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 Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)

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Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)   Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) I_icon_minitimeJuly 29th 2014, 11:38 pm

Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) NLmw9zq
^Human Form Appearances^

Xenia Aglaia



Chimera (Greek, Lion/Goat/Snake)

Faction/Association: Phoebe

Playable By:
Lani, TBD

Love Interest:
"Uh, no, honey."

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic):
Bi-sexual/romantic but uninterested

Cannot wield

In her natural form, she has the main body and head of a lioness, with a goat head sticking out of her back between her shoulder blades, and a a snake as a tail. Her regular fur is a golden tan, with the goat's being a muddy brown and the snake scales being green. Her hind legs are those of a goat, as is the fur on the back half of her body. From the ground to her head, she stands at about 5 feet; with the goat head, she reaches around half of an additional foot. She has two types of human forms; one is a full transformation and the other a partial. In her full transformation, she appears as a young, twenty-something woman with golden blonde hair and heterochromiac, green and blue eyes. As a human, she stands at approximately 5'6" with pale skin and a lithe build. As a partial human, she maintains the goat horns on her head and the snake tail; on occasion, her ears and legs may transform as well.

The problem with being a Chimera is that she has three heads, meaning three separate brains and thus three separate personalities. The main one, the lioness, is docile, in control, and generally stays in her own business and comfort zone. The goat is friendlier, more sympathetic, and the least likely to harm another, despite the horns. The serpentine is the most different of them all, deceptive and conniving, the devil on her right shoulder. The easiest way to summarize her would probably be through her alignment --- Chaotic Neutral. All in all, her lioness side maintains the most control, with the goat taking up a close second. She only willingly turns towards the serpentine portion of herself when she deems absolutely necessary, usually in defense of another.

Important Information/Opinions:
  • Very motherly towards Phoebe's monsters; manages her hideout while Phoebe is away.
  • "Mother of Monsters," including, but not limited to, Herital (listed below, sphinx), and others. Shares ancestral DNA with Hydras, Griffins, Sphynxes, and of course, Chimeras (these are the species she's "known" to be related to).
  • 3

Thread List:

Xenia is among the first among the Chimera, the daughter of Echidna herself. It is she, among the others, that is the start of the myth, and though most depictions of her maintain that she has a mane, she actually does not. Despite her fire-breathing capabilities and overall frightening appearance, she is actually quite docile, at least in comparison to her siblings --- all of which she has not seen for centuries. She has seen the rise and fall of nations, including her own, but generally keeps herself entirely and wholly unseen, making her home in mountains and inactive volcanoes. It is a rare, and very unfortunate sight to see her, as it bodes ill for any who do. Fate bestowed upon her the curse of Ill Omen; to see her in her natural state is to be warned of natural tragedy, as listed below. Because of this, she has rarely left the safety of her homes, though she has had her fair share of children throughout the years; Herital being one of them. She has done all that she could to avoid any human conflicts, and generally succeeds; when she does not, well... look at Pompeii.
Her efforts to avoid human conflict have largely dwindled in recent years, as it's becoming increasingly apparent that some threats extend beyond the confines of human society. Between the Kishins and the rogue witches and meisters, she's decided to stick her hands in the fray. After a meeting sometime with a certain witch, she's elected to join the girl's forces, and has offered up one of her own hideouts for the girl's use. After some more modern developments deep in the cave's systems, she now resides there, tending to the beasts the witch brings home.

She is the mother of Herital and the distant cousin of Helix.
As an ancient, original monster, she knows the root tongue and understands most monstrous languages/creatures.

Fire BreathEach of the heads, though primarily the snake or lioness, is capable of breathing fire; this is increasingly limited the more human her transformation is.
Ill OmenFor a human to catch sight of a chimera is generally a sign that ill fate is to come. This includes storms, shipwrecks, and natural disasters, mostly volcanic eruptions.
DeceptionIn some cultures, Chimeras are thought to be symbols of deception; with the serpentine mind, this is often quite the case. One of the implications of this goes hand-in-hand with her Ill Omen ability; if caught in her natural form, she tends to appear more as a "trick of the light" or "shadow in the corner of one's eye" rather than as her true appearance. The exception of this is if she actually is an omen at the time. In which case... run. Far away from shores and volcanoes. Very far.
TransformationFairly self-explanatory, includes both the full and partial human transformations. However, the minds of each of the creatures constantly fight for control, despite the lioness being the strongest.

Between her fire-breathing and snake and lioness portions, Xenia tends to be quite vulnerable to ice and cold in general; only the goat portion is able to function in any way at all during these times.

Have You Read the Rules?
"retae luos evol i"  

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Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)   Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) I_icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2014, 3:46 pm

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Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)   Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) I_icon_minitimeAugust 12th 2016, 9:57 am

Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) Char_c16

Personality needs length. Otherwise, if you plan on dropping/deactivating this character let me know!
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Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)   Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC) I_icon_minitime

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Xenia Aglaia (Ongoing Progress; NPC)
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