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 A trip to Venice (Open to all non-evil characters)

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PostSubject: A trip to Venice (Open to all non-evil characters)   August 27th 2014, 12:02 pm

Venice, one of the most incredible cities in the world.
This city is very well known in the world for its beautiful buildings and an unusual location.
The day wasn't sunny, it was cloudy, however it wasn't cold, it was warn.
As always many tourists were exploring the city, admiring it.

Nunally stood on a street, very near water, looking at the rialto bridge
The Rialto Bridge:

On the girl's face appeared a light smile.
If she could she would say that it's the most..inspiring place she's ever visited..
However her organic brain wasn't big enough to even create a thought like this.
Everything was controled by a computer in her skull and the computers don't have feelings.
So her smile was generated by the computer just because "normal humans would smile if they were in a place like this".
Nana was wearing a white shirt with a blue tie in slanting black strips, a black trousers and white sneakers. She also had a black bag with her
Suddenly her "computer brain" generated a message:
[It's 3:00 pm]
[The unit should eat a dinner]

The computer allways calls Nana "The unit" because it can't use the words: "I", "me", "mine", "my"
Well..Nana was a genetic modified clone with a computer inside her skull, she was 2 years old but looked like every healthy 18 years old girl.
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A trip to Venice (Open to all non-evil characters)
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