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 Bram, the Crimson Knight

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PostSubject: Bram, the Crimson Knight   August 31st 2014, 10:56 pm

Before beginning, I wasn't sure what Vampires could do in this canon so I went by the Hellsing canon and Dracula.

Name: Bram, the Crimson Knight

Gender/Sex: male

Age: 200(appearing to be in twenties)

Species: vampire

Love Interest: N/A

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): hetero, but denies it

Weapon: No one at the moment, but carries a sword in the shape of a cross.


However, this is what Bram looks like when hunting. When out and not hunting, Bram will wear whatever the preachers are wearing at that time period. As they commonly wear suits, that is what he went with. He dons a black suit made from wool and has on a zip-up red tie with black stripes and purple lining. The shoes he wears are brown and look uncomfortable, but he just seems to brush it off. In order to hide his purple eyes, Bram wears a thick pair of black sunglasses while claiming to have sensitive eyes. The white shirt he wears under the suit's coat was bought at a clearance sale at a thrift shop, but it still looks formal.

Personality: Take a look at the monster before you. It stands tall with its mighty sword at helm, ready to send thy heathens back down the fiery tunnels back to whence they came. Raised in a Catholic church, Bram has a narrow minded view of the world, guided by faith. Bram will openly denounce any faith, while praising his own.

When it comes to battle, Bram utilizes the same philosophy that he is superior through his strength of faith. Through this all, he constantly speaks in Shakespearian reciting his words as if reading a play script.

On nights where he is not hunting, Bram will often stop by a local theatre to watch a screenplay, but you better hope he like it, because he will announce his hatred loudly. He may also stop by a festival or even a museum, just to leave the crypt he resides in to view the world he once knew.

History: There isn't a day in which Bram never stops thinking about that night in Mexico. Bram was an orphan abandoned at the door of a Catholic preacher named Father Anderson on the coastal city of Progresso. Anderson took the young boy in and raised him as his own, seeing that Bram was too small to be left to fend for himself. Every day, Anderson brought Bram to church with him, teaching him about the Catholic faith. Bram eventually became indoctrinated by this, and began to go out into the streets getting into fights over religion with the minority Baptists.

After hearing about this, Anderson had stopped taking Bram to church, seeing how dedicated the young boy was. This angered Bram, and he eventually decided to sneak out one night and head down to the church. It was on this way that he met her. Her name is still unknown, but what she was was feared beyond belief, a vampire. She attacked Bram, sucking the blood directly out of his body.

It was days later before Anderson found Bram at the church door, with blood running down the side of his neck. This boy was not the same, but a monster. The metal cross inside the church Bram had removed and wielded as a sword. The two never saw each other ever again, but the funeral was well-meaning.

With these new abilities, Bram discovered the hard way the weakness of being a vampire. He had to insure a steady supply of prey somehow to retain his life.  Then an idea came to mind. Out in the jungles to the south, drug cartels often hid out there. With this, Bram quickly established a nest in Salina Cruz near Colombia, and the hunt began.

Miscellaneous: Sid was a zombie and had a soul, so I guess this means Vampires would too, if they are created this way. Bram often attends church regularly, and offers his services to charities.


Bram's main ability is his immortality, which is gained through constantly consuming blood. However, without a constant supply of prey, Bram cannot retain his life, and while slowly crumble away.

He possesses the abilities of immense strength and speed. He has the ability to slowly heal wounds, although this ability often takes too long as Bram has just recently learned it.

Whenever a vampire drinks the blood of a virgin of the opposite sex, a new vampire is created, and Bram has made it a personal mission as to not be responsible for a new vampire. If the victim does not meet both criterias, they instead become zombies.

At night only, Bram possesses the ability to turn partially invisible, like a fog cloud.

Vampires are typically stronger at night, but don't come across one under a Blood Moon. That's when they become invincible.

Weaknesses: Like all vampires, Bram loses all of his abilities when caught in the sun. By normal vampire standards, Bram has low stamina, making it incredibly easy to outlast him. The maximum time he can go without consuming blood is 72 hours, or three days, which is when he'll start rapidly aging until crumbling into dust. While being able to cloak, what gives him away are the purple glow of his eyes. Holy water acts as an acid that burns through a vampire's skin.

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PostSubject: Re: Bram, the Crimson Knight   August 31st 2014, 11:59 pm

Accepted, and moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Bram, the Crimson Knight   September 6th 2014, 10:17 pm

I want to add a little bit more to this regarding how to kill Bram. The one way to kill him is to drive a wooden stake through a critical part of the body that would prevent him from getting up, and leaving it in until he loses all his powers in the daytime. Once day hits, it's safe to remove the stake, but the next night, he can activate his regeneration abilities. The stake has to remain in the body for three nights in order to counter this. Decapitation can also be a one shot kill, as Bram is not a powerful vampire. Drenching him in Holy Water can burn him to death like acid, preventing regeneration from even being possible. Tearing the heart out can kill him without regenerating.
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PostSubject: Re: Bram, the Crimson Knight   

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Bram, the Crimson Knight
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