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 Ignacio Bellorum's Hydro-electrical Perforator!

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PostSubject: Ignacio Bellorum's Hydro-electrical Perforator!   August 17th 2014, 8:38 pm

Now presenting Ignacio Bellorum's Hydro-Electrical Perforator!!
This marvel of engineering utilizes highly pressurized globules of water (roughly the size of a 12 gauge shell) launched at speeds that can tear through a grown man to turn the ride of battle; but wait folks, there's more!!
The length of pipe protruding from beneath the twin barrels is electrified with enough raw power juice to light a home for nearly 4 hours!
Upon the projectile's passing of this electric bayonet, the water will be super-charged!!
Special chemicals found in the water enhance this effect, causing arcs of electricity to shoot across the victim's body!!
Remember the perforator folks, and own one for just a few easy payments of 1,000 dollars!!

(Hey Guys! I finally finished it!! The name is for my steampunk "persona" Ignacio Bellorum. The above description is talking about how it would function if I had the time, energy, and finances to make a real one. Enjoy!)
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Ignacio Bellorum's Hydro-electrical Perforator!
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