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 The Vacation[Open]

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PostSubject: The Vacation[Open]   September 7th 2014, 3:18 am

Europe. A place where most people would consider paradise. A place of both joy, and promise. Both it's atmosphere, and possibly it's peace could be a wonderful change in the hearts of people. However that wasn't why anyone from this organization came to this place. In fact it was the complete opposite. They only wanted to cause a little stir across the country that they just now decided to visit. The main reason for this happens to have familiar tendencies of a crime. This group of strange figures wanted a single scroll said to lay inside a graveyard of a royal family. The group in question included Yumerki Angevine,Trinity Silent,Greed,and Desco. In short each of them has their reasons to be doing such a thing. A reason to be in a country they know nothing about. A reason that explains why they've come together as one.

"The people in Europe are a lot more active than I would've thought. My dear Trinity where on earth shall we be going? This grave site should be close by. So if anything let us have a little fun like long ago." After he spoke the young male released a small burst of chuckles. Unlike his other two comrades the girl whom he spoke to laughed a bit as well. In moments she had also chooses to leap toward him with both arms stretched wide. After making into a quarter of the way through the air however she failed to reach him. Instead the female simply tumbled to ground. The laughter they shared didn't cease either, in fact it got louder before a nearby pair of police decided to interrupt them.

Police Man A: He spoke with a thick accent that couldn't possibly have been understood by anyone that wasn't a friend. At the sight of Yumerki his eyes narrowed, and turned into a glare. It wasn't just a mere accident that he happened to speak rudely either. He either wanted to die, or was drunk. The second option was the correct one. His luck ran out once he stepped a few inches toward the young witch, and interrupted such a great mood. His friend said nothing however.

At first Yumerki didn't do anything except stare at the man in question. His presence was just that lack luster, and his voice wasn't probably hears. The accent however is what gave way to a uncrowded line. Feeling quite insulted by this unfamiliar scrounge only a simple movement were since. This movement weren't his own,but that of someone else. One of the figures that accompanied him that is, but which one.
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PostSubject: Re: The Vacation[Open]   September 11th 2014, 12:40 am

The figure turned out to be Desco whom had laid silent until then. Her mood seemed quite different from before as well. The blank expression she usually wore had become faded behind an ever so dignified smile. The young girl had somehow resembled any ordinary girl around her age. That is if they also went around slaughtering drunk foreign men from other countries. One way, or another it were quite clear that she had been enjoying herself. Even as the remaining figure lurked within her shadow not daring to step from behind her. It's actions didn't help, but draw even more eyes to them than the blue orb like flame floating beside her. With a single glance from her emerald colored pupils however the figure withdrew from it's position, and instead devoured the soul itself.

"Greed."As her words slithered across pale white lips trivial shivering emerged from the remaining figure. Unlike the both Yumerki, and Trinity he held Desco at a higher standard. A God, or divine like standard if you will. So he picked up on her enraged to be quite easily as it simply sounded ordinary to everyone else. However he couldn't act upon that alone, and bowed in apologies before wandering off somewhere. That left 3 of the beginning 4 to do as they pleased within the place called "France". Having that in mind Trinity began jumping up, and down repeatedly as pointed toward the largest building in France. There greatest monument, and of course their target. Yes they planned to destroy the Eiffel tower as prove their existence.
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PostSubject: Re: The Vacation[Open]   September 11th 2014, 6:47 am

"OH MY GOODNESS!" Scott said to his freinds sarcastically. "How is the eiffel tower so free of crime? The one area of france we get asigned, and it is totally barren of any work to do... or fun to have."
"Oh quit whining." Said the young boy named Simon next to him. It had been fun the first few hours yes but now it had lost its novelty. "Anyhow we have scratched everything off the map exept for the graveyard thats around this location."
"Then lets go!" Said edward just as or even more bored than Scott.
Trinity silverblade, who was eating some exotic french pastry, wanted to stay here with her meister. But she through it into a bin and spread her angelic wings. "Lets!" She said enthusiasticly.

ten minutes later/now
The four of them walked through the creepy gravyard at night, past somone who was paying their respect's eventually Simon stopped. Since his psichic abilitys acted aas their short range soul detect everyone else stopped behind the young boy as well. Just around the corner, Kishen and... a couple things I can't make out. He said to them telipathically. Trinity transformed into her weapon form and Gabriel took point. Followed by Scott ( Who had borrowed a katana from the schools armory in case his weapon couldent be here. ) And Simon who prepaired an attack.
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PostSubject: Re: The Vacation[Open]   September 11th 2014, 7:47 am

"Ahh... the sweet smell of fumes and chemicals. Isn't that just great to smell on a day such as this?" Attor Oleander chuckled as another figure walked around beside him, totally unaffected by the kishin-egg's toxins. "I'd prefer to smell anything else right now, Atty..." This being, of course, was Suhas. A relatively mischievous being by nature. They had found themselves near the dump, pleasant... "Fine... then lets get a move on and get some souls why we're at it." Attor sighed through his gas mask and started walking onward to search for a way to soothe his cravings for souls. The sorcerer just shook his head and followed with a grin into the city. There was work to be done...
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PostSubject: Re: The Vacation[Open]   September 12th 2014, 11:16 pm

"That tower really is an eyesore to me. Will be doing the entire country a favor by getting rid of it. Don't you think so Desco?"The young female he had been seemingly speaking to didn't answer. The main reason behind it had been obvious to even Trinity whom had not spoken a word either. With a simplistic frown etched across his lips Yumerki began to pout, and walk toward his destination. In a fit of frustration however he released his soul protect allowing for his presence to be known. In his right the males soul awakened, and surrounded his body only to vanish as a foot came into contact with his left cheek. With the foots impact, and no time to dodge he took the full force of his companion Greed, and were sent flying through a cake shops window.

He wasnt unharmed, but he didn't seem to be fairly injured either. Besides the many cuts, and bruises that now coated his body. This didn't faze his pride as much as his ego shrunk once he figured out that his shirt were ripped. With another fit of frustration in mind Yumerki exited the cake shoo through the front door. Then within a few seconds Greed were sent flying through those doors as well. He however had it better off than Yumerki whom possessed a limp in his left leg, but somehow managed to hide it. Neither of the two males were upset at all. In fact a set of giggles from them terrified the passerby that fled the cake shop, and watched them both with wide eyes.

Somewhere way Closer to the Eiffel Tower doing the plan...

"Desco!!!!!!Are we there yet? I'm bored. France isn't even fun you know. They have fairly bad taste in fashion as well. I mean who wears ? My grandma that's who, and she is dead." Desco didn't reply to her counterparts unravelling idiocy. Instead she focused on the Eiffel towers location only to be interrupted by a sudden feeling of another idiot from far away. Yes she felt the soul protect of Yumerki being lifted, and in a fit of rage punted a small child into a nearby fountain before robbing his mother of her belongings, and running off somewhere else with Trinity.
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PostSubject: Re: The Vacation[Open]   

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The Vacation[Open]
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