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 A long search, can Orion find a meister? ((Open))

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PostSubject: A long search, can Orion find a meister? ((Open))   September 7th 2014, 4:42 am

Orion stood in front of the academy. He had been looking for a meister to team up with for quite some time now. He was tired of travelling lone wolf, the weapon looked out at the city and sighed "Who am I kidding, I'll never find a partner. No one seems to want a sword." he sat down on a bench, shifted his duster and relaxed "I don't know though, today might be my lucky day." he said, trying to stay positive about things.
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PostSubject: Re: A long search, can Orion find a meister? ((Open))   September 15th 2014, 3:39 am

Swordplay was giving Scott a great challenge, it brought back memorys of when he was younger and learning karate. The academy was the best place in the world to train, when he asked to borrow a sword from the armory to practice with he had as many options as their were swords in the world. He was having his hand at the smaller swords as of late, Adam was quite large and he felt his skill level could improove if he mastered many forms of the blade.
So he had a short viking sword on a hilt at his waiste and he sat next to Orion, while sipping a lovly blend of coffe and hot coco. "Why do you need to get lucky?" He said to the boy who was only a few years younger than him.
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A long search, can Orion find a meister? ((Open))
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