiccuping in drunken silliness, one of the fondest memories she has to this day.

However, her private  time was soon interupted by a unwelcomed visitor. A adult male Oni, red skinned, buff, black hair, and standing at over 18 feet in height. The giant looked down upon the drunken child before seeing the sake. Helping himself, he plopped down to the ground (causing a slight tremor) and began chugging down the sake. Angry and Drunk, Kyodaina protested at the new visitor and attempted to make him leave. However, he pretty much ignored her the entire time and enjoyed herself, her tiny punches, kicks, and bites doing literally nothing to the grown demon. Finally, bored, he decided to pester the little child, mostly out of curiosity. Opening up a slightly kind atmosphere, he asked of her name and who she was. The drunken child began babbling about herself, sometimes hard to understand due to her studdering or hiccuping.

After she was done with her tale, the demon merely shook his head. He knew lonely her life be. After all, he went to the same thing. Deciding to spare her of the solitary life, he offered her a chance to become his traveling and drinking buddy, mainly because it was easy to steal her sake when she is drunk. Slightly more sober, she agreed. Kyodaina traveled with the Giant Oni, whose name was Ebuna Sosetsu, to Yokohama in 1872, seeing the first Protestant Church in Japan. It was then that Kyodaina began learning English. She would often listen to the foriegners speak to each other night, supposedly hailing from a land called 'America'. This was also the first time she met other Oni and Youkai on a much more personal level. She, despite being 7, went to numerous parties held by the various creatures, becoming drunk, dancing, and just having a good time. While strange to humans, she, along with Oni, are naturally fond of alchohol, thus, it is no surprise most start drinking at a early age.

It wasn't until 1887, age 15, that she finally felt threatened and killed humans. During the year 1887, Tokyo was put under Martial Law. Kyodaina and Ebuna has traveled there, hoping to restock on more sake. It was then, at night, during their sneaking, that Japanese troops had found them and attacked. Rifle shots went off. Ebuna died shielding Kyodaina from the bullets, he giant body laying motionless on the ground. Kyodaina became enraged by this, and tore the squad to literal shreds before rampaging on the entire neighborhood, killing every man, woman, and child. More troops came, more troops died. It wasn't long until she calmed down, covered in blood, crying, hugging the body of her dead friend. A day passed, and several youkai came and took Ebuna's body before the humans could, and buried him deep in the forest. Kyodaina, of course, attended his funeral, crying throughout. Five years passed, Kyodaina in a steady depression. She had made refuge in the Eastern Beaches of Japan, far from humans. This is where she met the Shojo, a type of red-fur covered Youkai that drink alchohol as their main food. The curious, peaceful creatures, as if sensing her sadness, came to her, bringing sake.

They returned three times over the course of three days, bring more and more sake. It wasn't until the third day that they lured her out the cave to show her something special. Her eyes widened as she saw it. A Kanabo, made just for her. She held the weapon in her hand, looking the Shojo in confusion. The creatures merely smiled, laughed, and just enjoyed themselves, urging her to join them. Sensing no ill-intent, she joined the loveable little creatures, and soon grew drunk along with them, happiness filling her once more. After that day, life became normal once more for her and, aside from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she was uninterested in humans. It wasn't until the day Asura began spreading his Madness across the world that she encountered her first Meiser and Weapon. Mistaking her for a Clown, they attacked her, only be to easily torn apart. Interested by humans, she made preparations for 'America'. The entire planning and voyage together took many years, but finally, in 2012, she had arrived, along with a empty ships with numerous dead bodies of sailors scattered about. Now begins her journey to this 'New Age' of the DWMA.

Miscellaneous: Erm...she is bisexual?

Better BodyOni generally have better physical prowess then humans. They can sprint faster, have heightened sight, smell, touch, and hearing, and are commonly strong enough to lift and throw boulders aswell have much greater endurance and stamina.
Natural WeaponsTheir beasty visage isn't just for show. Kyodaina's horn can pierce all the way into someone, her fangs can easily tear through flesh and bone, and her claws can cut up to a half inch into flesh.
FlightThere have been numerous legends that state that some Oni can fly.
Disease Immunity Oni are considerd Harbringers of Disease and Pestilience.Does really make sense that they themselves can still catch it?
Infinite Digestive SystemOni are known to be always hungry and to eat anything, so it would make since that their digestive system had adapted to that too(The power to digest anything and not be harmed. Does elimate the effects of certain objects, such as a powder meant to put the consumer to sleep, for example).

Weaknesses: Throwing peas at a Oni will temporarily blind it(Blinded for 3 Posts), while rice is said to burn them. She is capable of being exorcised by exorcists, but it must be the right kind of exorcism, not the one when you exorcise a spirit out of a human. She will never kill someone in cold-blood, she will always battle them up-front.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyodaina Shinken   July 18th 2014, 5:08 pm

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Kyodaina Shinken
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