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 The Surgeon

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PostSubject: The Surgeon   August 1st 2014, 12:09 am

There once was a surgeon with limbs rather frail, his joints always ached, his skin had grown pale.
Each day on this earth, he bemoaned his lot, making his young boy rather distraught.
"Oh father please!" He cried to his dad "If only there was someway to help you feel glad! To heal all your woes, to improve your own lot, I'll do what it takes, just give me a shot."
So the tired old surgeon looked on his son, who was healthy and boyish, and good in his run.
"Perhaps you can aid me, my sweet young boy, but you mustn't be squeamish on this little chore."

The next day a child, all covered in cuts, was found in a gutter, wild and nuts. His eyes were haunted from horrors untold, but nary a word did any behold from this poor little boy who was left in the cold.
His skin was quite pale, his limbs rather frail, and his joints often ached, like a rusty old pail.
From the scene of the act, only one man was reported, a certain old surgeon, his description distorted.
For though he was ancient and wrinkled, a gaunt skinny thing,he had energy to spare,and was not at all lame.
Eyewitnesses said, as he left in a hurry, he danced like a schoolboy, virile, unhurried.

Of his young boy, not a word was ever spoken, but there was that young lad, who resembled him in fashion sort of broken.
In the gutters he stayed, used up like garbage, his only words forgotten in a voice rather tarnished.
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The Surgeon
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